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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Open letter to Her Majesty by Michael Triggs
Dear Editor: I wish to publish the following as an open letter as to date I have had no reply . January...read more >>
APR-13-2016  Viewed(31)    Comment
decimation by Priscilla Martin
Dear Editor: Your correspondent who spotted the misuse of the word 'decimate' also gets it wrong. A decimated foot would have not one but nine toes. Priscilla Martin...read more >>
APR-20-2016  Viewed(24)    Comment
The Archers by Chris Parker
Dear Editor: I believe Gillian Reynolds may not be an Archers addict .Whilst extolling the virtues of the current big storyline ,she says that Helen 's mother is Ruth ,when in fact she is Pat !...read more >>
APR-20-2016  Viewed(7)    Comment
EU Bookllet by Steve Hubert
Dear Editor: I have received my Glossy brochure and very nice it is too, although the content seems dodgy, the cost of publication definitely so. What happened to leaflets through our doors. This has got me thinking about the total cost of the...read more >>
APR-13-2016  Viewed(29)    Comment
Dennis Skinner and Dodgy Dave by Mr Richard Denny
Dear Editor: If Mr Dennis Skinner would kindly publish his tax return it would be interesting to see who makes the biggest financial contribution to funding the NHS - Dodgy Dave or the member for Bolsover' Yours sincerely Richard Denny...read more >>
APR-13-2016  Viewed(32)    Comment
The Northern Powerhouse by Jane Cookdale
Dear Editor: May I suggest that the only sensible solution and viable alternative to the relentlessly long and costly problems of i) the renovation of the palace of Westminster ii)HS2 and iii)investment in the Northern Powerhouse, is to relocate...read more >>
APR-13-2016  Viewed(27)    Comment
Brexit the great british debate by Scott Clute
Dear Editor: The great brexit opinion from outside the realm Should Britain remain or perform the brexit maneuver of course only the British voters will decide. But if only international trade was the defining factor one would have to side...read more >>
APR-13-2016  Viewed(91)    Comment
staying in the e.u. by mike randall
Dear Editor: am i alone in thinking that the government who professes to be careful with money but insists on printing at great cost a information booklet about staying in the e.u.is less than frugal when it delivers 2 to one household on 2...read more >>
APR-12-2016  Viewed(31)    Comment
bREXIT by Roger Wertheimer
Dear Sir If Brexit win the day will our leader do the same to the result as he has done with the third runway for Heathrow''' Indecision does not make for economic confidance...read more >>
APR-12-2016  Viewed(40)    Comment
EU Referendum by Pauline Keen
Dear Editor: As Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne who is my MP. is very much involved in important decision making regarding monetary matters of our country. With regard to the forthcoming Referendum on the EU for our nation, I...read more >>
APR-12-2016  Viewed(32)    Comment
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Dear Editor: Who should be more sensitive and who should be less sensitive in these exchanges on...read more >>
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