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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
ST 3.1.16 Voters/ballot papers by Mrs Anne Manning
Dear Editor: An error cropped up in Christopher Hope's interesting item, in that he stated that voters currently need to show their voting cards when turning up to cast their votes. This is not the case. Having been involved in/with...read more >>
JAN-07-2016  Viewed(45)    Comment
Students face earlier exams by J. Knott
Dear Editor: So our GCSE and A-level exam schedule is now likely to change due to religious belief' And for the benefit of what is still a minority group, of whom not all keep Ramadan' Setting aside the fact that religious views should have...read more >>
JAN-07-2016  Viewed(60)    Comment
Exam date move for Ramadan by Anthony Croke
Dear Editor: I fully endorse the concern that fasting children will not perform well at exams (report January 7th). The solution need not interfere with the established customs of this country and would appear to lie entirely within the hands of...read more >>
JAN-14-2016  Viewed(54)    Comment
Mr Trump by Patricia Bruzon
Dear Editor: Why argue with MTrump.' If he wants to visit us, Let him come to Britain. Simply ignore him when he arrives and make sure absolutely no one speaks to him. He I'll soon go away....read more >>
JAN-07-2016  Viewed(92)    Comment
transgender by David Goodall
D ear Editor: Of all the "Aspects of my personhood"I think how I go to the loo may be one of the least important.So writes David Ahronovitch in Thursdays Times.For most of us this is undoubtedly true but for the transgender...read more >>
JAN-07-2016  Viewed(56)    Comment
Major Tim by Richard Sorrill
Dear Sir, Before Major Tim takes his space-walk should you not have inquired as to whose shirts he wears' Yours faithfully, R. J. Sorrill....read more >>
JAN-13-2016  Viewed(2)    Comment
Philip Dilley“s Response. by Mac Cox
Dear Editor: Philip Dilley, Chairman of the Environment Agency, answered, (when questioned by MPs about the recent flooding, and the apparent failure of flood defences), that the flood defences hadn't failed. The problem, he said, was that the...read more >>
JAN-13-2016  Viewed(51)    Comment
Abergeldy Castle by Fiona Main
Dear Sir, I reference Abergeldy Castle in Scotland which is about to fall due to floods.Please please could somebody swim out and shore it up'i love Scottish Castles,FIFI xxx...read more >>
JAN-06-2016  Viewed(74)    Comment
Bus pass by Janice Gallagher
Dear Editor: Please could someone explain to me why the 60 yr olds in Greater Manchester, are unable to claim their free bus pass until they now get their pension' Its bad enough having being robbed of our pensions! The 60yr olds in Liverpool are...read more >>
JAN-06-2016  Viewed(68)    Comment
elephant and castle roadworks by Dan Cornwall-Jones
Dear Editor: I have just sent off a cheque for £65 for contravening the congestion zone rules. the rules say it is correct and I do not believe it was 'unfair' . I am not allowed to raise any doubts except those set out in the form. I avoid the...read more >>
JAN-06-2016  Viewed(49)    Comment
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