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Letters to the Editor Archives November - 2011

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Terrorism & War
by Luci Tomlin
Dear Editor: On November 29 I went shopping at Wal-Mart. Due to many health issues, I am on a very strict budget ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(479)    Comment
Insider trading rules shouold apply
by R Spiegel
Dear Editor: I read an article in the Sun Sentinel titled," Insider trading rules should also apply to Congress". ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(632)    Comment
WorkersFeelingSqueezed/NBA lockout
by Johnny West
Dear Editor: I agree with your response to the article for the most part, about the selfishness of the NBA players ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(657)    Comment
Black Money in UBS and cellar money
by J V V Krishnamurthy
Dear Editor: Our courts and certain independent institutions like ACB, CBI etc are working only upon a comlaint ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(587)    Comment
Turmoil in Iran
by Tom Stachowiecz
Dear Editor: I have watched recent events unfold at the British Embassy in Iran with both concern and sadness. ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(703)    Comment
Foreign Direct Investment
by J V V Krishnamurthy
Dear Editor: I am perplexed to see the Government's one sided decision on FDIs. I am of the opinion upon observ ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(563)    Comment
theft from mumbai bound train
by mayank shah
Dear Editor:Resp sir It has become very common that mumbai bound night trains,when passenger is in deep sleep his ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(859)    Comment
NBA start-up
by Signe Miller
Dear Editor: I attend church where the flag is hanging, America the Beautiful is sung, and the impression is that ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(607)    Comment
by A.suresh babu
Dear Editor: I applied for a new passport for myself and my wife vied file No's A026020, E002733 , on April ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(1175)    Comment
policing of TUC march
by Linda Heiden
Dear Editor: We are told there is no money for pensions and public services, so who is paying salaries of the do ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(642)    Comment
by Brig. Harish Malhotra
Dear Editor: In the Indian Parliament not a single days work has been done in the winter session which commenc ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(576)    Comment
by Cathy Garritty
Dear Editor So, while 580 million went to fix the roof, we have to tell our kids that they can't play on the pl ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(571)    Comment
by savitha santosh
Dear Editor: This is regarding the metro railway pass & the bus pass. Is there any concession if we take the met ... .....more
NOV-30-2011  Viewd(611)    Comment
Freedom is Number One
by Ronald Whitehorne
Dear Editor: Freedom is Number One The occupy this and occupy that protesters and the Keystone XL Pipeline ha ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(612)    Comment
Now that we voted for the Hwy Bond.
by Steven Snellback
Dear Editor: Silly question. We are trying to raise the weight limits allowed on trucks. Why? If it makes trucks ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(784)    Comment
Attawapiskat First Nation
by Merv Brand
Dear Editor: Today's article on the above subject was gut-wrenching. Why do our aboriginals have to live in such ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(705)    Comment
Fix Congress´ Priorities
by R Spiegel
Dear Editor: I read an article in the Sun Sentinel titled, " Fix Congress' Priorities". The article refers to Sena ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(653)    Comment
Health issues in rural Canada
by Vaqaar-un-Nisa Dar
Dear Editor: According to a report [1] published in 2001, about 31.4% of the Canadian population lives in rural ar ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(686)    Comment
gym shuttle
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: There are a lot of people that have gym memberships, but are not motivated to actually go to the gy ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(588)    Comment
steven pinker
by Kenneth B. McBride, M.D.
Dear Editor: I have a question about Steven Pinker's recent book on violence. Why in the world didn't he mentio ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(710)    Comment
Response to Supreme Court TV
by Michael Saveliff
Dear Editor: On September 29th 20011 The New York Times wrote an article: 'Supreme Court TV- Nice Idea, but Stil ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(663)    Comment
DAM issue
by Mobin John Jacob
Dear Editor: As a citizen of India I take this opportunity to request the Government to kindly intervene and do t ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(642)    Comment
Corruption and its impacts on Pakistan
by Zuhaib Odho
Dear Editor: Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency. Our society is facing a very grave problem ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(12778)    Comment
Energy crisis and its solutions
by Zuhaib Odho
Dear Editor: Energy is essential for the maintenance and development of human life as well as for economic activit ... .....more
NOV-29-2011  Viewd(6664)    Comment
Amendment 7 to the State Constitut
by Ira Brinn
Dear Editor: ?Proposed Amendment 7 to the Florida Constitution? Immediately after the American Revolution, our fo ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(555)    Comment
Howard Pyle
by Bonnie S. White
Dear Editor: Your Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011 article about Howard Pyle and the beginning of the Delaware Art Museum w ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(578)    Comment
Delivery prep of Monday´s paper.
