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Dear Editor: My name is M.ANWARDHEEN. I read "The Hindu" news paper daily. I would like to share so ... .....more
NOV-30-2015  Viewd(193)    Comment
Typing Error in an article
by Omkar Patwardhan
Dear Editor: TOI Monday 30. Nov In the times nation page, there is a missed word in the article "all eyes on delh ... .....more
NOV-30-2015  Viewd(228)    Comment
intellectual property rights
by Swetha Nellore
Dear Editor: Is India abusing intellectual property rights? Is there an underlying motive of developing our own pha ... .....more
NOV-30-2015  Viewd(225)    Comment
we love our precious guilt
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: We deny ourselves of nice things, of doing what we like, and finding out what are are capable of an ... .....more
NOV-30-2015  Viewd(228)    Comment
Syrian Refugees and our Native People
by Janet McGaghey
Dear Editor: As a people, Canada, is concerned about the plight of the Syrian refugees who are trying to go somewh ... .....more
NOV-30-2015  Viewd(397)    Comment
Action against ISIS
by M.Mughal
Dear Editor: In my opinion Mr Corbyn is right not to start action against IS in Syria. Look at it Super power lik ... .....more
NOV-30-2015  Viewd(386)    Comment
Royal Marines Music
by John Waller
Dear Editor: Retiring in the mid 1980s after serving in the FAA the Flying side of the Royal Navy for 23 years I ... .....more
NOV-30-2015  Viewd(192)    Comment
by Deepak Shirodkar
Dear Editor, I am sending you my response being an artist as well as a student of Hindustani Classical Music ove ... .....more
NOV-30-2015  Viewd(236)    Comment
Climate change
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: All climate change predictions are little better than imprecise extrapolated guesses. ... .....more
NOV-30-2015  Viewd(250)    Comment
dog menace in kerala
by n suvesh
Dear Editor: the question as to "how humane we should be to dogs" is very relevant today. The world we see today ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(486)    Comment
Borewell deaths
by n suvesh
Dear Editor: It is dreadful to hear little children falling into bore wells and dying.It is shameful to see that i ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(285)    Comment
Boston Marathon Tragedy Forgotten?
by Dana L. stern Sr.
Dear Ediotor: It would appear that the Obama Administration forgets the tragedy of the Boston Marathon all too e ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(262)    Comment
unfounded fears
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Fear is good because it keeps us out of danger, but too much fear will stifle us. We can have ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(292)    Comment
Exposed electric cable
by Vidyuthkrish
Dear Editor: this is to bring to your kind notice that in the wake of the sad demise of a couple due to electrocut ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(482)    Comment
What is religion?
by Rahil Arora
Dear Editor: I have written an article about what is religion. This is not an article that will offend in any rel ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(208)    Comment
Is Muslim a Religion of peace ?
by Russell Slayton
Dear Editor: DEFINITION OF PEACE = Freedom from disturbance; quiet & tranquility also DEFINITION OF PEACE: Non W ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(506)    Comment
Obama and Immigration
by Susan Rakes
Dear Editor: OBAMA FORGOT ABOUT THIS LAW......Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration. The Immigration an ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(310)    Comment
Climate change
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: In all probability,phasing out the burning of fossil fuels will reduce living standards,comfort,con ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(208)    Comment
Have We Forgotten 911?
by Dana L. stern Sr.
Dear Editor: Have We Forgotten 911? The most devastating act of terror perpetrated against the United States ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(276)    Comment
Look Around
by Dana L. Sten Sr.
