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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
The Old War Office, Whitehall by W Partington
Dear Editor: Your article regarding the sale of The Old War Office in Whitehall, which is only a few minutes walk from the Houses of Parliament, led me to think that if it contains over 1000 rooms and we have 600+ MP's, why not create a wonderful...read more >>
OCT-01-2014  Viewed(31)    Comment
Scottish vote by PETER BAXTER
Dear Editor: So the Lord Mayors Show is over here comes the donkey cart. So where can the 'yes' malcontents go Australia won't help but there is a back door to the place Georgian Britain sent all the trouble makers it could find. Historically the...read more >>
SEP-24-2014  Viewed(55)    Comment
journalism by sally j.m.ireland
Dear Editor: I find it incongruous that you print OPEC all in upper case but you can not do the same for UKIP. You gave me your reasoning previously,but now I see that you are not consistent with the reasoning....read more >>
SEP-24-2014  Viewed(46)    Comment
Ordinary Working People by Sylvia Berry
Dear Editor: Who are these "ordinary working people" that Ed Miliband goes on about' Presumably employers, entrepreneurs and investors are "extraordinary working people" and therefore need derision heaped upon them. Like many hard left...read more >>
SEP-24-2014  Viewed(31)    Comment
The Queen ´purred down the line´. by William Inge
Dear Editor: Perhaps, as Alec Salmond suggested after David Cameron's remarks today, the Prime Minister should indeed hang his head in shame. However, the same should surely be said of Scotland's First Minister for making what is no better than a...read more >>
SEP-23-2014  Viewed(69)    Comment
Dear Editor: Your reader's recent letter about the possible effects of TO DAY'S racing tips, reminds me that it has always been puzzling that this is not regarded as a form of advertising; also how is it that an author with a new book to plug can...read more >>
SEP-30-2014  Viewed(38)    Comment
Current affairs by Howard Joffe
Dear Editor: I have been following with interest the recent political developments going on in the UK. All we have heard is how our politicians have the answers to put everything right in this great country. However in order to achieve this I...read more >>
SEP-23-2014  Viewed(43)    Comment
bias by Bill Grover
Dear Editor: How disgusting that you print such a childish and bias piece of writing in Saturdays Telegraph re the meeting for lunch in the Peat Inn with the PM.The writer should have added: "old Etonian", " million pound house in London","Ex...read more >>
SEP-23-2014  Viewed(48)    Comment
Politics by J. J. Stewart
Dear Editor: Following the point of Saturday's cartoon, the time has come for our PM to give up the proud Scottish clan name and re-brand himself as Algernon Ponsonby-Smythe or a similar name appropriate Home Counties name....read more >>
SEP-23-2014  Viewed(52)    Comment
alex salmond by Geoff Jones
Dear Editor: as a believer in the union I found alex salmond's argument worked much to our advantage.Had he been capable of disguising his hatred of Westminster,thus the English,he would have done better and maybe have won over more of the No...read more >>
SEP-22-2014  Viewed(45)    Comment
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