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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
No respect, none taught by Jeff Wormsley
Dear Editor: In May 2011 l wrote a letter regarding the lack of respect shown in customer care or the lack of it. I must say that it saddens me to see how the younger generation are taught to respect the rules & regulations and the courtesy...read more >>
SEP-22-2014  Viewed(73)    Comment
Tony Blair by Joe Elders
Dear Editor, I see this man is still poking his nose in - supposedly peace man for the Middle East, yet the yes man for Afghanistan and Iraq military action and the slaughter of 100`s of our young men. I suggest that he and his sons lead the...read more >>
SEP-22-2014  Viewed(25)    Comment
English powers for England by Daniel Manners
Dear Editor: The political class that now are in charge of our country are missing the point of the English problem. Giving powers to cities will not meet the need for English persons. We require our own assembly or whatever name you wish to give...read more >>
SEP-22-2014  Viewed(79)    Comment
Prince Harry, Mr. president ! by Laura Ciufo
Dear Editor: I m a journalist at the United Nations Office of partnerships.(Unop, nyc) I cover news about philantropy. Last November for the first time i was in London to cover an amazing charity 's press conference about an expedition to the...read more >>
SEP-22-2014  Viewed(58)    Comment
Ministerīs Pay by James Charrington
Dear Editor: In his speech to the Labour Conference Ed Balls acknowledged that public confidence in politicians is at an all time low and followed this up by announcing that a future Labour Government would cut Minsiter's pay by 5%! It is not...read more >>
SEP-22-2014  Viewed(29)    Comment
the Andrew Marr Interview 20th Sept by Wendy Webb
Dear Editor So it wasn't only me ! I have just read Michael Duncan's hilarious account of Andrew Marr's valiant attempt to interview Ed Milliband , the man who has ambitions to represent our country on the world stage. Let me say...read more >>
SEP-22-2014  Viewed(45)    Comment
Scottish devolution by Tom Jones
Dear Editor: Is it an over simplification to suggest that matters devolved to the Scottish and other regional parliaments are subject to English MPs votes only in Westminister' This should remove any doubt about entitlement to vote in the...read more >>
SEP-22-2014  Viewed(34)    Comment
Proposed Scotland Act by David Dowzell
Dear Editor: The Scotland Act is being drafted to cover the granting of further powers to the elected members of the Scottish Parliament in accordance with the pledge given during the referendum. However, the Prime Minister has quite rightly...read more >>
SEP-29-2014  Viewed(28)    Comment
Labour Party Minimum Wage by David Dowzell
Dear Editor: do I understand Ed Milliband correctly' He proposes a self funded increase in the minimum wage. Employees will be paid more on which they will pay 32% tax/NIC and, because of the increase in gross pay, will then lose most of the...read more >>
SEP-29-2014  Viewed(36)    Comment
My Friends in Scotland by Elaine Thomas
Dear Editor: Dear Scotland I have only visited you once, as a student in the late seventies. It was cold in Edinburgh. But you and I are the same people of the same Islands. The many who wanted to leave the United Kingdom at first upset me, but...read more >>
SEP-21-2014  Viewed(46)    Comment
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