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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Political Leaders by Philip Muckle
Dear Editor: With Theresa May leader of the Conservative Party ,Liz Savilleroberts Plaid Cymru, Nicola Surgeon SNP, Arlene Foster DUP, Caroline Lucas co leading the Green Party and now the possibility of Jo Swinson leading the Liberal...read more >>
JUN-21-2017  Viewed(17)    Comment
Griffin Tower by Julia Gillott
Dear Editor: A huge tragedy took place regarding the fire at the Griffin Tower. I have in the not too distant past purpose built, flats and houses for students. The main concern for me as a responsible landlord and the council building regulations...read more >>
JUN-21-2017  Viewed(2)    Comment
George Osborne by Charlotte Barker
Dear Editor: If a lifelong Conservative can be so appallingly rude about our Conservative prime minster, I can see no hope of the party ever having a working majority and Jeremy Corbyn would comfortably win as his supporters are loyal to him and...read more >>
JUN-11-2017  Viewed(61)    Comment
ELECTION by Marie Teresa Willis (Terry)
Dear Editor: I am a retired Head Teacher (held accountable throughout my career); not a member of any political party; I am interested in the future of our country. I have been incensed by the media coverage of this election. Parties in power...read more >>
JUN-11-2017  Viewed(25)    Comment
Labourīs Marxist offering. by Jim Coates
Dear Editor: SIR - 12 million voted Labour on 8th June, austerity being quoted as a major reason. Austerity from the Conservatives stems, as always, from the economic ineptitude of the preceding Labour govt. Voting Labour this time was a vote for a...read more >>
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(19)    Comment
Overseas aid, HS2 and nuclear power by John Booth
Dear Editor: I was one of those conservatives who voted against may as she just ignores the wishes of the electorate. Produced a manifesto that alienated her voter base and everyone else.Normal people are fed up with austerity. All they see is...read more >>
JUN-11-2017  Viewed(71)    Comment
Hard or soft Brexit by Mrs J Townsend
Dear Editor: I cannot understand how people can suggest the result of the general election supports a so called 'soft Brexit' when over 80% of those who voted supported manifestos with a 'hard Brexit'. Likewise how can Ruth Davidson ask her new...read more >>
JUN-11-2017  Viewed(95)    Comment
The UK should rethink Brexit by Elmer Funke Kupper
Dear Editor: I'm not British. I'm a dual Dutch - Australian citizen and an interested observer. The UK should not exit the EU on the basis of a 52/48 result. A 2% margin either way of 50% is simply not enough. It's rounding. You should...read more >>
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(18)    Comment
Conservatives must act for the good by Nigel Tigwell
Dear Editor: The anger towards Mrs May felt by Conservative MPs and party members is understandable, but these worthies must remember that elections are won in the centre ground. Any attempt to replace Mrs May with Boris Johnson, David Davis or...read more >>
JUN-11-2017  Viewed(23)    Comment
Fifty years on by Paul Gebal
Dear Editor: In 1967 there were a great many foolish undergraduates. I speak with authority as I was one of them. We wore flowers in our hair, pinned posters of Mao ,the Marharishi ,Che Guevara and Jimmy Hendrix without seeing any apparent...read more >>
JUN-11-2017  Viewed(42)    Comment
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