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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Tweedledum and Tweedledee by Tony Priest
Dear Editor: If the supporters of the two continuity candidates for the leadership of the Labour party are as rattled by the surge in popularity of the Mad Hatter, perhaps they should ask Mr Flip Flop or Mrs Balls to stand aside for the good of...read more >>
JUL-26-2015  Viewed(43)    Comment
Knightsbridge boy racers by Barbara Barnes
Dear Editor: It won't be a lot of use imposing fines on the mega rich will it ' Suggest a bucket of tar over the bonnet might get results Barbara Barnes...read more >>
JUL-26-2015  Viewed(33)    Comment
A Bleat by John Bawden
Dear Editor: Sorry to Bleat BBC Proms programme 25 th July Why do Jane Glover and Katie Dereham have to refer to " Kids" enjoying the music. I failed to see a single young goat on the programme but did glimpse young children enjoying...read more >>
JUL-25-2015  Viewed(61)    Comment
rubber by Peter Matley
Dear Editor: Watched Great Britain and France play in the Davis Cup. Can anybody tell me what a "rubber" is . I've tried to find out but without success....read more >>
JUL-25-2015  Viewed(60)    Comment
Drinking and the Middle classes by Professor Stephen Kevin Smith
Dear Editor: The article "Middle classes suffering alcohol abuse crisis" that appears in the 24th July edition, defies logic as the author of the study clearly states that "the new research did not suggest that middle class professionals who drank...read more >>
JUL-24-2015  Viewed(74)    Comment
Rheinberg cemetery/ Cologne by Clare Hyde
Dear Editor: Last summer I visited Rheinberg Cemetery , NW of Cologne, Germany, to visit the grave of my mother's fiancé. In the book of remembrance, I came across an entry for William Henry HARGREAVES of Blackburn , RAF volunteer, who died 11th...read more >>
JUL-30-2015  Viewed(13)    Comment
Unemployment & Self Checkouts by Laura Hampson
Dear Editor: I am concerned that shops are replacing people with machines too quickly. We have a problem with high unemployment in this country and entry-level jobs like cashiers are essential to get people working. I see the change in...read more >>
JUL-29-2015  Viewed(71)    Comment
Peter Alliss by Arthur Byrne
Dear Editor: having just read the article by Ben Rumsby on Peter Alliss I am shocked how some jobsworth so take offence to two of his remarks. I do not like Football and all associated with it so I do not watch it. If these people take offence at...read more >>
JUL-22-2015  Viewed(54)    Comment
7 day working by Mark Slack
Dear Editor: Jeremy Hunt says doctors need to "get real" about 7 day working! I am a senior consultant in a large teaching hospital currently in my 10th consecutive day at work with two more to go. The stint started with a 24 hour call followed...read more >>
JUL-22-2015  Viewed(84)    Comment
Doctors & weekend working by Marmar
Dear Editor: I am a senior anaesthetic consultant who has still not managed to opt out of weekend working & neither do I receive a £75,000 annual bonus like " most " doctors. Please can you tell me where I should go & work to receive these...read more >>
JUL-20-2015  Viewed(87)    Comment
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