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Food justice-reg
by Karthika Saran
Dear Editor: The article " From food security to food justice " has stressed the inevitable need for food securi ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(601)    Comment
promoting freedom in Syria
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor:After many months of mainly unarmed anti-regime protesters being killed by president Bashar al-Assad's ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(584)    Comment
Montreal´s best kept sports secret
by Barry Schreiber, Westmount High School Wrestling Coach
Dear Editor:I was delightfully surprised to find Monique Polak?s article on the Westmount High School wrestling tea ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(924)    Comment
Whitewashing Omar Khadr
by Mervyn Russell
Dear Editor: the Excerpt from Ezra Levant's book 'The Whitewashing of Omar Khadr' that you published is a rant, pu ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(683)    Comment
by Clynt Wellington
Dear Editor: I live approximately 5 miles from the Hampshire Town of Aldershot, where there is huge population o ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(1147)    Comment
Our armed forces.
by Clynt Wellington
Dear Editor: I have recently spent three weeks in America travelling extensively by air. It was refreshing that ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(1113)    Comment
Alan Lomax
by Roy Trumbull
Dear Editor: I found the piece on the Lomax collection interesting but I saw no mention of Alan's father Dr. John ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(664)    Comment
Generals Age Row
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Army Chief?s Age Row Mr. Clean, the Defense Minister A K Anthony blamed f ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(35143)    Comment
Supporting Dr. Lydia Long
by Marsha Hembree
Dear Editor: I have worked with Lydia Long on several civic organizations throughout the years. She is dedicated, ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(720)    Comment
Republican Primary
by Charles Brodd
Dear Editor: President Obama has to be enjoying the Republican candidates doing all his work. After listening to ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(716)    Comment
by Jean L. Harrison
Dear Editor How sad to see the Grand Old Party self-destruct. "It is hard to believe that a country founded on t ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(745)    Comment
India vs Veterans
Dear Editor: For the past one month India is in Australia and losing consistently.Every news channel is discussi ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(608)    Comment
Bad drug testing law for welfare
by Merle Rutledge Jr
Dear Editor: The biggest distribution of wealth really comes from poor people to businesses known as job creator ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(734)    Comment
Unwanted Vakkom committee report.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: The Vakkom Committe report to take corrective measures in State Congress was a unwanted document. N ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(550)    Comment
Response to Ken Hedrick
by Ian Stafford
Dear Editor, I am writing in response to a letter by Ken Hedrick entitled ?There are plenty of cons with this i ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(963)    Comment
Dear Editor: I am concerned that less than 3 percent of our citizens protested to the Sacto County Utilities Rate A ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(871)    Comment
Eulogy on Death of Indian Cricket
by Ramakrishna Sunder
Dear Editor: This is a tale, sad but true, Of our much vaunted Men in Blue. They went to Australia, seekin ... .....more
JAN-31-2012  Viewd(733)    Comment
Equal Acknowledgement
by Tacoma News Tribune
Dear Editor: I write this letter in regards to a finding in the Sunday Jan 8th new tribune page B2. there was ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(737)    Comment
vulnerability from internet
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: The activities of the hacktivist group Anonymous,give pause to reflect that the internet is a valuabl ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(520)    Comment
City Bonuses
by Martin Banbury
Dear Editor: I really think that MP's have misunderstood the point to the nation's objection to massive City bon ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(675)    Comment
by Frank E Vincent
Dear Editor: I was born in the 1930's and as a young boy, in the summer months my family were considered farm tr ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(772)    Comment
Who is hollow man?
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: There is a point in arguing that the Kerala Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau has fallen prey in ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(547)    Comment
Dr Sukumar Azhikode no more
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: The fierce fighter is no more. The legendary Malayalam writer and social critic Dr Sukumar Azhikode ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(683)    Comment
Suresh and Chittilappalli.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor The act of Kerala lottery vendor Suresh of Kerala who proved with his honesty by not caring to cla ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(696)    Comment
Authorizing Deficit Spending?
