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barbaric practices by Herve H.Durocher
Dear Editor: 1200 missing and murdered aboriginal women does not warrant an inquiry,says Stephen Harper. 2 muslim women wish to wear the niquab while swearing their oath of citizenship.This somehow warrants wholesale condemnation and massive...read more >>
OCT-08-2015  Viewed(206)    Comment
supression of women by Anne Gabriel
Dear Editor: It saddens me to see our " Canadian Values" and Rights of women put down by people who are not Canadian,( and other people listen to them).Please stand up if you love Canada,,.. When I think of how long and hard women...read more >>
OCT-08-2015  Viewed(248)    Comment
My Vote by (Mr.) Ynze Reitsma
Dear Editor: How do I vote' Debates are not win or lose forums for me. My biggest issues are hearing or reading which party will make Canada strong and a country we are PROUD to live in. The party dedicated to looking after First Nations and...read more >>
SEP-15-2015  Viewed(357)    Comment
Federal budget surplus by Malcolm Mackinnon
Dear Editor: The secret to a budget surplus: overstate expenses and understate income so that the income exceeds expenses, and wow, a surplus. During Harper’s Prime Ministership the real federal debt increased by over $160 billion. Looking at the...read more >>
SEP-15-2015  Viewed(290)    Comment
Gun Control by Andrew Spencer
Dear Editor: After reading this article, I was at a loss to decide what was more ridiculous: that Ms.Neill was able to carry a firearm in the army, but not as a civilian; or that abused women's groups have aligned themselves with the gun control...read more >>
SEP-14-2015  Viewed(448)    Comment
Cypress hills massacre by Bill Grav by Gwen Schindeler
Dear Editor: Great to read the article on the massacre. Two years ago we tried to go see the site - it was supposedly restored for a visit by the Prime Minister but were told at Fort Walsh it was no longer open. After the visit it was just left...read more >>
SEP-08-2015  Viewed(270)    Comment
recycling by Elaine Moore
Dear Editor: I moved here from Ottawa on July 1st. My son and daughter-in-law instructed me of the idiosyncrasies of Vancouver garbage and recycling. As I was unpacking I of course had empty boxes to recycle. I was told to put them in the yellow...read more >>
SEP-08-2015  Viewed(473)    Comment
Harper´s P.R. Nightmare. by Jeff Robinson
Dear Editor: How truly desperate this regime has become. To beg Veterans to betray their own kind in the service of the PM. To willingly entangle themselves as pawn's in his propaganda machine. A positive feed back loop of lies, misery,...read more >>
AUG-27-2015  Viewed(348)    Comment
Well educated illiterates by Terrance
Dear Editor: This summer has been one eye opener for me. The city was finally redoing our street (Whitfield Trites Road) adding storm drains and widening and adding paved shoulders. Signs were posted at each end "Road Closed to through...read more >>
AUG-15-2015  Viewed(592)    Comment
Re:-Windsor Police Constable Kent R by Mr.Laurie Leblanc
Dear Editor: I strongly believe that constable kent rice should have followed suit immediately with the other 2 Windsor Police Officers and also submit his resignation from the Windsor Police Service ,as a police officer you have taken an oath to...read more >>
AUG-09-2015  Viewed(304)    Comment
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