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Gang Life For Membersī Families by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: After reading the Leader Post's recent article about Susan Creeley and her two deceased sons (boh former members of the Indian Posse street gang), I have decided to ask for author Joe Friesen's book "The Ballad of Danny Wolfe:...read more >>
SEP-28-2016  Viewed(117)    Comment
Asexuality by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In pertinence to the Leader Post's article on asexuality and the fact that it is not a recognizable sexual orientation (medically, if I'm not mistaken), I think that it must be a false premise for people to not feel some sort...read more >>
SEP-28-2016  Viewed(106)    Comment
Cow Head Tax by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: I recently read about the new "$3 a cow head tax" being imposed on Alberta farmers in order to ostensibly fund repairs for roads and routes utilized to ship the cattle. This law is an embarrassment and a noisome attempt to...read more >>
SEP-28-2016  Viewed(98)    Comment
Prince Edward Island Bomb Scare by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: The Leader Post's September 22 article outlined various bomb threats made to schools in Prince Edward Island and across North America; five possible "entities" come to mind: a US intelligence agency, North Korea, China, Anonymous,...read more >>
SEP-26-2016  Viewed(72)    Comment
Semi Privatzed Healthcare by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In regards to the Leader Post's September 21 article pertaining to "medical tourism" as Dr. Shawn Whatley phrased semi-privatized healthcare, I take offence to the fact that surgeons are paid up to $600 (in addition to the...read more >>
SEP-26-2016  Viewed(105)    Comment
Moose Jaw Crime Rate Increase by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In regards to the Time's Herald's recent article about the rate of crime rising so far throughout this year in Moose Jaw, perhaps they would best be able to further (or commence actualization of) prevention of said increases in...read more >>
SEP-25-2016  Viewed(95)    Comment
Kevin Johnson Assault by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In regards to the Leader Post's tidbit about Kevin Johnson being pied in the face (termed as a "half-punch" by a mixed martial artist), I am compelled to express my embarrassment over such a trial slight being commited against...read more >>
SEP-24-2016  Viewed(79)    Comment
Florrence Stratton of PeaceQuest by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In regards to the Leader Post's recent article pertaining to Florence Stratton of PeaceQuest Regina raising a peace flag and advocating for negotiations in peace (as well as condemning selling arms or soldiers) why was it not...read more >>
SEP-24-2016  Viewed(72)    Comment
Muskoday FN by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In regards to the Leader Post's recent article about the Muskoday First Nation and Chief Austin Bear's referendum to approve a "banishment law" to "uphold peace and good order and protect our community from harm" I feel I must...read more >>
SEP-24-2016  Viewed(104)    Comment
Liberalsī by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In regards to the Leader Post's recent article about the Liberals' "Pad scam" as (John Ivison termed it), I fail to comprehend how such dignified, politically correct figures and persons of such stature (elected Liberal government...read more >>
SEP-24-2016  Viewed(54)    Comment
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