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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Conservative Hypocracy by Tim Statham
Dear Editor: Subject: In Touch Feb/March 2015 Open Letter to Bosworth Conservatives I am not a Lib/Dem voter, however your INTOUCH with Burbage headline( Feb/March) “Can YOU Trust the Lib Dems and Their Lies” is both arrogant and ...read more >>
MAR-05-2015  Viewed(38)    Comment
Coercing Pensioners into Downsizing by David Hopley
Dear Editor: Sir, In the lane on which I live, over 50 per cent of us are reaching retirement age and sone are indeed considering downsizing. However, the farm that surrounds our properties is owned by the richest College in UK, St John's Oxford,...read more >>
MAR-04-2015  Viewed(102)    Comment
Monster Raving UKIP by S.Davies
Dear Editor: At least Screaming Lord Such had the decency to dress up as a loony as the leader of his party. Could the leader of the Monster Raving UKIP party possibly follow suit'...read more >>
MAR-04-2015  Viewed(45)    Comment
Isostatic Rebound by Guy
Dear Editor: I would like to enlist your aid in exposing the myth of Isostacy often referred to as Post Glacial Rebound or Isostatic Rebound. This myth has no place in Geology for it is contrived by a series of erroneous observations first by...read more >>
MAR-03-2015  Viewed(52)    Comment
Comparison with Neville Chamberlain by W Brown
Dear Editor: The comparison of David Cameron with Neville Chamberlain has merit but he will have competition for the dubious honour from John Major who started the massive disarming of our country's defence. Can I also offer up Tony Blair for Vichy...read more >>
MAR-10-2015  Viewed(19)    Comment
NHS Scandals by Neil Wrench
Dear Editor: I am astonished at the latest report of the problems in the NHS Hospital in Cumbria. I hope the public will remember that both Stafford and this Hospital problems occurred under Labours watch. How can we trust that Labour will not...read more >>
MAR-10-2015  Viewed(36)    Comment
The Medical Innovations Bill by Alistair Chapman
Dear Editor: I am concerned that in your article today (2.3.2015) regarding the Medical Innovation Bill, it appears that Mr Norman Lamb's reason for blocking the same relates to fear of exploitation of patients by doctors and lawyers. Is the...read more >>
MAR-02-2015  Viewed(51)    Comment
Patrick whitefield possible obit by Dione Hills
Dear Editor: this isn't really a letter, but I wondered if you were going to write an obituary of Patrick Whitefield which might be of interest to your readers http://www.permaculture.co.uk/news/2702156034/patrick-whitefield-1 949-2015 I...read more >>
MAR-01-2015  Viewed(42)    Comment
The Greed of Property Developers by Iona Cleave
Dear Sir: I am sixteen years old and writing this letter in order to bring your attention to property developers such as Orbit Homes that are destroying yet more of beautiful British countryside. Orbit Homes is appealing for planning...read more >>
MAR-01-2015  Viewed(201)    Comment
Abdication of the Queen by Tony Ferney
Dear Editor: It is common knowledge that Queen Elizabeth II is extremely well informed about … a whole lot of things. She is perhaps less well informed about... jobs for life. She will soon be 89. That seems to this correspondent too...read more >>
FEB-28-2015  Viewed(45)    Comment
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