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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
improvement to the UK economy by Mike Cox
Dear Editor: Ed Balls says that the tories claim economic improvement but questions for whom it has been improved. Surely the question is WHY such a lengthy period of austerity for "ordinary" folk was needed. I hope that the electorate realise...read more >>
FEB-03-2015  Viewed(14)    Comment
very unique by Carolyn Pottinger
Dear Editor: Hurray for the Telegraph article on inappropriate gifts to Chinese politicians ... never mind the central theme of the story, I would like to take my hat off to the journalist for popping the expression used by our British minister...read more >>
JAN-26-2015  Viewed(55)    Comment
Greece and the EU by Lavinia de Pelet
Dear Editor: Why don' the Greeks follow the example of the ECB and print their own money' Lavinia de Pelet Bowden Somerset...read more >>
JAN-26-2015  Viewed(96)    Comment
Dear Editor: Bloody angry at the courier company YODEL. They HAVE OUR CITY OF LONDON POPPY. They say they have no space in warehouse to deliver, they say not till February that they will deliver. We were told that they could come in January...read more >>
JAN-25-2015  Viewed(84)    Comment
Dear Editor: I commend Janice Turner's article 'Kids, you won't have a home to call your own'. It should be reprinted exclusively on both the front and back pages of your next edition in bold large letters. Yours sincerely, Richard Mason...read more >>
JAN-25-2015  Viewed(49)    Comment
Downton Abbey and Scandals by Chandler Steven Vincent
Dear Editor: It's disappointing that Downton Abbey has to go the route of sex scandals, especially put "Jimmy Kent in the bed with an old woman", what's next, Mr. Carlson gets upset with the housekeeper, gets depressed, drunk and wrinkles...read more >>
JAN-24-2015  Viewed(58)    Comment
The Killing of Hostages by Conrad Seagroatt
Dear Editor: Why do so many of our media reporters, presenters and commentators - and most recently, our Foreign Secretary -persist in describing terrorists and insurgents as "executing their victims"' There is no judicial process, not even a...read more >>
JAN-23-2015  Viewed(168)    Comment
Wolf Hall by Susan Eley
Dear Editor: Have any other grandparents been tormented by the familiarity of the voice of Mark Rylance, Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall' Yes, he is also the voice of the knitted but wise Flop from toddler favourite Bing on CBeebies....read more >>
JAN-30-2015  Viewed(11)    Comment
The Garden Bridge by V.M. Saxby
Dear Editor: With reference to the recent article by Mary Keen concerning the proposed garden bridge over the Thames I would like to support the views of Tim Richardson. Nobody loves gardens more than I, but I think at this time this is an...read more >>
JAN-22-2015  Viewed(77)    Comment
Review by Raymond Daniel-Davies
Dear Editor: I have read both "Wolf Hall" and " Bring Up the Bodies", but Sam Wollaston's review of the first installment of the television dramatisation of Hilary Mantel's "Wolf Hall" was way too long for me - nearly half a whole Guardian page!...read more >>
JAN-22-2015  Viewed(51)    Comment
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Dear Editor: Is it time that UK society starts asking the Imams to re-educating young Islamic con...read more >>
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