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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Is this a record? by Jeremy Dearling
Dear Editor: While rummaging in the attic I found a flat, round, 12" disc of plastic with a small hole in the centre. Is this a record'...read more >>
MAR-29-2017  Viewed(16)    Comment
First Sign Of Spring by Kevin Field
Dear Editor: the first sign of spring here in Lincoln is not Peacoxk Butterflies nor Cuckoos, it is of course the first Nine-ship by the Red Arrows. This occured this morning....read more >>
MAR-29-2017  Viewed(13)    Comment
Dad and the Dambusters by Carol Marsh
Dear Editor: A World-class Centre for the Recognition and Remembrance of Bomber Command in Lincolnshire Following Judith Smith's letter of 25 March regarding her visit to her father's wartime haunts in Lincolnshire, which is known as Bomber...read more >>
APR-05-2017  Viewed(8)    Comment
Harlots by Nigel Griffiths
Dear Editor: After watching for 6 minutes I decided to employ coitus interruptus. yours sincerely Nigel Griffiths...read more >>
MAR-29-2017  Viewed(16)    Comment
Brexit by Winston Huth-Wallis
Dear Editor: Now that Article 50 has been served, the constant carping and negativity from discredited politicians Blair, Major, Clegg and Heseltine should cease forthwith.Giving them media oxygen is good copy but hardly contributes to the...read more >>
MAR-29-2017  Viewed(38)    Comment
RSC´s production of Julius Caesar by Chris A Lewis
Dear Editor: I cannot believe that your reviewer Dominic Cavendish saw the same production as my wife and I did on 18th March as his review bears no relation to what unfolded on the RSC's relatively new apron stage before our eyes. Nigh on 3...read more >>
MAR-28-2017  Viewed(35)    Comment
The Duke of Edinburgh´s taxi by Tim Morton
Dear Editor: I was interested to read that a Daimler owned by Edward VI is displayed at the Sandringham Museum. I can only assume that the king learnt to drive at a very early age, since he died in 1553 at the age of 16....read more >>
MAR-28-2017  Viewed(15)    Comment
OIL PRICE : DO THE MATHS insh´Allah by Paul Wood
Dear Editor: there is a cardinal rule for the operation of oil- and gas-fields - to optimise their production-rates to achieve what is known as "Ultimate Recovery". This is the fundamental principle of "good oilfield husbandry" and, if applied,...read more >>
MAR-28-2017  Viewed(26)    Comment
Article 50 by William Nicol-Gent
Dear Editor: Seated amongst the Livery in Guildhall last Mid Summers Day at the Election of Sherrifs my eye lit on the Memorial to Pitt the Younger. Amongst the few (23) brief words he was able to utter at the Lord Mayor's Banquet after the...read more >>
MAR-28-2017  Viewed(24)    Comment
Secure messaging by Robert Clements
Dear Editor: If people or companies want to have secure encrypted communications they can have with one proviso. They have to purchase a licence to transmit and receive from the government and provide the name and address of the licence holder....read more >>
MAR-28-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
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