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breast cancer
by lucia bridget leavy
Dear Editor: I Still Felt as If A Violent Act was about to be performed on me.... I asked the nurse to close the c ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(540)    Comment
the great british plug, not.
by k.powling
Dear Editor ..the great british plug is rubbish, it isn't safe. how many people have injured there foot by accident ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(403)    Comment
Nativity Church Land Sale
by Cy Kohlbeck
Oct. 31, 2014 Letter to the Editor Green Bay Press Gazette To parishioners of Nativity of our Lord Catholic ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(502)    Comment
Senator Jeanne Shaheen
by John Harding
Dear Editor: I once had the naive view that senators were supposed to vote the will of the majority of their con ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(424)    Comment
charles busch
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: When things are ridiculous parody will soon follow. Charles Busch was a master. When w ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(396)    Comment
Nov 4, 2014 Election, Question 2
by Mark Shepherd Thomas MD
Dear Editor:South Woods Road, New Lisbon, Burlington County, New Jersey, October 30, 2014 I write to urge readers ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(572)    Comment
eto/diesel price and benefits of re
by V.M. Raghunath
Dear Editor: With successive reductions in petrol prices and the recent fair reduction in diesel prices, is it t ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(411)    Comment
Letz treat TransGenders like humans
by LakshmanRao. K
Dear Editor: I have been watching, transgenders in our country have not been treated as humans, to be frank.We hav ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(391)    Comment
re scratching
by john hobbs
Dear Editor: I was interested to read in today's Times that scratches come back stronger,after a scratch provid ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(302)    Comment
Monetary angle of a noble thought
by Subhendu Sahu
Dear Editor:The Clean India Drive has caught the imagination of the media, of millions, and I am one in that crowd. ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(530)    Comment
Polio vaccination in bangalore
by achal agarwal
Dear Editor: It is a mistry when polio drive day happens in bangalore. I have been in other states (maharashtra, ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(371)    Comment
Legalize betting
by Achal Agarwal
Dear Editor: Lottery or as called Matka is prohibited by GOI. However many TV shows are fooling people by 1) ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(341)    Comment
Residents suffering
by Ghanshyam Singhania
Dear Editor: I ,Ghanshyam Singhania, the resident of Tubarahalli extended road ,Varthur Hobli ,Bangalore 560066 ... .....more
OCT-31-2014  Viewd(600)    Comment
Midterm Election
by Peter Heymann
Dear Editor: It boggles the mind that we may be on the verge of rewarding this Congress and the CongressPeople w ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(462)    Comment
With reference to your article ..
by savita sastry pidaparthi
Dear Editor: This is with your article Dt. 30/10/14-"Sex with over 20 women cuts prostrate cancer risk". Sir, Do ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(375)    Comment
by Rita Harriman
Dear Editor: Do you or someone you know have a learning disability and are considering going to a Tech School th ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(503)    Comment
Dear Editor: A child Nobel laureate Malala had received an another award in the same year.I think this award is ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(487)    Comment
by Jeff Wormsley
Dear Editor: I would love to know the answers to the following questions; Why does my speedometer read 10mph fa ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(576)    Comment
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: How do you get what you want? One way is to cause a distraction. A.R. Gurney wrote a scene in ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(412)    Comment
Special needs children
by Radhika
Dear Editor:I have a 9 yr girl with special needs like ADHD,ASD,schooling in normal school.kids like mine need lot ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(430)    Comment
Vote Ston and Noordhoorn for OCC
by Sandra Ritter
Dear Editor: Randy Ston & Chris Noordhoorn: Your best choice for the Oakland Community College Board of Trustees ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(465)    Comment
by Heather Stirling
Dear Editor: I think WE are barking up the wrong tree just trying to pour more and more money into the ailing NH ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(363)    Comment
rememberance day
Dear Editor: I was up in London yesterday 29th October,I noticed with shock that virtually no one in Waterloo stat ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(348)    Comment
The Kannur-Karwar Express
by Chandravati M
Dear Editor: I have been a frequent commuter of the Kannur-Karwar-Bangalore Express. There exists a great inco ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(420)    Comment
Foir kind attn: Narendra Modi PM
by N.Dharmeshwaran
Dear Editor: In his drive ahead India campaign, Mr.Modi can consider": formulating and publicising Nagpur Mean ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(364)    Comment
E-Commerse Business
by H P Mitra
Dear Editor: I would like to write few words about my experiences with a very reputed e-commerce firm. I had pla ... .....more
OCT-30-2014  Viewd(416)    Comment
Keeping The Faith by Emma Green
by Everett Murphy M.D.
