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Letters with interesting Viewpoints (does not reflect the views of this site)
Equal pay at the BBC
by D.C. Geear
Dear Editor: The payments to the top employees at the BBC has become the biggest & longest gravy trai ... .....more
JUL-23-2017  Viewed(18)    Comment
Sen. John McCain
by Anh Lê
Dear Editor: Re "McCain Learns Brain Cancer Is Behind Clot" (Front Page, The New York Times, July 20, 2 ... .....more
JUL-21-2017  Viewed(233)    Comment
by Dr. Martin Baker
Dear Editor: After the first few weeks of Brexit negotiations, one thing is apparent in the thickening ... .....more
JUL-21-2017  Viewed(39)    Comment
Handshake with Trump and German Chancellor
by Jackie Webber
Dear Editor: A handshake is an important part of making a statement when meeting a potential employee ... .....more
JUL-08-2017  Viewed(123)    Comment
PM Modi´s historic visit to Israel
by Roshni Sinor
Dear Editor: Having worked at the Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai for 45 years (1961-2007) as Exe ... .....more
JUL-04-2017  Viewed(76)    Comment
Brexit an all that
by Anthony Lincoln
Dear Editor: I read with great trepidation the "disclosure" that Mrs May will be staging a walkout over t ... .....more
JUL-02-2017  Viewed(59)    Comment
Grenfell Tower fire
by Garry Sharp
Dear Editor: There has been great confusion over the testing of the panels of cladding. The term 'lim ... .....more
JUN-30-2017  Viewed(66)    Comment
Participatory democracy
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is in response to the piece "The Problem With Participatory Democracy Is the Particip ... .....more
JUN-29-2017  Viewed(95)    Comment
ECJ jurisdiction for EU expats
by J Felgate
Dear Editor: Imagine the situation where an EU national is working alongside British workers in a Britis ... .....more
JUN-26-2017  Viewed(59)    Comment
Foreign language exchanges
by Elizabeth de Renzy Channer
Dear Editor: I could not agree more with the sentiment expressed in the leader entitled Child Swap, 16th ... .....more
JUN-19-2017  Viewed(146)    Comment
News manipulation
by George Brown
Dear Editor: I have watched all week the dreadful story of Grenfell as it unfolded. I am very concerned h ... .....more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(76)    Comment
Open letter to all MP,s re tower
by a wilcox
Dear Editor: I thought that MP,s were elected to serve the good of all its citizens regardless of colour ... .....more
JUN-18-2017  Viewed(53)    Comment
James Comey´s Testimony+Pres. Trump
by Anh Lê
TO THE EDITOR: President Trump and his lawyer are correct: James Comey's testimony puts the President's ... .....more
JUN-15-2017  Viewed(377)    Comment
Overseas aid, HS2 and nuclear power
by John Booth
Dear Editor: I was one of those conservatives who voted against may as she just ignores the wishes of th ... .....more
JUN-11-2017  Viewed(118)    Comment