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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Delays in A and E by N Hodges
Dear Editor: At least a significant increase in the load on A and E is attendance by patients unable to see their GP.These patients should be the responsibility of primary care and I do not understand why such patients cannot be identified in a...read more >>
JAN-07-2015  Viewed(47)    Comment
Labour and the NHS by John Hindle
Dear Editor: I note that the "saviours" of the NHS , the Labour Party , are seeking a summit to resolve the A&E crisis. Is this the party that caused the crisis in the first place by stopping the out of hours service...read more >>
JAN-14-2015  Viewed(30)    Comment
Dear Editor: Forget the porridge! My fit octagenarian husband, who dislikes milky foods, starts each day with a bowl of prunes laced with brandy, which he finds excellent fuel for his busy life. Mary Lucas...read more >>
JAN-07-2015  Viewed(52)    Comment
Our A&E Departments by Keith Atkinson
Sir, My suggestion of how to help control the numbers of people making use of our A&E Departments Very simply make a charge to everyone wishing to make use of the service perhaps 10.00 This will be a good starting point in order to...read more >>
JAN-07-2015  Viewed(41)    Comment
Nursing in the NHS 2015 by Geraldine Smith
Dear Editor: Sir. I am a trained nurse of 20 years' experience. I started out in the acute setting, and continued for some years until I decided to work in the Community. I just want to let you know how demoralizing it is to be a nurse...read more >>
JAN-06-2015  Viewed(49)    Comment
crisis in A&E by Prof Sue Richards, co-chair, Keep Our NHS Public
Dear Editor: Crisis' What crisis' How ineffectual can you get' Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt goes on the Today programme to explain that hospitals closing their A & E departments all around the country is just because we are all getting...read more >>
JAN-13-2015  Viewed(23)    Comment
Election 2015 by Roger Buchanan
Dear Editor: In their 2010 manifestos, the major parties expressed a desire to reconnect with the electorate. It is clear that the current election campaign will, like many before it, do little to advance this aim. A mature electorate requires...read more >>
JAN-13-2015  Viewed(2)    Comment
Ched Evans by Mr A Jellett
Dear Editor: I have no particular sympathy for Ched Evans, "the convicted rapist", but I fear that the reaction every time he is connected with a possibility of re-integration into working society bears the marks of 'the rule of the mob' rather...read more >>
JAN-05-2015  Viewed(49)    Comment
Rowan Pelling on Ched Evans by W H PRALL
Dear Editor: I wholeheartedly agree with Rowan Pelling's plea (Telegraph January 5th) that as a convicted rapist Ched Evans should not be allowed back into football having shown not an ounce of remorse. What makes me feel slightly queasy is the...read more >>
JAN-05-2015  Viewed(49)    Comment
Katie Hopkins,what fat people need by Rachel Neame, Young People's Counsellor
Dear Editor: Katie Hopkins (article - What fat people need is a kick up the a...), fails to address the very obvious problem that repeatedly hamper peoples' attempts to, in her words, 'get a grip', which are the accompanying crippling psychological...read more >>
JAN-12-2015  Viewed(6)    Comment
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