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cooking gas subsidy
by A.V.Subramanian
Dear Editor: Congratulations to Mr.Rahul Gandhi for helping to implement the hold on Aadaar linked subsidy for co ... .....more
JAN-31-2014  Viewd(963)    Comment
Seven day working in the NHS
by Peter Prinsley
Dear Editor: NHS patients at our hospital are to be treated by teams of private for profit doctors and nurses i ... .....more
JAN-31-2014  Viewd(457)    Comment
Prurience in the Daily Telegraph
by Alfred Litten
Dear Editor: What a shame your newspaper appears to have taken the decision to occupy the space left by the News o ... .....more
JAN-31-2014  Viewd(928)    Comment
Scottish Independence
by David Simpson
Dear Editor: Residents as well as expats should have been offered two votes on the matter of Scottish independe ... .....more
JAN-31-2014  Viewd(469)    Comment
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Eugene Ionesco was Romanian and yet wrote in French. He was avant-garde and questioned the outco ... .....more
JAN-31-2014  Viewd(418)    Comment
Quebec Charter
by Nelson Neil
Dear Editor: I am a Canadian Citizen, born and raised in Ste Anne de Beaupre, near Quebec City. I currently liv ... .....more
JAN-31-2014  Viewd(444)    Comment
Indian Politics
by Col S N Aggarwal-Veteran
Dear Editor: DUE PROCESS is KILLING DEMOCRACY Need CATALYST for CHANGE Sir, I am addressing thi ... .....more
JAN-31-2014  Viewd(437)    Comment
Your l correspondent Mr Hope
by Peter Stubbs
Dear Editor: When I heard the question asked by your Mr Hope of president Holland I was shocked and embarrassed. ... .....more
JAN-31-2014  Viewd(411)    Comment
SIT Probe -1984 Anti Sikh Riots
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Aam Admi Party (AAP) - Ordering SIT probe into 1984 Sikh riots ... .....more
JAN-31-2014  Viewd(1044)    Comment
by Dominic Evans
Dear Editor: Should the Somerset levels be renamed Much Moaning in the levels. If you decide to live below sea l ... .....more
JAN-30-2014  Viewd(442)    Comment
Sea World bombs Blackfish PR
by Dave
Dear Editor: Jim Atchison could learn a lesson in PR from Bob Iger When the controversial film Blackfish was ... .....more
JAN-30-2014  Viewd(563)    Comment
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Pirandello was part of the movement of surrealism in drama. Surrealism is beyond realism. He cha ... .....more
JAN-30-2014  Viewd(669)    Comment
Scottish Independence
by J.L.Wilkinson
Dear Editor: If a Yes Scotland remained financially dependent on Whitehall, it would not be Independent. For exam ... .....more
JAN-30-2014  Viewd(458)    Comment
Why governments spy on their people
by Ron Charach MD
Dear editor: Re. They're listening. You cannot substantively weaken gun control yet also spy less on your own ... .....more
JAN-30-2014  Viewd(439)    Comment
illiteracy rate in India
by A.V.Subramanian
Dear Editor: The findings of the UNESCO on India's illiteracy rate is indeed is the saddest news of 30th Jan.2014 ... .....more
JAN-30-2014  Viewd(1753)    Comment
Same Flag, Different Colour
by Mark Eades
Dear Editor: If we are to have a referendum on the flag one obvious option surely has to be the current flag only ... .....more
JAN-30-2014  Viewd(413)    Comment
AB 659, Petty Politics
by Karahan Mete
Dear Editor: Assembly member NAZARIAN introduced bill AB 659. This will mandate schools to bring so-called Ar ... .....more
JAN-29-2014  Viewd(508)    Comment
Common Core Standards
by Dominique Brown
Dear Editor: I have a serious problem with the jump to the common core standards. I understand that this change ... .....more
JAN-29-2014  Viewd(478)    Comment
Steroids Ruining Americas Past Time
by Luis Calvillo
Dear Editor: Being a baseball fan for my entire life, well as back as I can remember, I grew up with a famous s ... .....more
JAN-29-2014  Viewd(734)    Comment
river maanagement
by mrs rachel tyler
Dear Editor: In the past, when farm labourers were employed in greater numbers, their duties in the winter includ ... .....more
JAN-29-2014  Viewd(413)    Comment
Sorry State Of The Union
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: President Obama is always talking about income inequality, taking from the rich to give to the poor. ... .....more
JAN-29-2014  Viewd(609)    Comment
Delivery Issues
by Josie Sabella
Dear Editor: I live in Whitehall, Pa. I am totally amazed at how often I need to call the delivery department o ... .....more
JAN-29-2014  Viewd(818)    Comment
DGCA Notification to the airlines
by Utpal Baruah
Dear Editor: This is regarding the recent order by DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) to all private airl ... .....more
JAN-29-2014  Viewd(445)    Comment
Travel on BA holidays
by Glynn Davies
Dear Editor: I have recently booked a short trip to Naples with BA and now find because the booking site collapse ... .....more
JAN-29-2014  Viewd(417)    Comment
The winter storm Leon
by Peggy Webb
Dear Editor: Why didn't the Fulton County Emergency Management System, take action when they knew this winter stor ... .....more
JAN-28-2014  Viewd(487)    Comment
The two new columnists
by Diane Develyn
