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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Secure messaging by Robert Clements
Dear Editor: If people or companies want to have secure encrypted communications they can have with one proviso. They have to purchase a licence to transmit and receive from the government and provide the name and address of the licence holder....read more >>
MAR-28-2017  Viewed(14)    Comment
BT Service by Dave Olds
Dear Editor: My elderly parents, who live in a large Hertfordshire village, today (28/03/17) signed up to BT Infinity Broadband. Despite the fact that the service has been well established in the village for years they have been given a...read more >>
MAR-28-2017  Viewed(79)    Comment
Dear Editor: On Friday afternoon I placed flowers below the Metropolitan Police flag which was flying at half-mast outside my local Police Station. On Saturday morning it was stolen. What does this say about modern Britain....read more >>
MAR-27-2017  Viewed(25)    Comment
Scottish Independence by Jackie Webber
Dear Editor, To let Scotland become independent would be a positive option for England. We could transfer all boat building into England; we would not have to pay for their huge NHS bill and they would have to find money to look after...read more >>
MAR-27-2017  Viewed(34)    Comment
Power sharing in NI by Tony Scofield
Dear Editor: The current impasse in the Northern Ireland Assembly is evidence of the last cynical political act of Martin McGuiness. He knew precisely what he was doing when he resigned as deputy first minister of the power sharing coalition. He...read more >>
APR-03-2017  Viewed(4)    Comment
Your Latin Crossword puzzlei by John Hazel
Dear Editor: Once again I find I have to quibble with your esteemed crossword maker. In the crossword puzzle of yesterday, 25th March, the down answer 'domini' was introduced by a clue which referred to him as one whom a servus (slave) would...read more >>
MAR-26-2017  Viewed(18)    Comment
Media Coverage of London attack. by Richard Bamford, Preston.
Dear Editor: I ask if the blanket media coverage of the appalling attack on Westminster Bridge serves the Nation well' We have 24/7 news and it seems 24/7 media coverage of this one terrible event. Surely we don't need to be reminded of the...read more >>
MAR-26-2017  Viewed(87)    Comment
London terror attack by Edward Bourgoin
Dear Editor: What saved Britain in the Second World War was a stiff upper lip, not a trembling lower lip. Edward Bourgoin...read more >>
MAR-25-2017  Viewed(51)    Comment
London Terror by Edward Sianski
Dear Editor: Bridges are structures that enable connectedness and unity. They are also used as a metaphor for uniting two dissonant viewpoints and for reaching across to anotherís perspective and position. Bridges are edifices of unity and bonding...read more >>
MAR-25-2017  Viewed(131)    Comment
Terrorism by Joann Emerson
Dear Editor: Sir, All the assumptions of why muslims want to cause mass murder miss the point. They just want witnesses to prove they killed for Allah and will go to paradise and have 72 virgins....read more >>
MAR-25-2017  Viewed(93)    Comment
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Dear Editor: I wasn't sure of Theresa May when she became a prime minister but am now a great suppo...read more >>
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