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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Zeitgeist by Ignatius Hughes QC
Dear Editor: Twelve year-old Joe: 'Dad, if Jesus came back today would he still look like a surfer' (ignored). Pause. 'Cos thats really out of fashion'. Suffer chidren... Ignatius Hughes QC...read more >>
JUL-01-2014  Viewed(36)    Comment
Christian Assembles in Schools by David Pascall CBE
Dear Editor: As a long standing school Governor and for the last five years Chairman of Governors at the Sir John Cass and Redcoat Church of England Secondary school in Tower Hamlets I was appalled to read in yesterday's paper that the National...read more >>
JUL-01-2014  Viewed(66)    Comment
Integrating tax and national insure by Don Draper
Dear Sir You said yesterday that integrating income tax with national insurance would reveal that higher rate taxpayers have to pay more than 50 percent of their earnings to the state. This, you said, was too much. If this is too much, why is ti...read more >>
JUL-01-2014  Viewed(26)    Comment
Scottish Question by Fredric Gale
Dear Editor: sir, I very much hope that Mr. Michael Gove has not conflated the words 'principle' and 'principal'. On Page Four of today's edition of The Times the word is used twice in the second paragraph but with different meanings and...read more >>
JUN-30-2014  Viewed(36)    Comment
Border Agency UK delays at LCY by Russell Abrahams
Dear Editor: Border UK Agency LCY Wednesday 25th June I arrived from Malaga, Spain, on 25/6/2014 on a delayed (3 hours) BA flight no. BA8488. The flight delay was not a problem as everyone was aware of the French Traffic Control strike....read more >>
JUL-07-2014  Viewed(18)    Comment
food bureaucracy by Judith Cordery
Dear Editor: I have literally just gone to my local Coop on the Earlham Road, Norwich and picked up a mango marked with a 'reduced to clear' sticker; the sell by date was for yesterday, Sunday 29th June. I was very surprised to get to the...read more >>
JUN-30-2014  Viewed(53)    Comment
Why is it always ŽbadŽnews???? by Loraine Fernandes
Dear Editor: I'm not the most articulate writer,nor have i ever felt the need to write a letter to any editor of any periodical before. I just have one question ----Why do we always hear the bad news''' why do we always hear of war and violence...read more >>
JUL-06-2014  Viewed(20)    Comment
The Word Been by Richard Grove
Dear Editor: I have never written to the Times before, but am totally exasperated by the replacement of the word "been" by "bin". Has this now been adopted officially by the Oxford Dictionary. Is there any B.B.C Radio or TV Presenter who still...read more >>
JUN-29-2014  Viewed(32)    Comment
The wrong policy for Europe by John Benson
Dear Editor: Dear Sir Saturdays Times front page headline should make for alarming reading as the current government's policies towards the EU are not in the interests of the UK. Rather it is in the interests of the Conservative party and...read more >>
JUN-28-2014  Viewed(76)    Comment
wimbledon tennis by Diana Broun
Dear Editor: As a lifelong tennis addict, I too have had to watch it, either with the mute button because of over verbose commentators (especially John McEnroe), or try to stay awake whilst Nadal twitches, bounces the ball, breaks the rules over...read more >>
JUN-28-2014  Viewed(42)    Comment
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