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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Islamic Brutality by Tim Cripps
Dear Editor:Root of Islamic Violence The Western world is rightly horrified by the brutality of Islamic State’s Jihadists, but we should not be surprised. We are wrong to label these zealots “Extremists”. The shocking truth is that it is they who...read more >>
NOV-17-2014  Viewed(95)    Comment
England Rugby and Stuart Lancaster by Fred Adkins
Dear Editor: England rugby is once again charging bravely and fearlessly up a dead end. I have always been concerned that Stuart Lancaster did not have the experience, nor was he likely to have the vision or the tactical knowledge to lead...read more >>
NOV-17-2014  Viewed(49)    Comment
Rolling Stones by Lisa Foster
Dear Editor: I saw the Rolling Stones in a rather small paddock (field) in NSW Australia on Saturday night. That event prompts this letter. How can I ever thank The Stones for all they have been to me and given me over the last 53 years' Did...read more >>
NOV-16-2014  Viewed(41)    Comment
Dear Editor: What foolish advice is to be read on page 21 of your colour supplement (15 Nov., page 21) whereby Ms SHAPLAND advocates the use of candles to help you drop off into undisturbed sleep ! I assume she has never seen the aftermath of...read more >>
NOV-16-2014  Viewed(48)    Comment
EU extravagance by Clive Jacobs
Dear Editor: I have just returned from a very pleasant but eye-opening break in Portugal and Southern Spain. Frankly it made my blood boil at the sheer extravagance of the infrastructure in both of these countries. We hired a car and drove from...read more >>
NOV-13-2014  Viewed(64)    Comment
The Saatchi Bill by Hazel Thornton (Mrs.)
Dear Editor, 13th November 2014 The Saatchi Bill Cancer affects people from all walks of life: the famous; the powerful; oncologists; health professionals; politicians; academics; lawyers; and numerous `ordinary` citizens. Yet the battle...read more >>
NOV-13-2014  Viewed(53)    Comment
Response to Editorial by James May
Sir At last we are getting a sensible debate about the Saatchi Bill. As your editorial (13 November) observed, Lord Saatchi is sincere but misguided. There is a lot that needs to be done to speed up medical research and to reduce the burden of...read more >>
NOV-20-2014  Viewed(176)    Comment
FIFA by Geoff Fulford
Dear Editor: So FIFA are in the clear! As I understand it, FIFA is not a statutory body but an organisation representing National Football associations. As such, it is quite possible for a country or groups of countries to leave and set up a...read more >>
NOV-13-2014  Viewed(123)    Comment
Poppies by Eileen Martindale
Dear Editor: I understand that the Poppies are not frost proof so care must be taken if they are placed on the graves of veterans. Eileen martindale...read more >>
NOV-12-2014  Viewed(62)    Comment
Public Information by Anthony Orchard
Dear Editor: Just received a letter from HM Customs & Revenue telling me how my tax has been spent. Fantastic! Should have been done years ago. Disappointed to note National Debt interest. It would be both sensible and helpful if the press...read more >>
NOV-12-2014  Viewed(54)    Comment
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Dear Editor: Do the Taliban really believe that their God condones the deliberate killing of childr...read more >>
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