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High Level of Noise
by Azra Ahmad Barcha Hunzai, University of Karachi
Dear Editor: Noise pollution has become an uncontrollable issue in big cities like Karachi. Citizens of Karachi su ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(982)    Comment
Chinese Free Trade is a SELL OUT..
by Dave Clee
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(1018)    Comment
by Azra Ahmad Barcha Hunzai, University of Karachi
Dear Editor: The condition in Pakistan today resembles that of Iraq and Peshawar and Waziristan is replica of Bagh ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(941)    Comment
Richmond School Gang Rape. Why?
by Patricia Evans
Dear Editor: It is time we educated our young to know why some males despise, denigrate even try to destroy all ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(1002)    Comment
Not in office, just in Power!
by Louis A. DeRosa
Dear Editor:I know my opinion will probably not make print because it's not based on fact only conjecture. But as s ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(915)    Comment
semi-final we lost!
by qamber abbas
Dear Editor: It does sound very disappointing. After having won so many matches earlier, Pakistan just couldn't go ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(896)    Comment
grandparents rights
by Rose Summers
Dear Editor: I need someone to listen to my story about my grandbabies being placed into CPS I'm not much of a writ ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(904)    Comment
Manic Mornings
by Mahmood Ajmal, UK
Dear Editor It was absorbing reading on the above topic appearing in the Dawn Section of Images of October 4, 20 ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(899)    Comment
bad editing of toi, nashik
by harish totade
Dear Editor: i have been a reader of TOI for along time now.i have recently shifted to nashik and i must bring to ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(975)    Comment
Value of Play
by April Stevenson
Dear Editor: For years children have been learning valuable lessons and much needed skills through play. Whet ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(912)    Comment
Economic crisis in Pakistan
by qamber abbas
Dear Editor: Sir: On Friday, May 2, the Pakistani rupee fell to a record low against the dollar. In the middle of ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(979)    Comment
A Solution for Peaceful Society
by Mubarak Shams
Dear Editor: "Boss affair with secretary", "husband murders jealous wife" , "Man of wife and three playing away" ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(905)    Comment
Mobile Snatching In Karachi
by Ayesha Imran
Dear Editor: I want to draw the attention of city NAZIM, Head of Police Dept for what reasons in Karachi mobile ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(4100)    Comment
Smoking at public places
by marium iqbal
Dear Editor:This is apropos of the letter, 'Smoking in public place' (Oct 29), by Akbar Jan Marwat. In line with th ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(4381)    Comment
No checking of bus luggage
by qamber abbas
Dear Editor:I HAVE to travel between Lahore and Islamabad every week and I use Daewoo bus service for the purpose. ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(939)    Comment
Breast cancer
by ayesha fatima
Dear Editor: Being part of an orthodox society, it is difficult to speak on such an issue, especially for women ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(1022)    Comment
by Sidra Saeed
Dear Editor: Through these columns of your esteenmed newspaper,i want to draw the attention of the authorities.I ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(1481)    Comment
First rotating Image web directory
by Prince Paily
Dear Editor: MyImageForever.com is the first rotating Image web directory ever created in internet. This is for ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(881)    Comment
by Sidra Saeed
Dear Editor: Trough these columns of your esteemed daily i want to draw the attention of the authorities that fo ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(6064)    Comment
Terrorism in Pakistan
by Sidra Saeed
Dear Editor: Through these columns of ur esteemed newspaper,i want to draw the attention of the authorities abou ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(4602)    Comment
Dodgers quality
by Lindsay Gardner
Dear Editor: I have seen nothing of what irks Bill Plaschke ("Owners really cheated on Dodger fans," October 30t ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(897)    Comment
Is it a sin for a girl to go out??
by dua khan
Dear Editor: Pakistan is an independent country where every gender has it's own rights but our society has made a ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(803)    Comment
Cap and trade
by Jacki Olson
Dear Editor: The American public should know this cap and trade bill is an international bill, not national. It u ... .....more
OCT-31-2009  Viewd(1135)    Comment
by A.S
Dear Editor: In my experience as a Year 12 student this year, there are still a large number of students who have ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(1150)    Comment
Political Observation
by Rudy Candler
Dear Editor: I have concluded the following after years of observation. 1. Most wealthy conservatives will tell y ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(828)    Comment
The Masters Table
by Sandy Roberts, Hot Springs
Dear Editor: There is a place in our town that is open every Saturday where you can bring your whole family ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(2040)    Comment
James Arthur Ray
by Donna Fleming
Dear Editor: I took a James Ray seminar last year, after which I signed up for two additional seminars, for $6000. ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(936)    Comment
Pune Times or Celebrities Times!
