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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Plans to cut NHS beds by Konstantin Schwarz, MD, T(GP), MRCP, PhD
Dear Editor: The current government plans to cut beds in the NHS in the current situation under the STP proposals are perpetuating the killing of the NHS. According to OECD data United Kingdom had 2.7 beds per 1000 population in 2014. In...read more >>
FEB-21-2017  Viewed(39)    Comment
ultra bright headlights by Mike Bennett Tiverton Devon
Dear Editor : why have car makers decided that led headlights are a vital part of all new cars ' When being followed by a car thus equipped, all braking and acceleration causes dazzle problems ,even with a dipped rear view mirror. I dont think I...read more >>
FEB-21-2017  Viewed(7)    Comment
Paul Nuttall by P Knight
Dear Editor: I hope that Mr Nuttall has more luck pretending that he lived through Leppings Lane than those of us who have spent over 30 years trying to pretend we didn't....read more >>
FEB-21-2017  Viewed(12)    Comment
BBC Art Challenge 2017 by Lynette Phillips
Dear Editor:As an amateur artist I am always looking to develop. I find inspiration in the work of others in my local art groups and looked forward to this year's BBC Art Challenge. While applauding the mentorship this time, I am disappointed to...read more >>
FEB-20-2017  Viewed(13)    Comment
Re: Lord Darzi’s Article 18/2/17 by Robert Blizard
Dear Editor: Lord Darzi is right to remind us of the flaws in Andrew Wakefield’s research and the dangers of Wakefield’s subsequent promotional activities. However, his final paraphrase of Edmund Burke – ‘the only thing necessary for fraudsters to...read more >>
FEB-20-2017  Viewed(10)    Comment
Lord Kinnock by Frank Cafferty
Dear Editor: Dear Sir Is Lord Kinnock the same Niel Kinnock who was once leader of the Labour Party who sat in the House of Commons with the "Beast of Bolsover"at the state opening of Parliament.And stating he wouldn't ever...read more >>
FEB-20-2017  Viewed(11)    Comment
Brexit by Dr Anthony Owen
Dear Editor: Leave voters are concerned about the cost of Britain’s membership of the EU, but is this a valid concern' Britain pays a net contribution on average of about £7.1 billion per annum to the EU (from reliable sources). This sounds a...read more >>
FEB-20-2017  Viewed(21)    Comment
The President´s tie by John Carrick
Dear Editor: Whilst watching the latest out of time and off key trumpeting of the incredibly incumbent POTUS citing some hallucinogenic happening in Sweden, my wife's chief concern was his lack of a tie. Are we all fiddling whilst Rome...read more >>
FEB-19-2017  Viewed(17)    Comment
BBC SS GB by P Bayntun
Dear Editor: I have been watching the latest hype production from the BBC, SS GB This was a great book but yet again the BBC have produced a highly expensive and in appropriate production in present times. Never before have we been in a position...read more >>
FEB-19-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
Toney Blair by Ted Wood
Dear Editor: Tony Blair has the bare faced cheek to ignore the will of the British people and campaign against the referendum result and cause even more chaos than he did previously. He took us into an invasion of another country, with no hard...read more >>
FEB-19-2017  Viewed(9)    Comment
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