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Letters to the Editor Archives October - 2015

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Terrorism & War
Intolerance in India
by Shobhit Sinha
Dear Editor: 28th September 2015, was a black day in Indian history. It was an attack on the constitution. Wh ... .....more
OCT-31-2015  Viewd(225)    Comment
Freedom of Information Act
by R. B. Nickerson
Dear Editor: your recent leader on the proposed reforms of the Freedom of Information act accuses the government ... .....more
OCT-31-2015  Viewd(226)    Comment
The Bihar elections
by karanveer singh
Dear Editor The Level of politics being played before the elections in Bihar has reached the extremes,and someon ... .....more
OCT-31-2015  Viewd(193)    Comment
Al Hirschfeld
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: You can do something you love and keep going until you unexpectedly become an icon and yo ... .....more
OCT-31-2015  Viewd(173)    Comment
Intellectual Idiots
by B Thangavelu
Dear Editor: Being an Indian I condemn Dadri killing and murder of Mr. Kalburgi in the recent past along with Sikh ... .....more
OCT-31-2015  Viewd(178)    Comment
Politics and society
Dear Editor: The backbone of society are very much worried about the democracy of india. Because one section are ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(274)    Comment
Green crackers
by Karan garg
Dear Editor: "Eco-Frindly"is the new buzz word,right from colours used for Holi to electronics gadgets,every produ ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(353)    Comment
our own rules
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: We create rules and then we suppress our own lives to keep these rules alive and maybe we shou ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(171)    Comment
3idiot3anesthetic delhi gvthospital
by rajinder singh
Dear Editor:This is an attempt to highlight outrageous and pathetic conditions of delhi govt deep chand bandhu hosp ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(271)    Comment
T V Mega Serials
by Jitendra Singh Bhatia
Dear Editor:Are the Mega serials not a social stigma? Are many of the family based mega serials aired on TV chann ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(183)    Comment
Wild Social & Extraterrestrial life
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: The major difference that seems invincible between us, the so-called ?social? animals and the othe ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(326)    Comment
Can Humans usurp role of Almighty?
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: A thought occurred as to what have the Scientists and Doctors achieved out of their experiment coup ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(175)    Comment
One-child policy
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: It would probably be desirable if all nations had a contracting one-child policy,in terms of global w ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(185)    Comment
letter to the Editor
by M. Duraipandian
Dear Editor: This is with reference to the Article ?An unjustified pay hike? in the Centre page (page No. ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(275)    Comment
Please Hear Menīs Voice
by Xavier
Dear Editor:The one sided journalism which tries to stifle the voices of men, who voice their problems in life is ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(171)    Comment
Let IITs Breathe
by Narayan Parasuram
Dear Editor: The article "Let IITs Breathe" assumes that autonomity guarantees excellence and accountability is ... .....more
OCT-30-2015  Viewd(256)    Comment
NJAC- a close shave
by Sanket Sahoo
Dear Editor: This is the response/criticism to the article 'An anti-constituitional judgement'. There have be ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(239)    Comment
manufactured rebellion
by A.V.Subramanian
Dear Editor: Mr.Arun Jaitley's remarks on those who return the awards are anti-BJP and 'manufactured rebellion' ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(182)    Comment
Dear Editor: One cannot help think Camila Batmanghelidjh& Yentob ?46 million Quid and we got away with it .Work ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(178)    Comment
Dear Editor: We have just learnt that the police cost of tracing Madeleine McCann has already amounted to ?10 mi ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(224)    Comment
by Ankit Babbar
Dear Editor: Few things in this world of technology still not predictable like earthquake, this is sudden process. ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(472)    Comment
Noise pollution
by Tenzin dofain
Dear Editor: I am writing to express my concern over the insensitive use of loudspeaker that has become quite a n ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(509)    Comment
the change
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: You get into a routine and then something big comes into your life and you can share it or ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(166)    Comment
LPG gas subsidy
by t s subrahmaniam
Dear Editor: I listen to the Mann Ki Bhatt of our beloved PM regularly, and appreciate the stress he is undergoi ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(311)    Comment
Increasing rate of Human Trafficking
by Puneet Singh
Dear Editor:Human Trafficking is increasing at increasing rate day-by-day which is a great cause to our society as ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(214)    Comment
Truth in Journalism in America
by Susan Rakes
Dear Editor: Once upon a time, in America, the crusading newspaper editor was a hero. He (usually a male) was of ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(328)    Comment
Life Mystery and Immortal Soul
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: As everyone is aware, millions of species are in existence in our Planet Earth ? both overland and ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(263)    Comment
Empty Stomach Revolution
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: Human beings claim to have achieved Green Revolution (Food-grains Production), White Revolution (M ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(219)    Comment
Film-makers return their awards
Dear Editor: I want to provide my perspective with regard to the article published on film-makers returning their ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(196)    Comment
Comment on an article in TOI
by Vibhu
Dear Editor: Kindly, read this for your columnist Ektha John Dear Ektha(only the name, can't look for literal mea ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(171)    Comment
29Oct15- Article on Indian boys
by Max
Dear Editor: Todays article in TOI, "Indian boys more likely to grow up to become rapists", by Ekthaa John has ca ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(175)    Comment
Miandad & PCB is always act tough.
