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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
skate by Jean Bennett
Dear Editor: Skate is my favourite fish so I was interested to read letter from Paul Gilson on 23rd April. Following this I researched on Google and found conflicting reports. None confirmed what Mr. Gilson had said. In fact most seemed to say it...read more >>
APR-27-2017  Viewed(1)    Comment
Mugwump by John Horsnell
Dear Editor: for years, when muddled as to the names of our younger generation, I have called him or her mugwump. They have received this in kindly fashion knowing it means, in native America, Great Chief. It is good to have confirmation from so...read more >>
APR-27-2017  Viewed(2)    Comment
Leyton Orient (nearly deceased) by alastair Britten
Dear Editor:This doesn't follow on from recent Letters. I am not a supporter of Leyton Orient Football Club.But what has happened to them -and other Football clubs(Blackburn,Coventry..)who have been bought by foreign'owners' is a disgrace-for which...read more >>
APR-26-2017  Viewed(4)    Comment
Persecution of Christians by R K Hyatt
Dear Editor: On 18 November 2016 the National Assembly of Vietnam passed a new law on Belief and Religion. The law starts from the presumption that Religion is a threat to national security and social order. Although it guarantees religious...read more >>
APR-26-2017  Viewed(1)    Comment
Brambles by Jean Mills
Dear Editor: How do you pickle a bramble in 30 minutes flat' Pickling used to be a much more lengthy process, but perhaps I've not kept up with modern trends. Bramble used to indicate the shrub, blackberry the fruit....read more >>
APR-26-2017  Viewed(3)    Comment
Cathedrals may charge for entry by Helen Nunn
Dear Editor: In the Daily Telegraph of Monday 24 April, page 2, an article highlighted the plight of “cathedrals [who] may have to charge for entry to avoid closure”. When my sister and I had some time to spare before catching a train, we hoped to...read more >>
APR-25-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
subscriber survey by Douglas Waddell.
Dear Editor: I have today received a request from the Telegraph under the heading "Subscription service research" and inviting me as a subscriber over many years to complete a survey of my views on your subscripton service. My reward for this...read more >>
APR-25-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
Friends In Politics by Dr. Eva Blythe
Dear Editor: In a photograph in today's TIMES concerning the Leigh Day solicitors ' showing their euphoric victory in the Kenyan case against British forces, among the euphoric backers appears to be a bearded gentleman who has an amazing...read more >>
APR-25-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
Tennis reporting by Peter Isaacs
Dear Editor: It is very disappointing to see the absence of the achievement of a sporting landmark not to be reported. Rafael Nadal won his 10th Monte Carlo Masters and won his 50th clay court title. The return of Maria Sharapova and the...read more >>
APR-25-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
Tony Blair by Jill Bromley
Dear Editor: Tony Blair has expressed a wish to get back into British Politics - he is like a pice of Brighton Rock with Iraq written right through!...read more >>
APR-25-2017  Viewed(6)    Comment
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