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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Nichola Sturgeon by John Burford
Dear Editor Sunday a.m. Andrew Marr seated opposite Nichola Sturgeon each side of a grand fireplace with the Flag of St. Andrews swagged at either side. Remind you of anything' Oval Office, the Kremlin' My goodness was this 'set up' at the...read more >>
JAN-08-2017  Viewed(11)    Comment
Heather Stewart by Mrs White
Dear Editor: Whilst your political editor has written a good piece on the civil service, would it not make more sense to feature on Angela Merkel, The Dutch and The French leaders offering David Cameron anything he wanted to stay in (and he...read more >>
JAN-07-2017  Viewed(28)    Comment
Santa collection thank you by Keith Anderson
Dear Editor: Santa, a thank you This Christmas the Rotary Club of Walsall ran its annual Santa Sleigh collection though out Walsall. I am pleased to announce we have collected this year, with gift aid, over £8000.00. Every penny of this will go...read more >>
JAN-07-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
BREXILE by Mrs White, BA(Hons) Govt and Applied Economics
Dear Editor: In 2015 Britain received 164,000 non EU immigrants, as Birmingham probably knows. Whether they can ever leave, or let you into their country is unknown, but membership of the EU makes it certain that their 186,000 immigrants can go home...read more >>
JAN-07-2017  Viewed(31)    Comment
Brexit = Brexile by Mrs White
Dear Editor: Your paper got my church member and former friend to scream "tip the boat over and drown them" at a photo of families with children fleeing to a far distant, European country. I hope he and your editor is jailed. I further...read more >>
JAN-07-2017  Viewed(26)    Comment
BREXIT MEANS BREXILE by Mrs White of Mary, Queen of Scots
Dear Editor: I would urge those who have not yet written to their MPs to stay in the EU to do so now. No "go it alone" country is allowed by international law to trade with any other country in the world. Therefore "if we are going to go, go now"...read more >>
JAN-07-2017  Viewed(37)    Comment
New Royal Yacht by Mrs.Helen Barker
Dear Editor: As the Hebredian Princess is being sold off as a consequence of the owners going into liquidation, could this lovely ship not be purchased by the Country , refurbished and renamed for use by Her Majesty ' The Royal family have...read more >>
JAN-06-2017  Viewed(15)    Comment
Southern by SIMON MORGAN
Dear Editor: Sir, I know that the opinion of the “independent” body that oversee rail safety have declared that driver only operated trains are “safe”. My question is this: Are driver only operated trains more or less safe than those...read more >>
JAN-06-2017  Viewed(21)    Comment
Alzheimer risk from traffic by John Bunting
Dear Editor: The recent Canadian study implicates air pollution from traffic as the factor for increasing Alzheimer risk for those living close to roadways in built-up areas. A more likely explanation is the lower levels of Vitamin D associated...read more >>
JAN-05-2017  Viewed(15)    Comment
Royal Mail Vans by Derek Berriman
Dear Editor: The Royal Mail are now using FIAT vans and the local postman tells me they are not good. Apparently the diesel engines have to be put through a "burn" sequence twice a week to prevent them coking up. Surely there are equally good...read more >>
JAN-05-2017  Viewed(20)    Comment
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