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In Republican Debate, Ted Cruz and Trump by Tim Torkildson
Dear Editor: Two minnows met beneath the sea to gang up on a whale; They thought the monster was too big and really ought to fail. So they proceeded to imply the whale was not so big; They said it was a bully and had on a chintzy wig. They...read more >>
MAR-04-2016  Viewed(348)    Comment
Population Control by Claire Armstrong
Dear Editor: One may wonder about the 'wisdom' of the Liberal Government in their continuing drive to decrease the number of RN's in our already burgeoning health care system. Ontarians need not worry!! Population Control is in the works with...read more >>
FEB-27-2016  Viewed(313)    Comment
Fluoride by Val Faull
Dear Editor: Growing up in Calgary we always had fluoride in our drinking water. Now as an adult, I take a medication that causes dry mouth syndrome. I have just had 15 cavities filled. My dentist has recommended fluoride pills that my pharmacist...read more >>
FEB-23-2016  Viewed(274)    Comment
Much Thanks to the DECH by Stacey Smith
Dear Editor: I'm writing today to send a Big "Thank You" to the staff at the DECH in Fredericton. I recently had a accident that made me stay at the DECH for six days. During this time I went from the emergency room to the ICU and ending up at 4...read more >>
FEB-19-2016  Viewed(534)    Comment
Blackfriars Bridge by Arnold Wienburg
Dear Editor: I'm a retired Civil Engineer residing in London. I've not studied the Blackfriars Bridge, therefore can comment in the form of a question: Has the council & their engineers consider the option of adding a support-truss in the river...read more >>
FEB-18-2016  Viewed(223)    Comment
LIBERAL BUDGET by Georgina Jones
Dear Editor: I believe that the Liberal Party of NB has to start listening to it people. Why did we get another increase in our HST and not put the toll road up' Most of the other provinces have toll road why not us. We are getting to be one...read more >>
FEB-03-2016  Viewed(231)    Comment
NB Power by Georgina Jones
Dear Editor: I would like to comment on NB Power requesting another rate increase. I believe that this rate increase should not be allow as NB Power has made a sizable profit for 2015 and on the other hand our wage or pension increase was...read more >>
FEB-03-2016  Viewed(335)    Comment
Driverless Cars by Ed Sonnenburg
Dear Editor: I for one love to drive my car. I couldn't wait until I was 16 to get my beginners licence and now I still enjoy getting behind the wheel and driving to where I need to go. A computer game that was fun to play was called LEMMINGS and...read more >>
JAN-28-2016  Viewed(517)    Comment
Water Usage by Ed Sonnenburg
Dear Editor: The Mayor of Kitchener recommended that citizens use less water. There is no incentive for citizens to use less. In Toronto citizens were using 25% less water and 25% less electricity and the result was that rates had to go up...read more >>
FEB-04-2016  Viewed(339)    Comment
Refugees by Val Faull
Dear Editor: Why are so many Canadians objecting to taking in Syrian refugees' This country wasn't built by refugees, but it was by immigrants. The first Canadians were First Nation people. Jacques Cartier was the first Frenchman to arrive in...read more >>
JAN-21-2016  Viewed(372)    Comment
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