Dear Editor: Ms Green's article just points out how easy it is to get some literature to support one's premise. ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(373)    Comment
Mapleton Hill Shed
by joel koenig
Dear Editor: I read with great interest Andrew Shoemaker's Op Ed piece in the Camera on 10/29. I retired as a s ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(501)    Comment
Girl banned from school
by Ronald Mathison
Dear Editor: In Milford, CT, a little girl has been banned from school because she attended a wedding in Nigeria ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(491)    Comment
God My be just in our heads
by Sandra Rowden
Dear Editor: "God may be just in our heads, say Clergy" (article Wed 29th Oct). Jesus was once asked when the k ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(511)    Comment
Injured Veteran Betrayed.
by Jeff Robinson
Dear Editor: I was recently informed by a representative from the Bureau of Pension advocates, a department of V ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(614)    Comment
Tate MacQueen
by Charles D. Owen, Jr.
Dear Editor: As a citizens of the North Carolina Tenth District, I have been sorely disappointed in our current re ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(387)    Comment
10 ideas to our PM
by Arun K Dara
Dear Editor: I?ve posted the below ideas in ?mygov? portal. I want to share these ideas with "Times of India" w ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(519)    Comment
technology makes us lonelier or not
by shamini.g
Dear Editor:Is technology making us lonelier or less lonely???? Nowadays each and everyone are seen with a ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(8973)    Comment
The most patriotic act
by S Visser
Dear Editor: Every July, we proudly display our red, white and blue to show our patriotism for and pride in the ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(365)    Comment
Jerry Sterner
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: chess is a game of tactics. You see everyone's pieces and try to anticipate your opponent's ne ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(415)    Comment
Property Taxes
by June Buttner
Dear Editor: Dear Governor Shumlin and Vermont Legislator We would like to deed our house to the State of Ve ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(452)    Comment
DJB Kick off project for Cleaner Ya
by M M Srivastav
Dear Editor: Role of Interceptor Service in making Yamuna Clean This is in response to News column in T.O.I. ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(424)    Comment
Blame it on WB goverment
by Anjaani Sharma
Dear editor, This whole letter will come across as a frustrated ranting of a Gen Y, it aroused out of my anger n ... .....more
OCT-29-2014  Viewd(461)    Comment
Clerk of Court Election
by Suzanne Kelley
Dear Editor: I've been following the campaign for Clerk of Court closely. I've made it a point to speak with b ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(382)    Comment
MV student biker death
by Jordan Thompson
Dear Editor: AS someone who grew up in the bay area and went to MVHS, this story does not come as a complete sho ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(473)    Comment
by Paul L. Darr
Dear Editor: I'm a Republicrat. Born and raised in a Republican state, Kansas under a Republican president,Ei ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(442)    Comment
Radio 4 File on Four on 28 October
by Hugh Guillebaud
Dear Editor: Should we have called it Multi-ethnicity, rather than Multiculturism? It might have avoided some misu ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(371)    Comment
E-bola scare
by Virgil .each
Dear Editor: The media tells us not to panic over the ebola outbreak yet they continue to repeat the high dea ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(526)    Comment
Govt jobs should not be permanent.
Dear Sunshine Week Editor: Some ideas regarding a better governance: 1 The govt jobs should not be permanent. ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(820)    Comment
John Logan
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: When people are growing up they see what other grown ups have and work hard so they can have ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(414)    Comment
Kia´s Story
by Diane Melanson
Dear Editor: I am writing this letter for Kia, the dog who was abandoned in a basement in a home in Shediac and lef ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(739)    Comment
Statue of Controversial Unity ?
Dear Editor: Though and obviously every of us are excited watching the tallest of all being an Indian st ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(462)    Comment
Directional changes in policy
by Yugandhar
Dear Editor: As the dust settles over BJP?s resounding victory in the Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly elections ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(412)    Comment
Decline of public schools
by Adv. vinoopa.a
Dear Editor: nowadays public schools in India are dying out simply because of them don't perform. The main problem ... .....more
OCT-28-2014  Viewd(461)    Comment
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