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RECENT LETTERS - (Australia)
Dave Evans War On Hoons by Ian Shayler
Dear Editor: Re “Jetty jump off menu” article in Sun Herald 2nd Feb Dave Evans certainly has a sense of humour when he says he is “waging a war on local hoons” by providing “an obstacle to these kids endangering themselves”. To this end he...read more >>
FEB-10-2014  Viewed(495)    Comment
´Sorcerer´ decapitated by villagers by John Lowrie
Dear Editor: I was disappointed that your sister publication news@news.com.au did not print my letter requesting clarification of its story of 20 Jan or remove the offensive inappropriate picture of skulls. It misrepresented “Kruu Khmer” with...read more >>
JAN-21-2014  Viewed(507)    Comment
Australia Est. 1788 by Greg Sermon
Dear Editor: There is nothing racist about Australia Est. 1788, it is a fact and these T-shirts have been around for years so why all of a sudden are they racist now' The only thing that is racist, are those calling for the t-shirts to be...read more >>
JAN-09-2014  Viewed(554)    Comment
A NEW CAROL by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: With the coming festive season I thought I might share a new carol which I wrote many years ago and have now made a recording in mp3 format; I pray fervently for members of various churches that they might be encouraged and also for...read more >>
NOV-29-2013  Viewed(790)    Comment
Diplomacy Indonesia by Jennifer Dodd
Dear Editor: We need NADS back....the racing grey....Need Another Diplomat Soon !!!...read more >>
DEC-03-2013  Viewed(590)    Comment
Indonesia Sinless? by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: Indonesia seems to take the position of holier than thou in opposition to Australia over our recent mobile phone spying revelations. I'd like to ask Indonesia what have they been up to over the years'. They have not been big on human...read more >>
NOV-22-2013  Viewed(670)    Comment
cyclists by Anthony Hickey
Dear Editor: Chris Fowler should try driving in the peak hour in a transit lane. As I understand it the Transit lane was put in for the use of Buses Taxis Motorbikes and cars with three or more people in them.Unfortunatly our roadways are too...read more >>
NOV-25-2013  Viewed(638)    Comment
Human Rights ? by William H Money
Dear Editor: It is difficult to have any sympathy for the Tamil refugees or support the push for investigation of human rights abuse . Until 1961 Ceylon was a peaceful place . The Tamils started in 1959 in an act of terrorism by blowing up...read more >>
NOV-16-2013  Viewed(716)    Comment
Climate Change ? it Ain´t by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: Climate change ' it ain't, I remember as a little child we cooked an egg on the footpath it was that hot, at Warragamba, and I was taught that in the Summer it gets hot and in the Winter it gets cold, things called seasons, and I...read more >>
NOV-16-2013  Viewed(951)    Comment
THANKYOU SO MUCH by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: Members of South Katoomba Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade would like to thank our community for the help and donations of food, water and other items during the recent fires, called Red October by the press. Businesses large and small,...read more >>
OCT-30-2013  Viewed(653)    Comment
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