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RECENT LETTERS - (United States)
Chuck the Savior by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is in response to the op-ed piece by Chuck Schumer "A Better Deal for American Workers" (NYT, July 24, 2017) Just when we thought that everything has been lost, there comes Chuck “the Santa Clause” and saves the day. Yes,...read more >>
JUL-24-2017  Viewed(10)    Comment
Loving Your Authoritarian President by Foster Knight
Dear Editor: “Loving Your Authoritarian Head of State” During the 1930s, untold millions of Germans loved Hitler. He promised them he would make Germany great again, including a great military. He promised an economy as good as it was before...read more >>
JUL-22-2017  Viewed(55)    Comment
Sen. John McCain by Anh Lê
Dear Editor: Re "McCain Learns Brain Cancer Is Behind Clot" (Front Page, The New York Times, July 20, 2017): With my fellow Americans, I pray for Sen. John McCain's and his family's well being as they deal with his brain cancer diagnosis. I...read more >>
JUL-21-2017  Viewed(233)    Comment
Remember our pioneers by Reed B Markham
Dear Editor: President Gordon B Hinckley made a wonderful observation about the pioneers that we are celebrating during the month of July: “What a wonderful people they were. There is nothing like their great effort in all of history. There have...read more >>
JUL-21-2017  Viewed(37)    Comment
WSJ article 7/20/17 issue by Richard Jetton
Dear Editor: Regarding today's article "Trump Suggests States Resisting Records Request Have Something To Hide" In his own words Mr Trump eloquently makes the case for releasing his tax returns for public scrutiny. Simply substitute "president...read more >>
JUL-20-2017  Viewed(42)    Comment
Saudi Royal Drama by Geo Mayer
Dear Editor: Your July 20 feature on the Saudi royal drama was wonderful. Knowing how difficult it is to obtain factual insight to the secretive Saudi royalty I appreciate the hard work undertaken by the three authors of the article. Keep up...read more >>
JUL-20-2017  Viewed(32)    Comment
Polling is irrelevant by Bill Tyler
Dear Editor: In this divided , fast changing country, polling is irrelevant unless we know the complete demographics, age, amount of news input and from what sources of the sample. Young couples with children simply have no time for news. Retired...read more >>
JUL-20-2017  Viewed(39)    Comment
upcoming vote on Obamacare by William N. Barbat
Dear Editor: In opposing a reform bill, a few Republican Senators will perpetuate Obamacare and speed up America’s race toward imitating Britain’s and Canada”s single-payer systems. The U.K. ranked 28th out of 30 for healthcare resources in a...read more >>
JUL-19-2017  Viewed(39)    Comment
The Three Musketeers by martin ortiz
Dear Editor: Three Musketeers--Meet Your Equals The three Musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis are childhood fictional heroes. They battled evil while maintaining high levels of principles, elegance, sophistication, manliness and...read more >>
JUL-19-2017  Viewed(34)    Comment
Banning Cash by Anthony Kraskouskas
Dear Editor: )n 13 July your story Visa offers Merchants Cash to Go Cashless The USA has had a long history of money. From Gold and Sliver to Paper. Asking a merchant to reject cash payment violates current law that is stated on every...read more >>
JUL-18-2017  Viewed(32)    Comment