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RECENT LETTERS - (Australia)
An Insult to the ANZAC Heroes by P O'Neill
Dear Editor: At the time when thousands of brave ANZAC men were being mown down by German and Turkish bullets at Galipoli and their loving families were sorely grieving the leaders of the republican movement in Dublin were accepting the Kaiser's...read more >>
NOV-08-2014  Viewed(508)    Comment
Death of Gough Whitlam by Alan Murgatroyd
Dear Editor: Could you consider the following.... "Here was a Caesar, when comes such another !"...read more >>
OCT-20-2014  Viewed(489)    Comment
Thousands of women named Isis by maxine oakley
Dear Editor: Just so we are all aware, Isis is the ancient, sacred, feminine name of an Egyptian Goddess. Thousands of women and girls are named Isis and the recent incorrect use of the acronym is causing them great distress and...read more >>
OCT-08-2014  Viewed(504)    Comment
Thanks by Mary Kirk
Dear Editor: I wish to thank a thorough Scottish gentleman who drove miles out of his way to take me to Mona Vale. I was way past "the black stump" and lost at Bay View today, Monday, and without his help would still be lost well into the New...read more >>
SEP-28-2014  Viewed(555)    Comment
Trial of Oscar Pitorius by D. Grass
Dear Editor: I am nearly ill as I listen to "her honour" handing down her assessment of the evidence. I find myself ranting at the TV as I listen to her, my husband telling me to: "Switch it off, what did you expect - justice'". It just doesn't...read more >>
SEP-11-2014  Viewed(568)    Comment
Budget hitting pensioners and poor! by Carolyn Constance Harrison
Dear Editor: A dark cloud has completely descended upon our country Australia. Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and his evil cronies, Joe Hockey [Treasurer], Christopher Pyne [Education Minister], have completely adopted an ...read more >>
SEP-01-2014  Viewed(621)    Comment
Israel by jillian white
Dear Editor: Now let me get this straight: Australian Muslims get stern warnings about being terrorists, while young Jewish Australians go off to Israel to join the IDF, which just massacred almost 2000 Gazans (almost entirely civilians, and many...read more >>
AUG-18-2014  Viewed(989)    Comment
Spitting by John Mayger
Dear Editor: The habit of spitting, especially at our emergency sevices men and woman, is a disgusting practice and we should do all we can to discourage it. I suggest that a good place to start would be to urge our sportsmen to cease the...read more >>
AUG-11-2014  Viewed(540)    Comment
Bolt before the Australian Public. by samantha fletcher
Dear Editor: Could the Attorney General, George Brandis, explain to the Australian public, why a newspaper columnist, Andrew Bolt, was informed of the parliamentary decision over s18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. before the Australian...read more >>
AUG-05-2014  Viewed(543)    Comment
Train waited for me!! by Margaret Bradford
Dear Editor:Brownie points for State Rail efficiency! On Thursday 31st July last I was travelling from Redfern station to Kiama. Arriving at Redfern I noticed that the Kiama train was about to leave the station in four minutes. So I hurried...read more >>
AUG-04-2014  Viewed(541)    Comment
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