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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
Honest John not being Honest by petet stevens
Dear Editor:Hi Folks Is this the level of journalism you allow to be promoted at the Droma reader who 'dares' disagree with a blogger Childish to say the least and not at all what is expected from a an alleged professional who must be fast...read more >>
JUN-24-2014  Viewed(32)    Comment
Mansion Tax by Gerard Connolly
Dear Editor: In last night’s Evening Standard Mr Balls stated “A mansion tax will make the housing market fair for all,” and then proceeded to lump together flats bought for £140million with houses valued at £2million. Thousands of Londoners live...read more >>
JUN-24-2014  Viewed(28)    Comment
Picture on letters page 23rd June by Elizabeth Oaten
Dear Editor: What a pity that the pretty picture you displayed above the Border Terrier letter yesterday, wasn't of a Border Terrier! It was perhaps a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Yours sincerely, Elizabeth Oaten...read more >>
JUN-24-2014  Viewed(31)    Comment
TV Brainwashing by Kenneth E Stacey
Dear Editor: Lord Hall, Director General of the BBC, has made an edict that one in seven of BBC employees will be of the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Population. Does this mean that there will now be a level playing field and those of the...read more >>
JUN-24-2014  Viewed(58)    Comment
Kathryn Hopkins BoE appointee by frances campbell
Dear Sir Ms Hopkins will have more to worry about than finding school placements for her children when she moves to England. Surely she must be aware that the US government is demanding that thousands of foreign banks and other financial...read more >>
JUN-23-2014  Viewed(22)    Comment
Border terriers by Keith Bilclough
Dear Editor: The photograph you attached tonOriel Rogers-Coltman's letter on Border Terriers in Monday 23rd June edition is of a Cairn Terrier puppy....read more >>
JUN-23-2014  Viewed(23)    Comment
Cricket/soccer by D W Shepherd
Dear Editor: Maybe the cricket and football teams should change places, after all they can only show more interest and cannot do any worse....read more >>
JUN-23-2014  Viewed(34)    Comment
Anthrax infection by Peter Howes
Dear Editor: Your report on possible anthrax infection of 75 scientists (Saturday June 21) confuses bacteria and viruses. Will Pavia, in his blissful ignorance, quite happily alternates between the two in his article. One might expect to find this...read more >>
JUN-22-2014  Viewed(28)    Comment
Britishness? No, footy! by Paul Chenery
Dear Editor: Once again our 'national game' has well stood it's ground as a metaphor for the Nation as a whole. Where else could a more blatant portrait be found of eye-watering expenditure spent on training foreign nationals in order that they...read more >>
JUN-20-2014  Viewed(22)    Comment
Good on Dr Fox at Ryde Academy by Mrs Antonia Dawson
Dear Editor: Re: Article in Education for Ryde Academy students and Short Skirts 18 June 2014 As a Ryde Academy parent and someone who frequently worries about money in this seemingly on-going recession, I have to say that despite empathising...read more >>
JUN-19-2014  Viewed(75)    Comment
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