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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Jose Mourinho by Steve Wiles
Dear Editor: Just read the Chelsea manager's comments on Arsene Wenger. It confirms my opinion that he is a sad, lonely, bitter, friendless man. It's time the press stopped asking him for his opinions and his chairman told him to stop passing...read more >>
MAR-22-2014  Viewed(45)    Comment
Sports Relief by Alasdair Warren
Dear Editor: Sports Relief raised an astonishing amount of money last night, particularly in a recessionary period. Did I blink when the amount raised by the Premier League was detailed as £1k. Surely loose change to these multi-millionaire...read more >>
MAR-21-2014  Viewed(48)    Comment
TV Drama Turks and Caicos by Joan Ward
Dear Editor: Your drama critic, Andrew Billen, and I could not have been watching the same Turks and Caicos on Thursday evening. His piece in today's Times was both jaundiced and carping. I had not seen Page Eight, the first of the trilogy but,...read more >>
MAR-28-2014  Viewed(24)    Comment
Spare a thought for the Tommy“s by P O'Neill
Dear Editor: It appears that there will be a state visit by the president of the Republic of Ireland in April of this the centenary year of WWI. Do HM advisers not know that it was the Kaiser, whose bullets killed and maimed so many of the...read more >>
MAR-21-2014  Viewed(13)    Comment
A Great Budget For The Pensioners by Jeff Wormsley
Dear Editor: I cannot believe that the 2014 Budget has put so much money in my pocket. I should, with the increase be able to go on a holiday to Wales in about 30 years time. I have just calculated that my own and my wife's pension will give us an...read more >>
MAR-20-2014  Viewed(115)    Comment
Budget savings by David Yeo
Dear Editor: The budget has left me in a quandary. I visit the pub on most Friday evenings and usually consume three pints of foaming ale. The budget means that I shall benefit from a 3p saving each week. After two years I will have saved enough...read more >>
MAR-20-2014  Viewed(88)    Comment
Bingo and Beer by Susan Fernandez
Dear Editor: My husband is a hardworking Consultant Paediatrician. I am a hardworking teacher in a local state school. We do not have a penchant for Bingo and our beer intake is too low to feel the benefit of the 1p reduction in tax. We do...read more >>
MAR-20-2014  Viewed(23)    Comment
Do Venezuela exist? by Bernardo Perillo
Dear Editor: I would like to receive an explanation on how Venezuelan crisis falls below almost any subject (according to the coverage your and others UK media are giving to what is happening there). How come Ukrainian crisis (which is almost...read more >>
MAR-20-2014  Viewed(39)    Comment
Venezuelan crisis by Bernardo Perillo
Dear Editor: I noticed that, according to your criteria, Pistorius' trial is way more important and relevant to UK readers than Venezuelan crisis. I am really shocked on the very low coverage (almost non-existent) your paper is giving to the huge...read more >>
MAR-20-2014  Viewed(30)    Comment
Church Organists by Rev Malcolm Chester
Dear Editor: I have been interested to follow the correspondence regarding payment to church organists for their services. I was a church organist and saw the offering of my services as part of my giving to the church and never took payment. I am...read more >>
MAR-19-2014  Viewed(24)    Comment
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