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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Putinīs Actions and Words by Tony Sinclair
Dear Editor: Are we surprised at Putin's actions with regard to the Crimea' We ought not to be. The moment Obama's famous "red line" was crossed by Syria's use of chemical weapons, Obama's lack of any follow-through was noted by Putin, who now...read more >>
MAR-25-2014  Viewed(43)    Comment
Ukraine by William Colquhoun
Sir, I suggest that an appropriate response to Russia's illegal and threatening actions in and around Ukraine would be to demand the extradition to the UK of Andrei Lugovoi, the Duma member suspected to have carried out the orders to kill Alexander...read more >>
MAR-25-2014  Viewed(27)    Comment
Flight MH370 by Maud Logan
Dear Editor: The co-pilot's last message was not worded with normal formality as would always be the case. Maybe the reason for this was that he wanted to give a clue that something was amiss. The Chinese authorities seemed to over-react by...read more >>
MAR-18-2014  Viewed(29)    Comment
Putin by Simon Scantlebury
Dear Editor: President Putin is right-Crimea culturally is Russian.A referendum has delivered the most democratic decision of the population.He does'nt designs on the rest of Ukraine. The West have got this totally wrong and got their knickers in...read more >>
MAR-18-2014  Viewed(28)    Comment
Germsn War Graves by Alan Costar
Dear Editor: MJGibson seems to lament the lack of messages from German pupils in Flanders cemeteries. It is because they do nit go there. Ypres or the Somme are where the largest numbers of British and Empire troops died. The German equivalent is...read more >>
MAR-25-2014  Viewed(7)    Comment
ukraine/chechnya by A.Miller
Dear Editor: Now that (Tsar ') Putin has established that it is Russia's policy to allow (and encourage) states within countries to have an independent vote to allow them to secede from that country, when will he implement this policy with...read more >>
MAR-18-2014  Viewed(103)    Comment
Crimea by Mike Nixon
Dear Editor: Two words come to mind over Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea. Falklands and Gibraltar....read more >>
MAR-18-2014  Viewed(94)    Comment
Yuan value by Judy Whytock
Dear Editor: If an icecream cone in Canada is worth $1.00 and the cost of an icecream cone in Beijing is now 3 Yuan, then the exchange rate of the Yuan should be $1.00 divided by 3 yuan = 33 cents U.S. according to Purchasing Power Parity,...read more >>
MAR-18-2014  Viewed(22)    Comment
Value of the Yuan by judywhytock
Dear Editor: re Ambrose Evans Pritchard's editorial in which he states Diana Choyleva of Lombard Street Research, says the Chinese Yuan is 15% to 20% undervalued. Ms. Choyleva is incorrect. The Yuan's value is not supposed to be based on whether...read more >>
MAR-18-2014  Viewed(21)    Comment
David Cameron, closet yes voter? by Dr Jennifer Deegan
Dear Editor: As a Scottish-born research scientist living in Cambridge, I have been following the Scottish referendum debate with interest. In Cambridge University politics, there is a long-standing joke that the best way to see a proposal...read more >>
MAR-24-2014  Viewed(39)    Comment
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