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Harperīs P.R. Nightmare. by Jeff Robinson
Dear Editor: How truly desperate this regime has become. To beg Veterans to betray their own kind in the service of the PM. To willingly entangle themselves as pawn's in his propaganda machine. A positive feed back loop of lies, misery,...read more >>
AUG-27-2015  Viewed(376)    Comment
Well educated illiterates by Terrance
Dear Editor: This summer has been one eye opener for me. The city was finally redoing our street (Whitfield Trites Road) adding storm drains and widening and adding paved shoulders. Signs were posted at each end "Road Closed to through...read more >>
AUG-15-2015  Viewed(624)    Comment
Re:-Windsor Police Constable Kent R by Mr.Laurie Leblanc
Dear Editor: I strongly believe that constable kent rice should have followed suit immediately with the other 2 Windsor Police Officers and also submit his resignation from the Windsor Police Service ,as a police officer you have taken an oath to...read more >>
AUG-09-2015  Viewed(330)    Comment
Suggestion by Rob Thompson
Dear Editor: Just a quick suggestion to help improve the quality of the Daily Gleaner. Cancel Bill Hunt's column and use that space for something useful. If he wants to publicly express his opinions (which nobody cares about) he can write a...read more >>
JUL-31-2015  Viewed(370)    Comment
Parks Board Watering Building, Sign by Jane Mundy
Dear Editor: I have lived in the Burrardview neighborhood for 20 years and believe I can speak for everyone here: We would rather have newly planted trees watered than hosing down the Parks Board washroom walls and park signs. I asked a Parks Board...read more >>
JUL-23-2015  Viewed(384)    Comment
Military Misogyny. by Jeff Robinson
Dear Editor: It is with much regret that the Chief of the Defence Staff, Tom Lawson hasn't either resigned or been fired by now. You may remember his comments a few weeks back regarding the sexual harassment, and assault of women in the Forces....read more >>
JUN-24-2015  Viewed(445)    Comment
Harper by Ron Charach
June 19 2015 Dear editor: Breathes there a man with soul so dead Who never to himself hath said, "It canna hurt, to have lost, then won, To vote a wee bit left, And see Harper gone." (apologies to Sir Walter Scott)...read more >>
JUN-19-2015  Viewed(435)    Comment
cars by len anderson
Dear Editor: i am wondering how many people in fredericton are anoid about the cars that are speeding with noisy mufflers especially on greenfeilds drive and parkside drive we have children playing here anyway i thought allcars are inspected...read more >>
JUN-16-2015  Viewed(688)    Comment
centex gas & Dash by R Pearson
Dear Editor: Once again the firm that could have solved the problem now blames the Government of Alberta. Centex was aware they had a "cash & dash" problem & just spent 100s of thousands of dollars to build the new facility where this unfortunate...read more >>
JUN-08-2015  Viewed(339)    Comment
bringing the secrets to light by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: what if misconceptions were brought out for everyone to know' would misunderstandings become clear' Anthony Giardina wrote a play and there's secrets that friends say to each other and are believed as facts even though they are...read more >>
MAY-29-2015  Viewed(427)    Comment
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