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Letters to the Editor Archives November - 2012

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Terrorism & War
by David Safir
Dear Editor: For all the complicated debate over President Obama?s handling of the narrative after the Benghazi di ... .....more
NOV-30-2012  Viewd(601)    Comment
Kind Attn: The Suptt of Police (UP)
by Amarpartap Dhillon
Dear Editor: I am writing with context to the callous behavior shown by Uttar Pradesh Police towards a law abid ... .....more
NOV-30-2012  Viewd(501)    Comment
afghan girl!!
by S.Amanulla
Dear Editor: I was deeply concerned after reading the article about an afghani girl whose throat was slit beca ... .....more
NOV-30-2012  Viewd(518)    Comment
Media: Reporting Important or Life?
by Tooba Sohail
Dear Editor: A really tragic incident seen was on Friday (28th November, 2012). A fire broke in the State ... .....more
NOV-30-2012  Viewd(565)    Comment
Cop that gave clothes to man.
by Rob Gutmann
Dear Editor: To whom it may concern: I was reading this story about the cop that out of the goodness of his heart ... .....more
NOV-30-2012  Viewd(714)    Comment
Electricity and KSEB
Dear Editor:KSEB in Karla is discussing to impose a tariff ofv11 rupees per unit of power soon. unfortunately, this ... .....more
NOV-30-2012  Viewd(700)    Comment
President Obama
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: That skinny kid from Chicago is a "Mentsh." Yiddish translation: A special man !! After all the inc ... .....more
NOV-30-2012  Viewd(563)    Comment
Cauvery issue
by Dr sridhar seshadri
Dear Editor: Now it is right time to follow old Kings' methods ! Every resources available in respective states be ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(548)    Comment
Eliminate the IRS
by Mario Gatti
Dear Editor: In Committee right now there is HR 25, which proposes the FAIR TAX. This would eliminate the IRS co ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(482)    Comment
Susan Rice nomination
by Geoff Greene
Dear Editor: The coordinated, partisan campaign to derail Susan Rice's possible nomination is highly unusual reg ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(593)    Comment
by John A. Kellett
Dear Editor: Here's my out take on this Christmas Season, I can only speak for myself and only take responsibili ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(796)    Comment
Rescue Teams: Need of Karachi
by Tooba Sohail
Dear Editor: Karachi, a highly populated city is facing a issue related to rescue and safety issue and that ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(562)    Comment
Public Frustration and Violence
by Tooba Sohail
Dear Editor: Day after day there are acts of violence are increasing and the most common way of protest ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(566)    Comment
by Dr Peter Heffer
Dear Editor: I fail to understand why the Prime Minster dithers over what to do over press regulation when the a ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(543)    Comment
treatment in hospitals
Dear Editor: In view of recent reports abpout unnkind treatment in hospitals I feel I must state that there is ano ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(557)    Comment
Direct Cash Transfer-Master Stroke
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Direct Cash Transfers ? Political Master Stroke or Gi ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(926)    Comment
Voting in Murfreesboro
by Melissa
Dear Editor: I recently voted in the 2012 Presidental election and I am greatly concerned with the way that the Ru ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(474)    Comment
Ram discarded Sita No Diwali please
by haridas mandal
Dear Editor: How one feels when one is left to fend himself or herself landless homeless clothe less foodless drin ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(486)    Comment
You Scratch mine--We scratch yours
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: Retired Bureaucrats or the Retired judges? Who have the divine right to adorn the seats of IC/CIC ... .....more
NOV-29-2012  Viewd(440)    Comment
fiscal cliff
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: So now we have #My2K, the White House's Twitter account to promote its position on the fiscal cli ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(513)    Comment
Don ||Getty
by Irene Cornwell
Dear Editor: What a pleasure to read of an honour for Don Getty. Our family has wonderful memories ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(461)    Comment
Half ticket upto the Age of 18 year
by M.K.Yadav. Hyderabad
Dear Editor:Children below 18 years are not allowed to work, keeping this in view Government need to extend the age ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(468)    Comment
Next queue before bank counter.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: In what is called a gobbledygook decision the State Government of Kerala is pushing the BPL and APL ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(588)    Comment
Defence Minister?s fear
by K A Solaman
Defence Minister?s fear For quite long A K Antony was under the presumption that he was sidelined by the UDF l ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(508)    Comment
Utter lethargy in State Information
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: It was in 2005, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government introduced India?s first Right to ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(487)    Comment
Minister of nuisance!
