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RECENT LETTERS - (Australia)
Stanford Uni Biology research by Vince O'Connor
Dear Editor: Recently a television program highlighted the advance in Biology DNA research by Stanford university. IT stated that they had discovered a method to synthesize biology to a point where they demonstrated a meat substance created was...read more >>
OCT-16-2016  Viewed(399)    Comment
Santa and the Tooth Fairy by Ray Gagen
Dear Editor: After reading the statements made by cricketers and umpires to the coroners inquest into the death of Phillip Hughes my childhood belief in the reality of the above has been reinstated. I need to be a believer if I am to accept that...read more >>
OCT-13-2016  Viewed(193)    Comment
A Matter of Time by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: The Australian Governments light hearted response to the recent ISIS call to attack cities of Sydney and Melbourne, shows just how stupid the Government is. We'll know about it when it happens, that's about the truth of the...read more >>
SEP-06-2016  Viewed(272)    Comment
UNSAFE FOR SCHOOLS by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: Boys are boys, girls are girls, men are men and women are women, male is male and female is female, no its, bits or pieces. As far as I am concerned, the so called Safe Schools program is the most unsafe program ever devised...read more >>
JUL-26-2016  Viewed(467)    Comment
NO TO same sex marriage SIN by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: Try and put an advertisement in a paper that speaks against same sex marriage and the reply from the Editor will be 'unfortunately that is against our policy' That's the answer I got recently. What my advertisement said was...read more >>
JUL-25-2016  Viewed(322)    Comment
Quran denies the Gospel by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: As to Muslims and their Quran, the truth is this, Islam denies the faith of the Christians, the Quran out rightly denies the gospel . The Quran denies that God has a Son, the Quran denies he was crucified, which is the foundation...read more >>
JUL-24-2016  Viewed(320)    Comment
Dear Editor There are various people appearing on the media giving their opinions regarding the terrible attack in Nice upon French folks by ISIS, however I have a question for the Australian Government. When you have a recruiter for ISIS...read more >>
JUL-14-2016  Viewed(343)    Comment
Left wing diatribe by Peter Troy
Dear Editor: It didn't take long! David O"Halloran (Letters Sunday Tasmanian 10/7) makes a scathing criticism of Peta Credlin. Not of what she said but of what Mr O'Halloran perceives as her character. Says more of Mr O'Halloran's skill (or lack...read more >>
JUL-10-2016  Viewed(299)    Comment
HAVE MERCY ON THE YOUNG by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor To all those who support same sex marriage, and you can also share the responsibility when suicide rates among the young increase; because of the confusion and turmoil it will bring to many. Those who will be snared into wicked...read more >>
JUN-30-2016  Viewed(362)    Comment
Same sex marriage by Graham Key
Dear Editor: Scott Morrison may very well be discriminated against for his strong religious beliefs but that discrimination does not stop him living his life as he chooses. He does however choose to impose those beliefs and discrimination on others...read more >>
JUN-24-2016  Viewed(347)    Comment
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