by Rajendra Gopal Alhat
Dear Editor: I am a regular reader of your News Paper residing in Pune City. From your main (Times of India) ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(2315)    Comment
The heart of Sam Eure
by Bruce Jones
Dear Editor: Sam Eure and I became best friends when we first met in High School in Northern Virginia over 30 yea ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(1066)    Comment
Maddening noise
by maryum fatima
Dear Editor: Environment Protect Department officials have stated that noise levels in even the quietest parts of L ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(915)    Comment
by ayesha fatima
Dear Editor: Nature has its own ways to show its power; it is very important to reflect and contribute in anyway po ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(1012)    Comment
Multiple SIMs
by Mahmood Ajmal, UK
Dear Editor: Recently Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had issued a new facilitation service whereby the mob ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(959)    Comment
Bill O´Reilly´s Lack of Judgement
by Dana L. Stern
Dear Editor:Bill O'Reilly works for Fox News. Fox News doesn't always present the news in an unbiased way. My perso ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(1048)    Comment
Pakistani Politics
by ayesha fatima
Dear Editor: Now come off it, you Pakistani thinkers who seek pleasure in tracing the roots of all our present-da ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(1144)    Comment
Shortage of water supply
by Sidra Saeed
Dear Editor: Through these columns of your esteemed daily,i want to draw attention of the water board authoritie ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(18025)    Comment
Copenhagen Agreement
by Melinda Spears
Dear Editor: In the upcoming trip to Copenhagen this December, Mr. Obama will be signing a treaty to CEDE Ameri ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(1047)    Comment
LeT emails and ´Rahul´
by Dr. Narendra Sharma
Dear Editor: Sir, it is appalling how a section of the print media highlights every little bit of news that has ev ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(871)    Comment
´Rahul´ name in LeT correspondence
by Dr. Abhiram Koushik
Dear Editor: Sir, it is appallingly funny how a section of the print media highlights every little bit of news th ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(943)    Comment
Reasons of Unemployment in Pakistan
by Sumyya Khan
Dear Editor: Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan. That person is unemploy ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(8194)    Comment
VA transportation woes & gov. race
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: Everyday Life: "Courting" Virginia's Transportation Woes The information SUPERHIGHWAYS are well ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(1408)    Comment
Accident by tractor
by Fawad Maqsood
Dear Editor: It was reported in the media that a 19-year-old girl was run over and killed by a tractor trolley in ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(959)    Comment
Climate change and the economy
by Hira Aqil
Dear Editor:Dear Editor: Scientists around the world now acknowledge that climate change is progressing far more ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(930)    Comment
Engineering for a greener future
by Hira Aqil
Dear Editor: Our home planet is changing rapidly due to global warming. This is affecting the way people live thro ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(874)    Comment
by P Roy Choudhury
Dear Editor: Maoists is now-a-days a biggest threat to the country.PM as well as Home Ministry has declared it. I ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(837)    Comment
Is life imitating by art?
by Hira Aqil
Dear Editor:Dear Editor: I seem to recollect a phrase that concerned whether life imitated art or art imitated lif ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(923)    Comment
Tv Advertsing
by Hira Aqil
Dear Editor:Dear Editor: Some of the TV channels while telecasting popular progammes devote more time for advert ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(930)    Comment
Loss of valuables at Airports
by Phani Rajesh
Dear Editor: I'd like to bring to the notice of all the authorities about the looting of customer valuables from ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(1063)    Comment
ACC Levies
by David Peppiatt
Dear Editor: Registered Road-Users Are Being Ripped Off Dear Sir, I am writing the clarify some issues reg ... .....more
OCT-30-2009  Viewd(1049)    Comment
CAP & Trade
by Layton
Dear Editor: I feel we have too much government interference and control of our lives. I am against Cap and Tra ... .....more
OCT-29-2009  Viewd(878)    Comment
Newspaper reporters attack children
by R. de Mouilpied
Dear Editor: I write to The Australian newspaper with respect as I am concerned about the continued unbalanced repo ... .....more
OCT-29-2009  Viewd(924)    Comment
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