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President Obama speech
by Dr. Bandu Dabholkar
Dear Editor: The cat is out of the bag. President Obama has made it clear that his objective is not bette ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(834)    Comment
by Robert W. Boyce, Captain US Navy (ret)
Dear Editor: I welcome the earmarked stimulus funds for new and enhanced rail service. However, it is my underst ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(950)    Comment
bold fresh tour chas s.c.
by Neil K and Ginny Haynes
Dear Editor: I would just like to say that the Bold Fresh Tour, Saturday at the Collisium really gave my wife and ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(970)    Comment
Improve reading speed of online NYT
by James Growney
Dear Editor: While reading the online edition of the New York Times, I made a rewarding discovery. When I reduced ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(909)    Comment
endangered tigers in our country
by Aarohi Dhir
Dear Editor:I was extremely disturbed to notice the advertisements on t.v showing how our tigers have come down to ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(1220)    Comment
ATM Fees to rebuild America act!
by Louis DeRosa
Dear Editor: For years now we have heard how wrong, almost illegal, it was for the banks to use ATM's, and your cas ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(916)    Comment
The closing of Lanterman Development
by Judy Schuman
Dear Editor: My son, John Adams, who is now 46, has resided at Lanterman Developmental Center in Pomona, Ca. for th ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(1090)    Comment
The (IN)Equality Legislation
by Kennet E Stacey
Dear Editor: Since coming into power this government has flooded the UK with immigrants at a rate which defeats pro ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(881)    Comment
By the wealthy, for the weathly, of the wealthy
by Louis DeRosa
Dear Editor: For seven years this Nation, under a Republican lead Senate, Congress, and White house under George ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(987)    Comment
Amitabh Bachan and RGV
by Sandra Gomes
Dear Editor: I am a great Fan of Amitabh Bachan. But i will not pay to watch RANN because of RGV. He is the most ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(1228)    Comment
59 year age for 2010retirees,punjab
by sanjay sharma
Dear Editor: we all known to bad phase of Punjab during terrorism. Now unemployment in Punjab is on peek,prices ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(918)    Comment
Thanks for the help?
by Brenton White
Dear Editor: My daughter anxiously exclaimed ?we?re not on the list!?, when she saw the Sun-Herald?s list of top 1 ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(964)    Comment
Andre Bauer
by Verna Keller
Dear Editor: The comment that he made in the Feb 8 Time magazine was prejudiced, elitist and just plain cruel. ... .....more
JAN-31-2010  Viewd(842)    Comment
Re:CPS´ Project Protection
by C. Jenkins
Dear Editor: I have questions regarding the article ?CPS' Project Protection [January 13, 2010, by Rosalind Ross ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(1283)    Comment
GEOS an insider´s view
by Nichola Ryan
Dear Editor: Inside GEOS meltdown St Mark?s International College, Perth On Friday afternoon I was teaching a ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(1265)    Comment
28th Amendment to the Constitution
by Richard Welch
Dear Editor Real Hope and Change Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned c ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(835)    Comment
Baker High School
by Woody Royster
Dear Editor: So many people are unhappy after all the years of trying to keep Baker going and now it's going t ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(1909)    Comment
Thank You
by Jessica J. Brodbeck
Dear Editor: The family of Guy (Bill) Thoman wants to extend their heartfelt thanks to the many friends who ext ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(975)    Comment
Terrorists have no rights!
by Rex Howard
Dear Editor: Terrorists have no rights! But Mr. Obama disagrees and wants to release them from jail and at th ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(973)    Comment
Santee Cooper Electric Company
by Audrey E. Vosbrinck
Dear Editor: After calling Santee Cooper with regard to the doubling of our electric bills this past month, I woul ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(890)    Comment
Hillary and Barack
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: Draft Hillary," to Prove She's Great I used to think it would be Barack for 8, Joe, then Hil ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(1343)    Comment
Cinema Theaters
by Ravi kumar.Arige
Dear Editor: I have visited Mallikarjuna theater Kukkatpally on 28th of this month along with my wife. I parked my ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(1079)    Comment
Tony Blair & regime change
by Sam Hall
Dear Editor: Nobody - and no newspaper - seems to have noted that Tony Blair misled the Chilcott Enquiry when he s ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(836)    Comment
abuse in teaching hospitals
by Jane Abraham
Dear Editor: I am so appalled by this information.. When I slip into a sense of peace and comfort assured tha ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(840)    Comment
Half page as the first page.
by Vishal jadhav
Dear Editor: Please do away with the half-page ads as the first page. I am surprised no one has thought of how c ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(848)    Comment
Lesser people of Haiti!