by Rex B Howard
Dear Editor: Goodmorning, I am quite angry. Who gives Obama the right to increase our debt by 40%, $4.6 tril ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(635)    Comment
Mitt Romneys Tax Return
by Theodore C. Sevier, Jr
Dear Editor: One thing that I have not heard anything about regarding Mitt Romney's tax return is the amount of ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(715)    Comment
Dr. Lindley and the Good Samaritan
by Ron Charach MD
Dear Editor: There were several heartfelt responses, both pro and con, to my necessarily brief letter to the Tim ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(780)    Comment
Rush in buses in chennai
by Divya
Dear Editor: I am travelling in MTC buses daily to and fro to my office.In Peak hours both during morni ... .....more
JAN-30-2012  Viewd(666)    Comment
Arrest all who burn our FLAG
by Richard Merrell
Dear Editor: The Govt needs to order that the Tent Embassy be torn down, those who burn the Australian flag be a ... .....more
JAN-29-2012  Viewd(764)    Comment
Va welfare law needs to be amended
by Merle T. Rutledge Jr
Dear Editor: VA should Amend Drug Test for Rich people and Corporations that receive Tax Cuts or Government Sub ... .....more
JAN-29-2012  Viewd(643)    Comment
Honor Killing Verdict
by Mohammad Ashraf
Dear Editor: Honor Killing Traditionally Honor Killing is an offence or murder to save honor. Usually a family ... .....more
JAN-29-2012  Viewd(1179)    Comment
Mental Health
by Nora Wilson
Dear Editor: This may sound far fetched, and we may think "not here in our area" but the fact is there are far ... .....more
JAN-29-2012  Viewd(702)    Comment
KYC Norms
Dear Editor: Now a days KYC on several points is necessary/compulsory, be it a Bank, MF, Phone, Gas connection. It ... .....more
JAN-29-2012  Viewd(644)    Comment
Dear Editor: I have always liked our governor Jindal for his work, but I feel someone should tell him to halt ... .....more
JAN-29-2012  Viewd(1082)    Comment
Clashing date and time of exams
by Pragya Tiwari
Dear Editor: Now that NEET has been cancelled, I would like to report a major clash of two important all India l ... .....more
JAN-29-2012  Viewd(1210)    Comment
Outstanding health care system
by Nicholas Lebessis
Dear Editor: For the second time in about 3 years I was obliged to use Vancouver's' 911 service. Last weekend, on S ... .....more
JAN-29-2012  Viewd(674)    Comment
cricket batting
by Richard Jones
Dear Editor: I've been saying for ten years that in the cricket world there is only one school-of-thought on bat ... .....more
JAN-29-2012  Viewd(752)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor:Sachin Tendulkar,VVS Laxman,Rahul Dravid and Virender Sehwag,have been the greatest Test cricket team b ... .....more
JAN-28-2012  Viewd(569)    Comment
Using Us Disability People
by Donna Spinner
Dear Editor: Hi We Do Not Like Whats Going On With Us Disability People.This Is Not Fair To Us All.Its Hurting Our ... .....more
JAN-28-2012  Viewd(841)    Comment
Why Black?
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: Should our Lordships continue to wear Black Robes. Does it instill confidence to Aam Admi in a democr ... .....more
JAN-28-2012  Viewd(546)    Comment
My view- Your view
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: Should we continue to take oath of office , swear by the God or religious scripture in a court of law ... .....more
JAN-28-2012  Viewd(556)    Comment
Ethical responsibilities of Apple
by Molly Matthews
Dear Editor: Let's not confuse ethical responsibilities and the purpose of a business. Betsey Stevenson, the ch ... .....more
JAN-28-2012  Viewd(734)    Comment
by Khalid Masood
Dear Editor: This is with reference of a news item "Courage is a product of practice, not faith. [By arrangement w ... .....more
JAN-28-2012  Viewd(576)    Comment
Dear Editor: The would-be standard bearers for the Republican bid to re-take the White House, throwing the Nat ... .....more
JAN-28-2012  Viewd(617)    Comment
Governor Brewer
by Barbara Gilpin
Dear Editor: What some people will do to get in the news. And to promote her book. Governor Brewer's be ... .....more
JAN-27-2012  Viewd(715)    Comment
Forsenic Medicine in Tamil nadu
by Dr. M Ravi Kumar
Dear Editor: The article on page 4 of today's newspaper (28th January 2012 - Times of India) has an article of ... .....more
JAN-27-2012  Viewd(572)    Comment
abortion and Obama
by Cynthia Phillips
Dear Editor: Obama recently said in a White House press release on 22 January 2012, marking the 39th anniversary ... .....more
JAN-27-2012  Viewd(677)    Comment
Phone calls from candidates
by Philip G. Garretson
Dear Editor: As of today at 4:48 PM, I have received 30 calls from Mitt Romney representatives about why I have ... .....more
JAN-27-2012  Viewd(648)    Comment
State of the Union,a vet´s response
by Bryan Reinholdt
Dear Editor: President Obama gave the annual State of the Union address this week and as many predicted, it was ... .....more
JAN-27-2012  Viewd(629)    Comment
What about ground water?
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: If 2G and 3G are to be auctioned and revenue thus earned goes to the exchequers why the ground water ... .....more
JAN-27-2012  Viewd(729)    Comment
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