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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
headlines for the end of 2016 by Keith Hobbs
Dear Editor: Your headlines today 31st December filled me with disbelief and anger. Why are binge drinkers being admitted to hospital and putting deserving emergencies at risk' In days gone by they would be in police custody and as many as...read more >>
JAN-07-2017  Viewed(15)    Comment
Elderly beware of the Cold by Joan Margaret Johns
Dear Editor: I read today with astonishment the letters regarding the elderly, My partner and I , he 83 myself nearly 78, walk on average between 45 and 50 miles each week, are we doing anything wrong' Or are we just lucky! We look in...read more >>
DEC-31-2016  Viewed(23)    Comment
Naming Grandparents by Mrs Sally Hadley
Dear Editor: My two grandchildren take great delight in calling me 'Granules' (like the gravy!) (Mrs) Sally Hadley....read more >>
DEC-30-2016  Viewed(13)    Comment
Scotland and Brexit by John Alexander
Dear Editor: Professor Muscatelli (Scotland can be a beacon for the UK after Brexit 30 Dec) bases a hopelessly illogical case for some sort of non-Brexit Brexit on a number of at best questionable assumptions. His claim that membership of the EU...read more >>
DEC-30-2016  Viewed(22)    Comment
Cockroaches by Pam Williams
Dear Editor: I read with some amusement the article about cockroaches.When I was a student nurse on nights at an old London Teaching Hospital we filled syringes with ether .Entering the ward kitchen,we would turn the light on and squirt the not so...read more >>
DEC-30-2016  Viewed(17)    Comment
Reply to Stephanie Flanders. by John Stevenson
Dear Editor: I cannot agree with the view that economists were detached from reality in supporting the view that we should vote against Brexit.They were merely supporting the vested interests of their employers....read more >>
DEC-29-2016  Viewed(20)    Comment
Cure for Alzheimers by Jane Bennett
Dear Editor: We have recently read in this paper a great deal about the epidemic proportions of Alzheimer's and of the many drug trials taking place to find a cure and all the while Dr Fife has assembled the disparate facts of...read more >>
DEC-29-2016  Viewed(18)    Comment
Smart meter wrong readings by Patrick Sinker
Dear Editor: Over the past 3 years I have had 3 occasions when the electricity supplier fitted a smart meter to later discover that the meter was reading more then 70% higher than 2 private meters I installed more than 5 years ago. In 2 of the...read more >>
DEC-29-2016  Viewed(224)    Comment
Personal Attack on John Titor II by John Titor II
Dear Editor: Recently I was interviewed by "Kevin Moore" and the interview itself went well initially. Kevin Moore posts video clips on You Tube under the name "The Moore Show." I received no funds for the interview. Then he said he didn't...read more >>
DEC-28-2016  Viewed(287)    Comment
Alternative to Grandad by David Sumberg
Dear Editor: Mr Lowry asks for a less ageist alternative to granddad and how he can introduce this to his family. I am called Pa which has the advantage that it could be both father or grand father and therefore less an image of being in Gods...read more >>
DEC-28-2016  Viewed(15)    Comment
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