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RECENT LETTERS - (United Kingdom)
SAS by C Neill
Dear Editor, What a very interesting programme, how sad that there were so many F WORDS, the English Dictionary has a wealth of words that could have be used to encouraged the possible recruits. I am a great admirer of the force but it sad that...read more >>
OCT-19-2015  Viewed(40)    Comment
Police spending by Keith Newman
Dear Editor: in times of so called austerity when every senior police officer interviewed complains about reduced funding I am trying to understand how the cost of keeping an eye on Julian Assange cost , depending on which report you read , between...read more >>
OCT-18-2015  Viewed(54)    Comment
Hated words by virginia Ironside
Dear Editor: My most hated word at the moment is "crem" as in short for "crematorium." It's not said in a jokey way either. Second to that is "veg". Third is "invite" Fourth is "bored of"... and on and on and on. Yours becoming...read more >>
OCT-18-2015  Viewed(39)    Comment
Westminster Abbey by Ann Kanter
Dear Editor: listening to Sung Evensong by the choristers and choir in Westminster Abbey is inspiring and uplifting. I had that experience last Thursday. No collection was taken and when I questioned the clergyman by the West door he pointed...read more >>
OCT-18-2015  Viewed(45)    Comment
immigrants by Anne Barron
Dear Editor: My concern is for the 20-30,000 immigrants it is proposed we accept in Britain. How are we going to house them' We already have 80,000 homeless people in this country living in temporary accommodation, and 100's (1,000's') living...read more >>
OCT-25-2015  Viewed(58)    Comment
The Migrant Crisis by C.J.Mingham
Dear Editor: Listening to various Clergy advising us that we should take in further increased numbers of Migrants, I was struck that the Church is a wealthy organisation with valuable assets including much underused property. Perhaps the Palaces...read more >>
OCT-18-2015  Viewed(107)    Comment
Bryony Gordon and her mother by Jennifer Gray
Dear Editor: I have written before about this. There must be other people who can write besides BG. Not only is she over exposed in your newspaper, but we have the fatuous and mind numbingly stupid articles in Stella every week. Can you please show...read more >>
OCT-25-2015  Viewed(42)    Comment
The doctor versus the drug cartels by Sandra Kassabian
Dear Editor: To say that I was disappointed with Alastair Smart's artcile about Dr. Mireles would be an understatement. After reading the fourth paragraph of his article I'd be inclined to disbelieve anything else he said. He states that " The...read more >>
OCT-17-2015  Viewed(61)    Comment
Kids Company by Geoffrey Parsons Nantwich
Dear Editor:I I read with utter amazement and disgust the comments by Alan Yentob, claiming that the closure of Kids Company had caused the death of a 17 year old boy and blamed the death on those who had been responsible for the closure of the...read more >>
OCT-16-2015  Viewed(36)    Comment
politics by Peggy Souleyman
Dear Editor: Many years ago when I was studying Brit., Con., at A level, my tutor said ' The government doesn't have any money, it's your money.' He also said 'The opposition are paid to oppose.' Are we getting our money's worth'...read more >>
OCT-15-2015  Viewed(56)    Comment
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