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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Andrea Leadsom by Mrs June Kelly
Dear Editor: If Andrea's loose tongue is already causing a public row can the nation afford to have her as a PM Leader facing other World leaders who will deride her lack of experience. She is involving herself in matters that have nothing to do...read more >>
JUL-09-2016  Viewed(25)    Comment
Tory leadership by K Patterson
Dear Editor: Both candidates for the conservative leadership have stated that Britain will be better outside the EU, could they make clear how the United Kingdom will fair' I think the people of Northern Ireland deserve to know....read more >>
JUL-09-2016  Viewed(17)    Comment
Why Brexit by Gary Karasik
Dear Editor: As an American scratching his head over a widening embrace of darkness and ignorance in both my country and yours, I wonder why Labour should feel obligated to support a referendum that is both non-binding and ridiculous and that was...read more >>
JUL-15-2016  Viewed(19)    Comment
Gun Control by Nevada Adams
Dear Editor: Five cops shot and killed with at least 7 wounded in Dallas Texas by a crazed black man.. Funny how the Liberals and the leftist elites suddenly are not blaming guns . Now its all about how whites / cops drove him to it !...read more >>
JUL-08-2016  Viewed(52)    Comment
James Campbell by Sean flynn
Dear Editor:It was moving to read the well written obituary of James Campbell. As one of his students ( 1975-78) at Worcester, I remember him as a great and a gentle man. I believe that I was one of those present when he accidentally set fire to a...read more >>
JUL-08-2016  Viewed(46)    Comment
Lynx on the loose by Deryl Rennie
Dear Editor: Having read on page 3 that the lynx can grow to four feet long, five stone in weight and feed on deer and other small animals. Then in the comments page that lynx are not much bigger than pussy cats. I was a little confused. Hope I...read more >>
JUL-15-2016  Viewed(1)    Comment
Nato presence in Eastern Europe by George Rogers
Dear Editor: It is unbelievable that despite the Chilcott report just a couple of days ago, we are embarking on another highly dangerous misadventure. For those (probably most) of your readers who believe that Crimea was forcefully annexed by...read more >>
JUL-08-2016  Viewed(39)    Comment
Iraq War, sitting MPs, & next steps by George Harrowby
Dear Editor: The judgement of sitting MPs is brought into question by Chilcot. Is the current Parliament fit for purpose' 1) I am ready to support the dead soldiers' parents in any legal actions - inc financially 2) The MPs who voted for war...read more >>
JUL-08-2016  Viewed(42)    Comment
Welsh? by Stuart Benstead
Dear Editor: How long should we all wait before resigning our recently discovered Welsh nationality. Stuart Benstead...read more >>
JUL-07-2016  Viewed(23)    Comment
No luck with Brexit Solutions by Richard Bate
Dear Editor, I found the Times Maze to be a dead end so my thoughts turned to other processes. Super Computer Deep from HH Guide is available but requires 7.5 million years to process and we already know the answer is 42. The Boffins at CERN now...read more >>
JUL-07-2016  Viewed(36)    Comment
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