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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
A yardstick for Brexit debate by Geoffrey Dawson
Dear Editor: I have just found a cutting written by Katie Boyle [1992], some of which could applied to the Brexit debate' "I hope that whichever party wins the Election will heed Abraham Lincoln's words which are as true as they were when...read more >>
MAY-10-2016  Viewed(39)    Comment
SAT Tests by Sidney Irvine, Emeritus Professor, Plymouth University
Dear Editor: Once more, national education tests have been compromised. Faced with this and other issues, MOD decided in 1986 to replace its army recruitment tests by providing a new automatically generated test for each recruit that was...read more >>
MAY-17-2016  Viewed(32)    Comment
EU Referendum debate by Dr. Christopher Morrell
Dear Editor: The war of words between Boris Johnson and the Prime Minister is increasingly reminiscent of the relations between Winston Churchill and Stanley Baldwin in the inter-war period. Having unaccountably made Churchill the Chancellor of...read more >>
MAY-10-2016  Viewed(34)    Comment
Effects of ´Brexit´ in N. Ireland by Adam Lawson
Dear Editor: Regarding the possibility of ‘Brexit’, the lack of attention from British politicians to Northern Ireland alarms me greatly. ‘Brexiters’ have so far dismissed concerns about border restrictions, but discussion of the real risk here...read more >>
MAY-10-2016  Viewed(25)    Comment
Re: Donald Trump and Trade Issues by Onchera Maiko
Dear Editor: Donald Trump correctly highlights the harsh reality that gains from International Trade have not been equally distributed. The Blue Collar Worker segment of American society has been given a raw deal with the gains from trade...read more >>
MAY-17-2016  Viewed(38)    Comment
Eu and blocking migrants via Dublin by Neil Wrench
Dear Editor: I notice that a lot of flights from the EU go to and fro from Dublin. My wife and did a day trip to Dublin a little while ago, no problem on the way out, but on return my wife did not have a photo driving licence or passport. But did...read more >>
MAY-09-2016  Viewed(19)    Comment
Could there be any more risks? by Robert Atkins
Dear Editor: Sir, A few months ago Mr Cameron was reported to have said that he would lead us out of the EU if he could not achieve the changes he was seeking. Since then, we have had a series of apocalyptic warnings of economic collapse,...read more >>
MAY-09-2016  Viewed(33)    Comment
Out withthe amber by Dr Christopher Birch
Dear Editor: On the subject of left turns at red traffic lights, it is my view that this will not work in this country for two reasons, firstly, road junctions are not designed with sufficient room to allow it and, secondly, because drivers lack...read more >>
MAY-09-2016  Viewed(45)    Comment
Brexit by june wilkinson
Dear Editor: Now if we leave the EU we are being threatened with war, or worse still, accused of being to blame if war starts. However, the EU gives no indication of being able to defend itself. The way the Bosnia crisis was handled by the EU...read more >>
MAY-09-2016  Viewed(63)    Comment
Whaddon Hall, a secret well kept by John Berkeley Harries
Dear Editor: My Grandmother, Silvia Selby Lowndes, was born at Whaddon her family home. She and my Grandfather, Seymour, had Three children. They in turn had Eight children between them. I can remember going to a family wedding at Whaddon Hall when...read more >>
MAY-09-2016  Viewed(31)    Comment
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