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centex gas & Dash by R Pearson
Dear Editor: Once again the firm that could have solved the problem now blames the Government of Alberta. Centex was aware they had a "cash & dash" problem & just spent 100s of thousands of dollars to build the new facility where this unfortunate...read more >>
JUN-08-2015  Viewed(346)    Comment
bringing the secrets to light by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: what if misconceptions were brought out for everyone to know' would misunderstandings become clear' Anthony Giardina wrote a play and there's secrets that friends say to each other and are believed as facts even though they are...read more >>
MAY-29-2015  Viewed(444)    Comment
do problems happen from lack? by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: There are problems that develop because of a lack of love or a lack of education or just a lack of life. John Olive wrote a play and there are characters that are amazed by common things because they didn't have a...read more >>
MAY-27-2015  Viewed(468)    Comment
when life changes by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Something happens and changes your life forever. Do you whine and wish you life was "normal" or do you realize it's time for a new life' Paul Rudnick wrote a play and one man is going through a process of change. People...read more >>
MAY-26-2015  Viewed(351)    Comment
the national anthem and the Lordīs by DELORES MERRELL
Dear Editor: I have been reading the contents of letters about the national anthem and the Lord's prayer for sometime now and I want express my view on this subject. Why do we as Canadians allow them to come into OUR country and change all the...read more >>
JUN-01-2015  Viewed(318)    Comment
they are everywhere by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: When someone cons you into doing something you shouldn't, but completely justifies it so you don't feel guilty this is a con artist. con artists are everywhere and they will do anything. They will act like victims to get in...read more >>
MAY-23-2015  Viewed(369)    Comment
Dalhousie Restorative Justice Progr by Keith Kerr
Dear Editor: I heard today that the President of Dalhousie University stated that the 13 dental students spent 1500 hours in a Restorative Justice program. According to my math, that would be 12.1 hours per day everyday since mid January until...read more >>
MAY-22-2015  Viewed(337)    Comment
have you done enough? by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: when you look back on your life do you feel like you haven't done enough' Shannon Keith Kelley wrote a play and one person looks back on his life and wishes he did more and tried harder. So many people have those same regrets....read more >>
MAY-22-2015  Viewed(272)    Comment
finding a purpose by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: We all need something to do. We need more than just existence. It starts with a plan and builds from there. Sometimes it's good , sometimes not. Allan Havis wrote a play and people who found their purpose keep looking for more...read more >>
MAY-21-2015  Viewed(268)    Comment
for some itīs a last resort by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: When you don't know what else to do do you break the law' David Rabe wrote a play and two guys decide to break the law. for them it wasn't a last resort it was the only resort. They grew up where crime was normal. ...read more >>
MAY-19-2015  Viewed(312)    Comment
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