by Cecil J. Farris
Dear Editor: Why is the Monday Paper which is so small, folded and folded again and again and placed in a tiny sle ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(550)    Comment
Dear Editor: i am saying about pakistani's people and It is terribly shocking and pathetic to hear about the plig ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(628)    Comment
Dear Editor: i wanna say that How about WE ourselves rid the nation of these corrupt politicians by raising our ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(626)    Comment
Mullaperiyar Dam in Kerala
by Sandeep Menon
Dear Editor: I do not understand TOI is not interested in promoting the cause for a new dam in Kerala / Lowering t ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(663)    Comment
In protest to Mumbai University.
by Alok Sanyal
Dear Editor: Our Education system has turned stale with no eyes to see suicide cases on rise due to flaws in the sy ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(689)    Comment
cleanliness around Mumbai Platforms
by Raj Pati Mishra
Dear Editor: We have often seen that Mumbai is a city full with Railway stations where local trains as well as l ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(3731)    Comment
Resignations by MPs to show their strength
by W Nagarajan
Dear Editor: We have seen many occasions when MPs resign to show their strength in their constituencies. But for c ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(610)    Comment
Parliamentarians or ´ Voluntary´ ?
by Alok Asthana
Dear Editor: The present situation in which the Lok and Rajya sabhas are getting adjourned every day is reflective ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(584)    Comment
Pushkar 2011 Pictorial Coverage
by Bobby Roy
Dear Editor: I am an avid follower of ToI like millions of us are. Recently, I had gone to Pushkar to cover the ... .....more
NOV-28-2011  Viewd(557)    Comment
Death of Pakistani Soldiers
by Henry Smith
Dear Editor: While the deaths of Pakistani soldiers in a recent NATO air strike are regrettable, the rhetoric com ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(649)    Comment
by Mary Beth Kluge
Dear Editor: I found your criticism of education to be amusing today when the editorial pages included the follo ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(1155)    Comment
Gary Stein´s Opinion, 27 Nov 11
by Donald Dietz
Dear Editor: A Letter for Mr. Gary Stein: It is obvious from your many and oft tomes on the subject that you ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(646)    Comment
Time Cover
by Sharon Cali
Dear Editor: I just received a picture of your magazine cover from other countries . Why are you suppressing the ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(519)    Comment
by Ramki
Dear Editor: As an Indian Iam proud of my country and all the citizens of my country. I am a very positive pers ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(692)    Comment
St. Giles Church flock in basement
by Brian M. Cochrane MD
Dear Editor: After reading about insubordinate parishioners of St. Giles Presbyterian Church being banished t ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(890)    Comment
Dear Editor: In a free and open market, the market is balanced only when the goods supplied shall be of requisite ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(508)    Comment
terrorism in India
by soumya pattanaik
Dear Editor: anniversary of 26/11 came and went. One couldn't help wondering about the perpetrators of 26/11 and w ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(848)    Comment
Dear Editor: Government may come and go,but there is only one government for India. The effect of a policy or a ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(591)    Comment
by Cynthia L. Burt
Dear Editor: As a native of St. Petersburg, in my years of service as Deputy Commissioner of Education for Admin ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(800)    Comment
TV Attack Ads Aim at Obama
by Florence Freedman
Dear Editor: The America that was founded was to be known as ?the land of equal opportunity?, a far-reaching goal, ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(632)    Comment
Indian Rupee value and Inflation..
Dear Editor: Indian Rupee value and Inflation.. Please try the following action and see the effect of IRS va ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(574)    Comment
Vets not on call on holidays
by Celeste Trepinski.
Dear Editor: My dog became ill Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and there were no vets on call in Lawrence. It ... .....more
NOV-27-2011  Viewd(607)    Comment
Letter to All Seniors
by Alexandra Bernardez
Dear Editor: Americans deserves better than producing a population where 1/3 of her people are clinically obese ... .....more
NOV-26-2011  Viewd(817)    Comment
Innogames Against Parenthood
by Genaro Salierno
Dear Editor: The gaming software company, Innogames, is against responsible parenthood. Recently, I have been ... .....more
NOV-26-2011  Viewd(762)    Comment
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