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RECENT LETTERS - (Australia)
Super Trawler by Des OBrien
Dear Editor: I fought for this country in Vietnam and as a concerned citizen when Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister I was immensely relieved and believed that he had the intelligence and foresight needed to make farsighted decision in the best...read more >>
NOV-25-2015  Viewed(290)    Comment
Dear Editor: Some helpful information for those who have come to settle in Australia. The Constitution of Australia Bill was passed by the Imperial (British) Parliament on July 5, 1900. Queen Victoria assented four days later, and in September...read more >>
NOV-22-2015  Viewed(449)    Comment
THE FIFTH COLUMN by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: As to the attacks in Paris, I am prepared to say this though some may not like it. There is a fifth column at work in Australia, I do not need say who or what they are for that is obvious to any thinking person. I am just making the...read more >>
NOV-14-2015  Viewed(360)    Comment
Pter Fitzimons and prince Phillip by Cecil White
Dear Editor: May be Prince Phillip will support New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup after all they gave him a knighthood 3 years before we did...read more >>
OCT-24-2015  Viewed(271)    Comment
POLICE, GO GET EM ALL by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: Some people are complaining about the crackdown on pre-teen terrorists, what folks fail to realise is you are just as dead from a 12 year old with a gun or bomb. And none of this nonsense that they are not cognitive enough to...read more >>
OCT-15-2015  Viewed(311)    Comment
Canning Election by N.Bailey
Dear Editor: Apart from the appalling statements from some ALP personel, it will be most interesting to record how the Canning electorate responds. Will voters support Mr Hastie, a man of the utmost honesty and integrity not to mention his...read more >>
AUG-27-2015  Viewed(408)    Comment
EXPEDIENT by Richard Merrrell
Dear Editor: In this latter day it is expedient that anyone who opposes same sex marriage must be very sternly, quickly and expressly labelled a bigot, a hater, one who has no love, discriminates, is horrible, a real nasty piece of work, and has...read more >>
AUG-26-2015  Viewed(1198)    Comment
Barangaroo by Paddy Mullin
Dear Editor: Last Saturday I went to the opening of the park at Barangaroo. Good thing I knew where it was, because none of the public transport outlets had directions. However I arrived and was delighted with the little cove, surrounded by...read more >>
AUG-22-2015  Viewed(318)    Comment
Animals Cruelty by Nick Tran
Dear Editor: My name is Nick and I am a student at Camberwell Grammar and Iím now in year 9. I am currently aware that many animals are being abused, in many different ways, such as being used as test subjects for make up to being physically...read more >>
JUL-27-2015  Viewed(489)    Comment
Donīt Mess with Marriage by R. Read
Dear Editor: No prejudice, no vitriol against people of faith or no faith.... simply FACTS. And I quote, " The Deputy Chief Psychiatrist of the State of Victoria was pressured to resign his position on the Victorian Human Rights and Equal...read more >>
JUL-01-2015  Viewed(970)    Comment
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