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Thousands of people were killed in Haiti by the ?catastrophe of major proportions'. The earthquak ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(1370)    Comment
Awful practice in Indian Stock Mark
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: United States President Obama? words about the fiscal condition of his country have triggered a huge ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(839)    Comment
Apology from Indians - waiting!!
by Greg Sermon
Dear Editor: With the announcement by Victorian Police that 3 Indians have been arrested for the brutal murder ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(1709)    Comment
Catholics Come Home
by Ed Mohs
Dear Editor: Lapsed Catholics express feelings of being ?whole again? and ?at peace? after returning to their ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(1307)    Comment
Supreme Court abortion decision
by Ed Mohs
Dear Editor: Since the January 22, 1973 U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision, 50 million unborn children have lo ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(880)    Comment
Parking ... eat more cake
by John Garrison
Dear Editor: In response to your articles in the January 29, 2010 edition: ?Flooring it on car fines? page A-1 ... .....more
JAN-30-2010  Viewd(2167)    Comment
Today´s Republican Caucus
by Jeff Lewis
Dear Editor: At 84 years old, my hearing must be selectively failing. Today, I watched Obama's appearance at th ... .....more
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(894)    Comment
Faith in Doctors
by Art Van-Lane
Dear Editor: Awhile ago I met a young woman. She was from out of town & attending university in the lower mainla ... .....more
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(915)    Comment
Dining in Sheboygan
by Maureen Nickodem
Dear Editor: Something positive to write about! This past week, after having read the nice article about one of o ... .....more
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(967)    Comment
State legislators
by Roy Winegardner
Dear Editor: Thanks to The Star for publishing our state legislators responses to your budget survey. District ... .....more
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(1835)    Comment
by George DeRise
Dear Editor: Your recent editorial, ?Doesn?t add up? about the poor performance of students in standardized mathem ... .....more
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(846)    Comment
BSNL and ´conservation´
by Dr.Mohan
Dear Editor: In the recent times when someone says conservation, the first thing that comes to mind is ecological ... .....more
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(978)    Comment
Obama criticizes the Supremes
by Ann Dalpiaz
Dear Editor: It was embarrassing and disgraceful of Obama to castigate the Supreme Court in front of a nationall ... .....more
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(1070)    Comment
Our New Hero´s!
by Louis deRosa
Dear Editor:Our NEW Hero's? During the Presidents State of the Union wasn't it clear to middle class America whi ... .....more
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(918)    Comment
the next war
by tom granby
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(900)    Comment
public schools outperform private
by Brenton White
Dear Editor: Public schools outperform private. Using information from the Myschool web site I constructed a tabl ... .....more
JAN-29-2010  Viewd(1026)    Comment
I´m Through With Perdue
by Kaitlyn Skinner
Dear Editor: Sonny Perdue is calling for legislation that would pay Georgia's teachers based on stu ... .....more
JAN-28-2010  Viewd(897)    Comment
Chicago and Illinois Need A Change
by C. Jenkins
Dear Editor: When I heard the news today that millions of dollars from the stimulus money will go to help rebuil ... .....more
JAN-28-2010  Viewd(885)    Comment
Donations to Haiti
by Kaitlin Steed
Dear Editor: After this year?s massive earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, how many times have you been asked to ... .....more
JAN-28-2010  Viewd(1339)    Comment
Santa Clarita Councilman/Bob Kellar
by william Hitchcock
Dear Editor: Finally someone says what so many are thinking. Kellar stated what most of are thinking. Don't say ... .....more
JAN-28-2010  Viewd(988)    Comment
Saving Pakistan´s national language
by Syed Abbas
Dear Editor: It is no secret that interest in the Urdu language in both public and private schools has been steadi ... .....more
JAN-28-2010  Viewd(1095)    Comment
Juidicial murder
by Mahmood Ajmal, UK
Dear Editor: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto?s government was charged for rigging the 1977 elections by the opposition allia ... .....more
JAN-28-2010  Viewd(921)    Comment
Local Sarasota/Charlotte County FL
by carol Myers
Dear Editor: We need your investigation and help with the local Sarasota County (Venice)/Charlotte county govern ... .....more
JAN-28-2010  Viewd(879)    Comment
Howard Zinn
by Julie Crego
Dear Editor: I was greatly saddened to learn about the death of Howard Zinn, but even more angry to find that in m ... .....more
JAN-28-2010  Viewd(1065)    Comment
Blair´s hubris Syndrome
by Jude Hider
Dear Editor: I consider ?The Hubris Syndrome - Bush, Blair and the Intoxication of Power' by David Owen to be an ... .....more
JAN-28-2010  Viewd(1067)    Comment
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