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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
The Telegraph - New Format by Mr. L. Simmons
Dear Editor: Why change the current format of my favourite newspaper' It was not broken so why fix it' When I saw my Telegraph yesterday I thought my newsagent had delivered the Guardian by mistake! I do not like it. Change it back, PLEASE!...read more >>
JUL-07-2015  Viewed(39)    Comment
Greek Crisis by Philip Rowe
Dear Editor: We are often reminded that democracy is a Greek word. So too are Chaos, drama, hysteria agony and crisis. Maybe that's all the Greek we need to know....read more >>
JUN-30-2015  Viewed(114)    Comment
a thank you letter by Elizabeta
Dear Editor: I have a old lady who is my dear friend. She asked me to write this letter to you. As the Queen recently visited the camp in Bergen Belsen in Germany, my friend told me the story that her mum was rescued in April 1945. Her mum had...read more >>
JUN-30-2015  Viewed(104)    Comment
One Hundred and Three Years Old by Angela Gibbs
Dear Editor: My Father Harry Loveday (Old Uppinghamian and ex Argentine Railways) will be 103 on July 2nd. He will have survived his father by 102 years and his grandfather by 101. He has lived happily in Spain for 48 years enjoys a beer followed...read more >>
JUN-30-2015  Viewed(55)    Comment
Greek and PortoRico defaults by Andrew Carverhill
Dear Editor: I read that the U.S. Territory of Porto Rico is going to default. Will they be forced out of the Dollar zone' Andrew Carverhill...read more >>
JUN-30-2015  Viewed(123)    Comment
the euro crisis by w.s. parry
Dear Editor: The biggest supprise about the euro crisis is that it has taken so long to devellope. If as I suspect there is a last minute 'agreement' it will mearty pospone the inevitable. Who will be next to stumble, Romania, Bulgaria,...read more >>
JUN-29-2015  Viewed(72)    Comment
Name for ISIL by michael carr
Dear Editor: Re A name for Isil May I suggest it be known as The Betrayers of Islam and be referred to as such in all media reports ....read more >>
JUN-29-2015  Viewed(70)    Comment
Hydrating the Wimbledon Tennis Fans by Nigel Kirkness
Dear Editor: With the prospect high temperatures and dehydrated tennis fans at Wimbledon surely the organisers and a water bottling company should arrange to dispense some goodwill throughout The Championships by offering free bottled water to...read more >>
JUL-06-2015  Viewed(44)    Comment
Women´s World Cup by Geoff Driscoll
Dear Editor: I am currently enjoying the Women's World Cup football enormously. However, in spite of the skill, tenacity and excitement of the women's game I fear they are missing some of the finer points of the sport. Shirt-pulling, bad...read more >>
JUN-28-2015  Viewed(81)    Comment
Greece by Nigel Brooke
Sir, A pre-20th century bookseller in New York, suspecting his assistant of dishonesty, left out a silver dollar on a table. It disappeared; the police were called and the dollar found on the assistant. The book-seller was arrested for having...read more >>
JUN-28-2015  Viewed(130)    Comment
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Dear Editor: I've just read the article in the Times 1st Aug, written by Hugh Rifkind and wholly...read more >>
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