Dear Editor: Pakistan former cricketer cum captain Mr. Javed Miandad recently comments tough against India that i ... .....more
OCT-29-2015  Viewd(211)    Comment
by Tom Amrein
Dear Editor: The social problems in our country today have been created by our government and need to be fixed b ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(224)    Comment
Discipline and minority students.
by Jeffery Seitz
Dear Editor: With the recent discussion about discipline and minority students in the classroom the solution would ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(331)    Comment
The constitution
by Mac Wood
Dear Editor: Dear Sir, The time has come for a written constitution and a fully elected second chamber. A front ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(189)    Comment
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: shelter isn't just where you live and are protected by, it's also a place that reflects y ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(180)    Comment
Response to letter about Fox News
by Pasadena Star News
Dear Editor: I looked up the University of Maryland study that Richard Dorsey references in his letter to the edi ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(270)    Comment
True face of Muslim Immigration
by Susan Rakes
Dear Editor: A good number of Christians cannot suspend their disbelief to see Islam as it is--a political sys ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(341)    Comment
Sucides among Teenagers
by N. Malemleima Chanu
Dear Editor: I am writing to express my concern regarding the increased suicides among teenagers. There has been s ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(200)    Comment
SAD Aspect
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: Let us discuss on the Satisfaction, Aim and Desire (SAD) aspect. Human beings live as if we are ne ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(214)    Comment
Whale Watching Tragedy
by Edward Lyon
Dear Editor: Following the dreadful tragedy on the recent whale watching trip and other similar disasters over th ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(351)    Comment
Sarah Knapton on ME, 28/10/15
by Ms Patricia Davis
Dear Editor :Sarah Knapton writes in her front page article on 28/10/15 ?Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not actually ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(204)    Comment
Mega serials-a stigma?
Dear Editor :Are the Mega serials not a social stigma? Are many of the family based mega serials aired on TV cha ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(211)    Comment
Anandha Deepavali with less fortuna
by Sneha M
Dear Editor: ?Anandha Deepavali is like a big family wedding that happens every year. Over the years I feel an att ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(235)    Comment
Spread of intolerance
Dear Editor: The credit ability of the Government is being questioned especially in a situation when distressing ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(166)    Comment
what to about rising sea levels?
by billy don marshall
Dear Editor: 2. start bagging (plastic) icebergs and fresh water from icecaps. then let the bags drift in the curr ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(277)    Comment
what to do about rising sea levels?
by billy don marshall
Dear Editor: 1. stop dumping our fresh water into the oceans, by way of rivers. see website: www.soiltreatmentdevi ... .....more
OCT-28-2015  Viewd(263)    Comment
celebrate with dance
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Dance is an expression. It starts with a small movement and morphs into a physical jubilee o ... .....more
OCT-27-2015  Viewd(202)    Comment
Caste Politics - Bihar and UP
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Caste Politics in Bihar and UP ?Proverbial Cat has nine lives? goes the saying. In ... .....more
OCT-27-2015  Viewd(241)    Comment
Boundaries of distrust
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: Nations are formed, exist and sometimes fight with one another and some sort of a mediator or an in ... .....more
OCT-27-2015  Viewd(290)    Comment
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