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RECENT LETTERS - (Australia)
Australia needs Death Penalty back by Richard Merrrell
Dear Editor: The death penalty is a just penalty, Australia should have it back for murderers and paedophiles. Those who oppose the death penalty are weak and cowardly people who have not an iota of understanding of proper justice, and prefer...read more >>
APR-09-2015  Viewed(736)    Comment
A Government of Robbers by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: As some readers know the aged pension in March went up $5:90 fortnight, at the end of March I got a letter advising me that the rent in my Wentworth Community Housing bedsitter, a room 14' x 10' was now going up by $14 fortnight. So...read more >>
APR-02-2015  Viewed(535)    Comment
Insecure Internet Voting in NSW by Barbara Simons
Dear Editor: re: "International experts warn of the risks of Australian online voting tools," March 24. Roughly 66,000 voters in New South Wales have cast their ballots on an internet voting system that had a serious vulnerability. ...read more >>
MAR-27-2015  Viewed(693)    Comment
Fifty shades darker than black by Nils Marchant
Dear Editor: RE: Fifty shades darker than black Those fantasising about slavery fifty shades darker than black might find reassurance in The Islamic Association of Australia’s website irca.org.au under: “Articles & Resources”; “Articles &...read more >>
MAR-05-2015  Viewed(509)    Comment
Bali 9 Duo by Nick Geyer
Dear Editor: While I don't condone drugs, I can't accept that our two lads deserve to be murdered by that banana republic to our north. What a horrible, nasty way to lift your profile on the world stage! If these two repentant lads deserve...read more >>
FEB-21-2015  Viewed(761)    Comment
Children in Detention by John Poulos
Dear Editor: Isadora Duncan, the world famous theorist of modern dance, once wrote that, "As long as little children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in this world." If both major parties are not prepared to listen to the Human Rights...read more >>
FEB-13-2015  Viewed(550)    Comment
Australias Security by G Wikman
Dear Editor: The end justifies the means. The end of Australians going abroad to join terror groups can be justified by self censorship by the Australian media. Black flags carried by masked men as they parade in Syria are aired nightly on...read more >>
FEB-11-2015  Viewed(558)    Comment
Lindt Cafe - Channel 7 Program by John Abernethy
Sir/Madam I believe that Channel 7 (Sydney)may have acted irresponsibly and unprofessionally in bringing to air its program on the Lindt Café Siege. The evidence of some Siege victims who spoke to the Channel (for money) may have been very...read more >>
FEB-08-2015  Viewed(519)    Comment
Prince Philip´s KNighthodd by Don Hogg
Dear Editor Tony Abbott seems to have suffered the late Knight syndrome. Don Hogg, Red Hill. Queensland...read more >>
FEB-03-2015  Viewed(499)    Comment
Austrn Honours List by Paul Gallagher
Dear Editor: The Australian Honours List ( a la Abbott) has become Pythonesque. We can now expect the return of Sir Les Paterson'...read more >>
JAN-25-2015  Viewed(452)    Comment
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