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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
The Great Wall of Mexico by Malcolm Baggott
Dear Editor: President Trump says that Mexico is going to pay for the wall by imposing an import tax on Mexican goods . The last time I bought an imported product I paid for the import tax so surely the American taxpayer is going to pay for The...read more >>
JAN-31-2017  Viewed(47)    Comment
Care of the elderly by Annemarie Bell
Dear Editor: Tim Fallon wants the government to be responsible for the care of us "Oldies." He also wants all women to have full time responsible jobs. There is more and more stress on family life, depression among teenagers, long commutes for...read more >>
FEB-07-2017  Viewed(1)    Comment
English language by Brian Hulse
Dear Editor: When did:- A 'problem' become an 'issue' and 'dealing with it' become 'addressing it'. 'Outstanding' become, 'standout' A 'railway station' become a 'train station' And why'...read more >>
JAN-31-2017  Viewed(21)    Comment
Brexit by Philip Pyke
Dear Editor: Ken Clarke does not speak for me, nor 17 million other people....read more >>
JAN-31-2017  Viewed(47)    Comment
Nicklaus vs Federer by John McCullough
Dear Editor: Nicklaus vs Federer: That is the Question' Sir, Rick Broadbent’s article (31 January 2017) on who, with 18 majors each, is the greatest –Nicklaus or Federer, on the whole, with one or two exceptions makes a good and well balanced...read more >>
FEB-07-2017  Viewed(21)    Comment
Dear Editor: The answer is to use ones elbow....read more >>
JAN-31-2017  Viewed(28)    Comment
Passport control by Margaret Paton
Dear Editor: Arriving back at Gatwick late on Sunday evening, I was, once again, forced to endure lengthy queues at passport control along with citizens from the 27 other EU member states. Can I now assume that, post Brexit, UK citizens arriving...read more >>
JAN-31-2017  Viewed(36)    Comment
Conditionsat Wellington Barracks by Robert Dicketts
Dear Editor: With regard to the atrocious conditions at the Wellington Barracks I think it is time that the Ministry of Defence should be reminded of its obligations under the Military Covenant. To quote part of its obligations ..." British...read more >>
JAN-31-2017  Viewed(18)    Comment
soap by F.McGready
Dear Editor: Liquid 'soap' although labelled as such, is not, it is detergent, to which I and many other people are allergic. I always travel to hotels with my own soap, but in public toilets only wash with water as the liquid detergent severely...read more >>
FEB-07-2017  Viewed(2)    Comment
An Apology by Robert L. Pike
Dear Editor: An Apology I wish to apologize to the people of Great Britain. It is my understanding that the current President of the United States is to make a State Visit to your nation in 2017. I believe this to be an affront to the...read more >>
FEB-06-2017  Viewed(2)    Comment
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Dear Editor: The Gender Pay Gap in the United States is an issue that has been plaguing American...read more >>
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