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public transit by Carl Stix
Dear Editor: at 72 years young, I have witnessed the evolution of public transit in Kitchener Waterloo...as a small boy, I remember the train tracks down the middle of old king street and the overhead wire system, and later, a change to...read more >>
MAY-07-2016  Viewed(388)    Comment
Softball Umpires stories by Dick Mawhinney
Dear Editor: I am a retired softball umpire. I am collecting stories from retired and active umpires for a book. We all have interesting stories that would make an excellent read. Kindly forward your stories to : rbmawhin@gmail.com ...read more >>
APR-27-2016  Viewed(402)    Comment
Cartoon Content by Kathy McLellan
Dear Editor: I do not often write letters expressing my feelings but I could not let this go by without expressing my disgust. In Friday's Daily Gleaner you published a Bizzaro cartoon depicting God as an ape and man as a higher evolved form of...read more >>
APR-24-2016  Viewed(349)    Comment
Eternal Word Television Network by Ted and Emily Deneschuk
Dear Editor: EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network is a Global Catholic Network which presents around the clock Catholic themed programming. It was founded by Mother Mary Angelica in 1980 and began broadcasting on August 15, 1981 from a garage...read more >>
APR-16-2016  Viewed(344)    Comment
A note of thanks. by Orville Mason
Dear Editor: I will introduce myself as a member of the group known as senior citizens-a veteran of WWII-gifted with a clear mind, but faltering mobility. I am extremely blessed to be receiving care and assistance by a group of ladies dedicated to...read more >>
APR-12-2016  Viewed(450)    Comment
Ghomeshi trial by Romana Rogoshewska
Dear Editor: The Ghomeshi trial may have been "magnificent" legal foot-work by the Judge but it was facilitated by the staggering lack of due diligence by Prosecutors which set back women's issues by 20yrs+ They didn't check for veracity...read more >>
MAR-26-2016  Viewed(337)    Comment
Political slant by Roger Bryant
Dear Editor: I have been a subscriber to the Vancouver Sun for decades. In the past the Sun presented opinions and perspectives that politically ranged from both left and right of centre--a balanced approach. In the last few years the...read more >>
MAR-23-2016  Viewed(332)    Comment
Dog caught in Conibear trap by Bernice Cullina
Dear Editor: January 27th of this year was a beautiful day for a walk. I took my two dogs, a 6 year old Bernese Mtn. dog and an 11 month old German Shepherd for a walk on the federal ATV trail that is near my home. About half a mile into our...read more >>
MAR-27-2016  Viewed(280)    Comment
Climate Change by Frank Saworski
Dear Editor: The climate controversy We had this historic meeting in Paris where world leaders were urged to accept the idea that climate change was the biggest crisis in the world today....read more >>
MAR-22-2016  Viewed(284)    Comment
Feeling Guilty over refugees. by Joseph DuPont
Dear Editor, I was listening to 900 CHML's Bill Kelly Show on March 5th to hear him defend bringing Syrian refugees into Canada because it is the right thing to do. Is it right to bring in people who are intolerant in the countries they come...read more >>
MAR-06-2016  Viewed(309)    Comment
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