Dear Editor: America is no longer the leader of the free world. Our government has been consistently mismanaged ... .....more
NOV-29-2015  Viewd(271)    Comment
by V Chandrasekhar
Dear Editor: TWO WORDS THAT MADE THE NATION LOOSE ITS IDENTITY The word SECULAR made Hindus lose their id ... .....more
NOV-28-2015  Viewd(212)    Comment
The future of Clandon Park
by Martin Conley
Dear Editor: The Onslows have announced their wish NOT to see Clandon restored. A very understandable emotion w ... .....more
NOV-28-2015  Viewd(188)    Comment
The Correct Response to Paris
by Phil Anderson, Anderson for U.S. Senate
Dear Editor: I?d like to take a moment to talk about an issue that is obviously very pressing in the news recent ... .....more
NOV-28-2015  Viewd(390)    Comment
Lawren Harris
by Frederic Schroeder
Dear Editor: James Adams informs us that Canadian art has up until now not enjoyed abroad the high standing tha ... .....more
NOV-28-2015  Viewd(626)    Comment
love this country
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: What can you do to make your town better? One way is to travel and discover what this wonde ... .....more
NOV-28-2015  Viewd(267)    Comment
asci - supporting erring companies
by v.m.perumal
Dear Editor: I recently saw a news item that ASCI has fined certain companies for cheating buyers with false inf ... .....more
NOV-28-2015  Viewd(241)    Comment
Dear Editor, It's good to see "Mumbai" at the "printed at" list in the facade of "The Hindu" home page. ... .....more
NOV-28-2015  Viewd(220)    Comment
Letter to the Editor Cloning animal
by Di Cornelius
Dear Editor: No wonder people are concerned about the ethics of cloning cows and other animals, in the article i ... .....more
NOV-28-2015  Viewd(508)    Comment
Asian Gender Imbalance
by Rob Ahlin
Dear Editor: In their article on Asian gender imbalance, the authors point out the dramatic cultural shift in So ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(572)    Comment
Legal Immigration vs Refugees
by Russell Slayton
Dear Editor :I have decided to write this because i am in Disgusted with the Leaders of our Country who would even ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(551)    Comment
Bill Dwyer
by Bob Drew
Dear Editor: Regarding Bill Dwyer Bill Dwyer was to newsprint what Vin Scully was to radio. ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(194)    Comment
Morrisons vs Tesco
by Jeff Wormsley
Dear Editor: I visited two large stores today, the first being Morrison's in Bulwell, Nottingam. The store was pac ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(325)    Comment
Minumum wage
by Johnny Whitright
Dear Editor: I was telling my wife that there are plans to establish a minimum wage for all workers in India, and ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(316)    Comment
film festivals
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Ideas come from a combination of other ideas. Ideas are a group effort. The more you lear ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(237)    Comment
an insight on today´s media
by Shabari Shankar S
Dear Editor: I feel that the media only reports what's best for business. Let's have a discussion. In today's ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(295)    Comment
Flood situation - action required
by V Ramanathan
Dear Editor: Flood situation in P& T colony 13th street west, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu- is very worse. Water is s ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(665)    Comment
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(291)    Comment
by sadagopan srinivasan
Dear Editor: The slap Amir call only goes to prove how correct the remarks of the actor on intolerence in our co ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(243)    Comment
Obama - Refugees Over Residents
by Bruce Davidson
Dear Editor: He's hesitant to call it a crisis, When the President talks about ISIS, Cuz a trip to the coroner ... .....more
NOV-27-2015  Viewd(318)    Comment
Time for Adieu to First Republic!
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: TIME FOR ADIEU FOR FIRST REPUBLIC! Parliament has devoted the first day of winter sessio ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(227)    Comment
Raging Intolerance discussion
Dear Editor: I think it's high time that the Times group highlighted the Maharashtra CM's statement on the subject ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(185)    Comment
by Doug Fraser
Dear Editor: Is David Cameron the new Tony Blair ? The Paris bombing was a terrible and horrendous act but clea ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(279)    Comment
Intolerance!! What´s that?
by Shijy John
Dear Editor: There's so much talk about 'intolerance' now-a-days. What are these celebrities and noted scholars ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(332)    Comment
Dear Sir: Mr Justice Warby is wrong to rule that 'all pupils must study atheism [Your article by Javier Espinoza 2 ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(221)    Comment
Suggestions on Collegium
by Rajani Bhusan Mishra
Dear Editor: Apropos to invitation of suggestions for improvement of Collegium System by DOJ, I have ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(215)    Comment
Amir Storm
by Krishnamoorthy. B
Dear Editor: Your article The Amir Strom to a apolitical person like me looks biased when you criticize the Governm ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(199)    Comment
poem-guide me forever
by Deeksha Anand
Dear Editor: we all get nostalgic at one point of time in our lives. What if one day we grow up and realise that a ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(176)    Comment
Domestic Violence
by Helen Vincenti
Dear Editor: There is No Domestic Violence SMH 24/11/15 "Domestic Violence Tool Kits for Schools" How do k ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(382)    Comment
Russian confict with Turkey
by Keith Simpson
Dear Editor: Am I missing something or did Russian troops, or Russian backed rebels in the Ukraine, not shoot down ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(258)    Comment
Amir Khan wont leave India TOI 2611
by sanjay kumar sinha
Dear Editor: Is the Headline correct? If yes, i say india and indians are honored as AMIR KHAN WOULD NOT LEAVE I ... .....more
NOV-26-2015  Viewd(248)    Comment
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