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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Giles Coren article, Saturday 25.06 by susan hodgson
Dear Editor: I was disgusted by the article in the Saturday Times. I am one of the retired and actually voted to remain, as did many of my close friends. I suspect my family demographic of younger members is typical. It went like this - Two away...read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(15)    Comment
Giles Coren by I Little
Dear Editor: I have to write this letter having just read today's Opinion from Giles Coren, following the referendum result. Giles Coren, you ghastly, vile, opinionated, you name it individual, How dare you blame what you so rudely refer to...read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(0)    Comment
Giles Coren Opinion by B Lambert
Dear Editor: I read Mr Coren's opinion in the Times this morning and was disappointed at the level of his comment. As a 63 year old who has worked all his life to build a better Britain and voted Yes in 1975 and to remain in the recent...read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(0)    Comment
Frexit Survey by Jill Meriam
Dear Editor: On Saturday 25th June you published an article on the subject of Frexit, Nexit and Czexit. You quoted a recent Pew Survey which stated that French hostility to the EU is 61 percent. You failed to say that this survey was undertaken...read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(0)    Comment
law of unintended consequences by Tony Brook
Dear Editor: 6 years ago the new Tory government had the oportunity to impose serious controls on public sector spending we all expected after Gordon Smith ,but we have had no serious necessary austerity,and a burgeoning deficit ,so now after...read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(0)    Comment
Brexit a Personal View by Robert Jenkins
Dear Editor: I woke up this morning feeling, bitter, annoyed and betrayed. Our politicians have let Europe, the World and the people of the UK down very badly, through their failure to understand the genie they have let out of the bottle, or...read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(24)    Comment
Scottish Independence Referendum by Paul Tomasik
Dear Editor: Following the Democratic vote of the British people on the question of European Membership, which resulted in a "Leave" decision, and as a Scot living and working in England, I am dismayed by Nicola Sturgeon's,(First Minister of...read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(24)    Comment
Scotlandīs Independence by Mrs D M Hewitt
Dear Editor: Sir, If Nicola Sturgeon intends to separate Scotland from the remainder of the UK and negotiate closer ties with the EU, does this mean that Scottish Banks will not be needing any money from the Bank of England's multi million...read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(22)    Comment
What now after Brexit by Peter Miller
Dear Editor: After the Brexit vote, should we campaign to leave NATO, the UN, the Commonwealth, it will save us even more money than the Ģ350 Million per week. And what are the odds that this money will find its way into the back pockets of...read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(18)    Comment
Brexit - the Northern Powerhouse by James Thomas
Dear Editor: When Cameron and Osbourne vaunted their Northern Powerhouse, they perhaps forgot how much power the disillusioned people up-north already had....read more >>
JUN-25-2016  Viewed(21)    Comment
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