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Keith Lamont Scott Killing Video by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In regards to the recent protests of the police homicide of Keith Lamont Scott, I must protest the fact that Kerr Putney has refused (under who knows who's orders) to release the video described that several witnesses of the...read more >>
SEP-24-2016  Viewed(70)    Comment
Trudeau Keqiang Conference by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: I recently read an article in the Leader Post about Li Keqiang's visit with Justin Trudeau here in Canada. In it, many issues were discussed. Some that I think warrant opining about are these: China's continued legislation...read more >>
SEP-24-2016  Viewed(70)    Comment
Syrian Ceasefire by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In regards to the recent turmoil and political charade taking place in Syria between Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry, I feel I must comment on the horrendous and embarrassing absurdity that is the political terrorism "unfurling" ...read more >>
SEP-23-2016  Viewed(61)    Comment
Mandatory Condom Use In Pornography by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: I recently watched a news report pertaining to the UN World Summit on AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria being attended by Justin Trudeau. I find it not only necessarily painful to inform Mr. Trudeau of the dangers and illnesses that...read more >>
SEP-29-2016  Viewed(66)    Comment
Saskatchewan River Oil Catastrophe by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: It is a tragic day when a peaceful, environment loving and conscious province (or at least its inhabitants) such as Saskatchewan wake up to news that some generic oil corporation who cares not for anything but profit (financially...read more >>
SEP-21-2016  Viewed(95)    Comment
DFFH Committee by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In response to the Times Herald's recent article in the September 11, 2016 paper pertaining to the management concerns regarding the DFFH, I feel I must be relieved that Mayor Deb Higgins will be a member of the interim bench, but...read more >>
SEP-28-2016  Viewed(36)    Comment
Souls Harbour Homeless Shelter by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: In response to the Leader Post's recent article about the Souls Harbour Mission Soup Kitchen and Shelter being relocated, I must posit the premise that if too many of those homeless women and children (and working men) end up either...read more >>
SEP-21-2016  Viewed(80)    Comment
LGBTQ Discrimination Ruling by Ray James Dayton
Dear Editor: After reading an article in the Leader Post's Sep. 7, 2016 newspaper, I feel compelled to congratulate the paper for not acquiescing to the desires of one Mr. Hugh Owens to have an anti-LGBTQ advertisement published in one of its...read more >>
SEP-21-2016  Viewed(85)    Comment
Front cover page by Derek Caron
Dear Editor: Regarding your August 1, 2016 issue cover page, I can not remember a photograph that depicts at a glance, a very serious problem currently facing the American people. Photographer Jonathen Bachman of Reuters should be commended...read more >>
JUL-31-2016  Viewed(136)    Comment
Justin’s dilemma: soft power, har by George Asquith, Whitehorse, Yukon
Dear Editor Re: Justin’s dilemma: Soft power, Hard world (Margaret Wente Article - July 16, Globe) We wish it wasn't true. We all love Kumbaya and summer camp ! Nevertheless, in the land of modern, rapid fire air-nailers, Margaret Wente,...read more >>
JUL-23-2016  Viewed(135)    Comment
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