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Building of Aquatic Center by G. Brent MacPherson
Dear Editor: I am writing you today as someone who has always supporter the community where I live. I took a lot of interest in the closer of the Beaverbrook center at UNB and the Pool. I have decided to take on a community project and...read more >>
APR-14-2017  Viewed(22)    Comment
Property Assessment Drain the Swamp by Brian Harquail
Dear Editor: This past several days are an example of the deep seated issues that the Gallant government face and are incapable of resolving in a timely and efficient manner.. This issue could not have gone this far without the full knowledge of...read more >>
APR-06-2017  Viewed(30)    Comment
Womens March - Feb 17 Article by Ann Wright
Dear Editor: I was interested to see your profile of women who had never participated in a march, but felt that they needed to do something to protest Donald Trumps treatment and views about women. I am also one of those individuals, and I...read more >>
FEB-17-2017  Viewed(108)    Comment
The NB Population and Health Care by Pieter Leenhouts
Dear Editor: I’m saddened to read the Canadian Census reports that New Brunswick populations in cities and towns like Campbellton are dropping. My wife and I always loved visiting her Restigouche hometown and have thought many times about...read more >>
FEB-17-2017  Viewed(111)    Comment
Ellen´s Law by Andrea
Dear Editor: I am sympathetic to cyclists. My husband has a vision impairment that prevents him from driving motorized vehicles, so he goes everywhere by bicycle - has for years. I don't see how this law can be enforced, though. First, I would...read more >>
FEB-04-2017  Viewed(108)    Comment
Canada as Peacekeeper by Ed Das
Dear Editor: As someone engaged in Canadian manufacturing and an avid aerospace watcher and most recently, Canada’s plans to acquire new fighter jets, I would like to share my thoughts about how Canada could really make a difference on the world...read more >>
DEC-31-2016  Viewed(180)    Comment
Christmas Eve vandalism by Debera Harrington
Dear Editor: Christmas Eve , 915 pm. A vicious act of hate occurred towards my senior parent's home at 3105 Avonhurst Drive, Regina. Two separate plastic bags with golf balls were thrown at his front room window and broke the window. The police...read more >>
DEC-29-2016  Viewed(486)    Comment
The value of women of Corp. boards by Oluwafunke Moyo Browne
Dear Editor, The corporate board elects are made to oversee and protect the interests of their shareholders. Most corporate boards are made up of men and there are I out of five women present. In order to protect interests, a diverse group of...read more >>
NOV-24-2016  Viewed(211)    Comment
Saturday 12 November 2016 edition by Beverley A Easton
Dear Editor: This is not a comment on any story, but is an email on the worthiness of The Globe and Mail. It took me almost 15 hours of reading to get through your Saturday edition. I read every word, sometimes twice. Did you know that it...read more >>
NOV-13-2016  Viewed(172)    Comment
Trump Foolery by Fred Honsberger
Dear Editor Abraham Lincoln once said that “you can fool some of the people all of the time-- and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”. Strangely, over the past year, Trump had fooled “enough...read more >>
NOV-10-2016  Viewed(172)    Comment
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