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: This is for quite another time the Excise Minister of Kerala K Babu twists his tongue against the H ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(516)    Comment
Mani?s arrest.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: The arrest of CPI-M leader M M Mani is due to the error of his counsel who advised him not to ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(417)    Comment
library ´erotica´
by S Burrows
Dear Editor: In Stratford library, east London, near the front entrance, there is a promotional table top displa ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(606)    Comment
Murali?s satyagraha
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: K Muraleedharan MLA, the son of late K Karunakaran has become more or less a clown in Kerala politi ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(587)    Comment
GKSF megamela
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: One of the man-made disasters of Kerala is the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival. Almost all merchant ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(537)    Comment
Toronto Mayor Ford
by Larry Archer
Dear Editor: I am writing this letter in shock that a Toronto judge has been given the power to remove an electe ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(499)    Comment
The Trouble With Tribbles
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: Tribbles were cute, furry creatures featured in an episode of the original Star Trek. Everybody wante ... .....more
NOV-28-2012  Viewd(526)    Comment
SExual Discrimination
by Ian Williams
Dear Editor: Perhaps the Sunday Times can get a reason from the Minister of Transport of why he is permitting the m ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(1448)    Comment
Eid ul Azha: Sacred or Business?
by Tooba Sohail
Dear Editor: Eid ul Azha is near and the prices of the animals in the market is so high that people are ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(634)    Comment
Education: Lack of Counseling
by Tooba Sohail
Dear Editor: This letter is written in accordance to the rising issue of education and lack of counselin ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(694)    Comment
Voter registration
by Nelson Ochieng
Dear Editor:It seems quite a good number of individuals from learning institutions and towns are going to be locked ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(549)    Comment
Harry Blissett
by Michael John Blissett
Dear Editor: My daughter is a contributor at the Straight paper in Vancouver.On Sunday night she covered the Paul M ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(631)    Comment
by Hafiza Omaima Baig
Dear Editor: I would like to draw your attention towards a serious crime that is attempted on daily basis and beco ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(3427)    Comment
unusua firing on special days
by Ulfat Baloch
Dear Editor: In our society it is the trend that on any special day people uses to do firing especially in the mar ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(424)    Comment
by Hafiza Omaima Baig
Dear Editor: At present the gravest problem that Pakistan facing is terrorism. It has become a headache for feder ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(5666)    Comment
Fiscal Cliff: The Real Truth
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: Republican members of congress have a problem with increasing taxes because for many it is a pill t ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(564)    Comment
by Earl DeHaven
Dear Editor: It is unfortunate that the people who want to secede from the United States of America do not heed th ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(567)    Comment
A Tribute to Sonali Mukherjee
by Himanshi Upadhyaya
Dear Editor: I would be highly obliged if you would publish my small poem on "Sonali Mukherjee", acid attack victi ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(585)    Comment
post election perspective
by Henry Teller
Dear Editor: Watching and reading the news, it appears that a number of persons are still disappointed that th ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(485)    Comment
Lighting Westover Drive
by Tori Gans
Dear Editor: Imagine you are preparing to enter an s-shaped bend in the road and all the sudden your vision is com ... .....more
NOV-27-2012  Viewd(514)    Comment
Thank you President Obama
by Sheldon W. Rice
Dear Editor: The last time I was on a commercial airliner was in June 2001. Suffice it to say I felt fairly safe. A ... .....more
NOV-26-2012  Viewd(625)    Comment
Elephant Deserve Better Protection
by Nicole Meyer
Dear Editor: In Defense of Animals applauds the Los Angeles City Council?s efforts to protect elephants. The Perso ... .....more
NOV-26-2012  Viewd(661)    Comment
Heavy school bags
by M Nawaz Dahri
Dear Editor: IT is astonishing to see children, most of them barely four foot tall, carry huge schoolbags to schoo ... .....more
NOV-26-2012  Viewd(4296)    Comment
Drone attacks
by M Nawaz Dahri
Dear Editor: DRONE attacks are a matter of serious concern for all Pakistanis. Almost every day, drones attack d ... .....more
NOV-26-2012  Viewd(553)    Comment
Just Say No to Terrorism
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: In America we have a program started several decades ago called "Just Say No to Drugs." A strategy ... .....more
NOV-26-2012  Viewd(577)    Comment
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