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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Assisted Suicide by Benedict Rawlinson
Dear Editor: There has been much talk over the matter of one's 'Right to Die'. I am appalled at the way in which the Government feels this has something to do with the State. I have made preparations and advise those who have not that they must...read more >>
MAY-27-2015  Viewed(90)    Comment
Tony Blair by Anthony Scofield
Dear Editor: Mr Blair gave a reference to former Prime Minister Olmert who has been convicted of fraud in Israel. He took the country to war on a false premise of the existence of weapons of mass destruction which could be deployed in forty five...read more >>
MAY-26-2015  Viewed(83)    Comment
Litter by Richard Blandy
Dear Editor: Looking at Bear Gryills -The Island and the excess of litter on the deserted island must indicate the total disregard of any control on throwing away rubbish here or anywhere. Looking at any road in the UK also shows the same...read more >>
MAY-25-2015  Viewed(191)    Comment
Jersey Royal potatoes. by Mrs Sally Hadley
Dear Editor: Anthony Ferneau (Monday May 25th) asks whether anyone can shed light on the recent lack of flavour in Jersey Royal potatoes. Last week I was in the Channel Islands on a walking holiday, during which time our group heard many local...read more >>
MAY-25-2015  Viewed(115)    Comment
Jane Fonda - Review 23 May by Chris Robertshaw
Dear Editor: Re: Jane Fonda, Review 23 May. 'Surgery brought me a decade of work' she says. Does she need the money' Does she not have a real life' Did her surgery include brain removal' Leave younger parts for younger actresses and take a...read more >>
MAY-25-2015  Viewed(91)    Comment
gay marriage by Mr Charles Sykes
Dear Editor Most of us here in the UK or Eire want no unfair discrimination between sex , colour, creed , orientation etc. And agree that the state should give gay couples all the equal, legal , and democratic rights they deserve, but ...read more >>
MAY-31-2015  Viewed(41)    Comment
News by David Marsh
Dear Editor: One Referendum at a time, anyone up for one on our continued inclusion in the so called Eurovision competition '...read more >>
MAY-24-2015  Viewed(91)    Comment
transferable tax allowance by Mrs V Morgans
Dear Editor: Like your correspondent (Saturday), my husband and I spent around 45 minutes answering a crazy list of questions, only to be told "can't verify". I then 'phoned the Revenue. A lovely helpful gentleman asked for our address and NI...read more >>
MAY-31-2015  Viewed(64)    Comment
Another obvious error of ´fact´ by Michael Parr
Dear Editor: Telegraph Magazine 23 May 2015 page 54 - "When Queen Victoria (died 1901) picked up a Patel Philippe at the Great Exhibition of 1951" [should be 1851!] Can I suggest a change of name to The Grauniad! Alternatively start checking...read more >>
MAY-23-2015  Viewed(100)    Comment
Today´s crossword by Carolyn Hill
Dear Editor: My day has been spoilt - you have printed a crossword from last week... shame on you!...read more >>
MAY-23-2015  Viewed(84)    Comment
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