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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
NHS Efficiency Savings by Roger Stenson
Dear Editor: The NHS hospital system is comprised of a large number of hospital trusts each of which operates like a small business with an empowered governing board and a full set of the administrative functions pertinent to such an organisation....read more >>
AUG-28-2016  Viewed(68)    Comment
Spot cleaners in Spain by Elizabeth Wood
Dear Editor: With regard to the loss of Dab-it-Off and stain removers in general, readers travelling to Spain can obtain two spray cleaners, both of which work perfectly well. They are Cebralin and Bosque Verde Quitamanchas. I have written to...read more >>
AUG-26-2016  Viewed(22)    Comment
European army by Chris Erwin
Dear Editor: Some years ago we were in Strasbourg at the end of a wine holiday in Alsace. It was the French national day, 14 July. There were posters that there would be a military parade, so we went and were situated near the end of the column. It...read more >>
SEP-01-2016  Viewed(26)    Comment
CAR FUSION! by Roger Wertheimer
Dear Editor: At Easter we were told by the motoring organisations that there would be 16 million cars on the road, now for the August Bank holiday the figure is only 5 million Are 10 million cars staying at home l wonder'...read more >>
AUG-25-2016  Viewed(32)    Comment
Walter J C Murray by Dr Tom Wareham
Dear Editor: I am currently researching the life and work of the nature writer, Walter J C Murray, probably best known for his book Copsford which was published in 1948. Murray was also the Head Master of Murray's School at Horam in Sussex,...read more >>
AUG-25-2016  Viewed(20)    Comment
Italy earthquake by Sue Schlieper
Dear Editor: In my opinion John Hooper's article is sensationalist journalism under the guise of "The world's Liberal Voice" broadsheet. For someone who has lived and worked in Italy, for such a time, he seems to be out of touch with it's...read more >>
AUG-25-2016  Viewed(57)    Comment
Nigel Farage at Trump Rally by Anne Crossley
Dear Editor: It would be interesting to know how much Nigel Farage was paid to attend the Trump Rally - or was it that he is missing the limelight'...read more >>
AUG-25-2016  Viewed(88)    Comment
Sir Michael Armitage KCB CBE by David Pritchard
Dear Editor: Seeing today Sir Michael celebrates his 86th birthday, brings to mind an incident in the 'rest room' of the Officers' Mess at RAF Luqa in the early 70's when Sir Michael was Station Commander. My navigator, whilst doing his 'duty'...read more >>
AUG-25-2016  Viewed(46)    Comment
Recognising Team GB coaches by Edward Grey
Sir: Sir, I like the majority of the UK would like to congratulate Team GB on their brilliant success in Rio, but I would like to especially mention the 100's of coaches and support staff who enabled our team to do so well. What does concern me...read more >>
AUG-31-2016  Viewed(28)    Comment
Clare Balding by Leila Potter
Dear Editor: Clare Balding deserves an Honour. During the Olympics, Clare proved she had done her homework. Surely an M.B.E. would be appropriate! Thank you Leila Potter Cheshire...read more >>
AUG-24-2016  Viewed(60)    Comment
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Dear Editor: I recently read an article in the Leader Post about Li Keqiang's visit with J...read more >>
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