Dear Editor It's about time. The two new columnists in the opinion section are a breath of fresh air! They b ... .....more
JAN-28-2014  Viewd(440)    Comment
by george shultz
Dear Editor: regarding the amount of time for the execution and the family wishing to sue. How much time did the ... .....more
JAN-28-2014  Viewd(521)    Comment
Canada´s $166. million dollar
by Linda Briggs
Dear Editor I would like to compliment Mike McCormick for his letter on Canada's $166 million dollar foreign aid p ... .....more
JAN-28-2014  Viewd(435)    Comment
Cycling in Regina
by Garry Braun
Dear Editor: To the lady who yelled, "Get on the sidewalk," as I was cycling to work this morning, I'd like to jus ... .....more
JAN-28-2014  Viewd(603)    Comment
The Rahul Gandhi interview
by Col Ravi Nair (Veteran)
Dear Editor: I have read Arnab Goswami's interview with Rahul Gandhi as well as carefully sat through the telecast ... .....more
JAN-28-2014  Viewd(484)    Comment
by viswanathan
Dear Editor: I was amused to read Rahul Gandhi's interview in which he has blamed opposition parties for the ills ... .....more
JAN-28-2014  Viewd(442)    Comment
New Canadian disinfection system
by Dr. E. Pavone MD FRCPC
Dear Editor: I am glad that they Belleville Hospital has gone 6 months without an MRSA infection. The new equi ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(461)    Comment
Bradman OR Tendulkar
by Tom Murphy
Dear Editor: I read this article in today's edition of the online newspaper in Australia ..... The Daily News. ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(511)    Comment
by Donald Wackerly
Dear Editor: Recent delivery in Cornville, az showed $1.00 per gallon price increase from last month. Vendor sai ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(538)    Comment
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
To the Editor: This is in regard to the opinion piece ?Ukraine shows the ?color revolution? model is dead? by ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(530)    Comment
next generation?
by Samira Shaikh.Senior member of All India Human Rights(AIHRA) Delhi
Dear Editor: Growing kids learn things very fast.what they look around , listen every thing wha ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(539)    Comment
Un-American Corporations
by Harvey Woolf
Dear Editor: American jobs seem to be going overseas to places like the Philippines, India, and Russia in an eff ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(459)    Comment
Dist Edu Office- A Corruption house
by Veena
Dear Editor: It is the utmost disgrace that the Teachers have been facing at the District Education Office(DEO) th ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(480)    Comment
by Selwyn D Image
Dear Editor: On a recent trip to Paris, my wife and I were accosted four times by Eastern Europeans who had just ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(479)    Comment
by Brig.(Dr) R P Varma (Retired)
Dear Editor: Today is 26 Jan,India's Republic Day,a day to rejoice,to be proud of,to celebrate,also to reflect ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(545)    Comment
Your edition of 27th January 2014
by Manish Mathur
Dear Editor: Your edition of 27th January 2014 was disappointing. It seems we are too far carried away by politi ... .....more
JAN-27-2014  Viewd(507)    Comment
out of thick air
by Thomas J. O'Rourke
Dear Editor: Recently Officials in China have been considering sucking up the thick sludge that passes for atmo ... .....more
JAN-26-2014  Viewd(567)    Comment
TLS 1961
by Thomas O'Rourke
Dear Editor: In 1961, The Times published a little red book of their own, nicely embossed with TLS on its cover ... .....more
JAN-26-2014  Viewd(647)    Comment
Hydro One?s Absurdity
by John Hildebrandt
Dear Editor: Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to receive a hydro bill for one month that was $800.00! ... .....more
JAN-26-2014  Viewd(597)    Comment
by Smriti Jain
PATRIOTISM- When I was a kid, decade back, Republic Day and Independence Day were festivals used to be celebrated ... .....more
JAN-26-2014  Viewd(438)    Comment
Former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: ADAM AND EVE, VIRGINIA STYLE - HOOKED The c ... .....more
JAN-26-2014  Viewd(634)    Comment
Hygiene In restrooms in trains
by Akshaya Giridhar
Dear Editor: I have observed that mugs are not provided in all the restrooms in the trains and sometimes they are ... .....more
JAN-26-2014  Viewd(551)    Comment
A Childish Act
by Usha Hanwate
Dear Editor: The recent act of Delhi CM, Mr Arvind Kejriwal has astonished many of our country men. The basic ques ... .....more
JAN-26-2014  Viewd(561)    Comment
A promise Betrayed
by Soupal Ghatak
Dear Editor: I think it is too early to judge on such issues and that too with such depth. I sincerely think th ... .....more
JAN-26-2014  Viewd(429)    Comment
tatkel ticket booking a big joke
by ravi kishore
Dear Editor: My bitter experience for booking a tatkal ticket through irctc, on 21.01.14 i have booked a ticket wi ... .....more
JAN-26-2014  Viewd(433)    Comment
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