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Water Usage by Ed Sonnenburg
Dear Editor: The Mayor of Kitchener recommended that citizens use less water. There is no incentive for citizens to use less. In Toronto citizens were using 25% less water and 25% less electricity and the result was that rates had to go up...read more >>
FEB-04-2016  Viewed(356)    Comment
Refugees by Val Faull
Dear Editor: Why are so many Canadians objecting to taking in Syrian refugees' This country wasn't built by refugees, but it was by immigrants. The first Canadians were First Nation people. Jacques Cartier was the first Frenchman to arrive in...read more >>
JAN-21-2016  Viewed(397)    Comment
Police Officers and PTSD by Wendy Arscott, SSW, BEd, MEd.
Dear Editor: In regards to an article in the January 16th, 2016, issue on PTSD and emergency personnel, I would like to let readers know of research being done by Dawson Church, PhD., with returning soldiers in the Iraq Vets Stress Project, a...read more >>
JAN-25-2016  Viewed(270)    Comment
Employer versus Union Bullying by Peter Baldwin
Dear Editor: This letter is in response to the letter which appeared Jan. 12/16 entitled Fairness to employees isn't a burden, referring to the labor dispute in Hartland NB. What is wrong with the employer being willing to give the...read more >>
JAN-13-2016  Viewed(356)    Comment
Syrian Refugees by Joseph Jones
Dear Editor: I think it's shameful that the Canadian Government is bringing into Canada Syrian Refugees, housing them, feeding them, and clothing them at he taxpayers expense, while many poor Canadians are hungry and sleeping on park benches...read more >>
JAN-09-2016  Viewed(616)    Comment
Weather Reporting by Juri Merelaid
Dear Editor: I live next to Gravenhurst,ON and go every morning to buy your at a box. On Jan 5,2016 it was -24 C.and your weather forecast was -7/-9 here ' Today on Jan 6,2016 it was -13 but your says -1/-9 on the weather map' I suggest you...read more >>
JAN-06-2016  Viewed(251)    Comment
Letter carriers by Bonnie Spellman
Dear Editor: Recently I moved to a new place, I have received lots of mail from past occupants mail. I asked the letter carrier to take the mail back and was told to leave it in the box it would be picked up. I have done this for many weeks finally...read more >>
JAN-05-2016  Viewed(308)    Comment
Distracted drivers:traffic terror by George Czerny
Dear Editor: We have created a group of modern-day monsters in our society. This group's members are distracted drivers; those people who use cellphones and texting devices while driving. Unfortunately, we see them every day, either with...read more >>
JAN-01-2016  Viewed(391)    Comment
Christmas greed by Val Faull
Dear Editor: Re: Christmas greed Here we are at Christmastime again, & greed is abundant. No longer are children or parents happy with the simple things in life - they want the most expensive items they see in shops. I grew up in the 60's when...read more >>
DEC-22-2015  Viewed(254)    Comment
Kitchener Auditorium Safety by Carl Stix
Dear Editor: the following is my experience leaving the Kitchener Auditorium on December 18/15, Friday evening after the Kitchener Rangers Hockey Game...my wife and I left the arena from the exit opposite from the Ottawa St. exit...there was a...read more >>
DEC-27-2015  Viewed(281)    Comment
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