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Letters to the Editor Archives December - 2009

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Health Care
by Fredrick von Coelln
Dear Editor: I am retired, collecting Social Security and participating in Advantage Plus Medicare through CareMor ... .....more
DEC-31-2009  Viewd(910)    Comment
Airline Bombers
by Daniel J Doyon
Dear Editor: These Jihadists should not be criminally charged; acts of terrorism against unarmed civilians and t ... .....more
DEC-31-2009  Viewd(1324)    Comment
front page photo - Funnell Fun
by J Wingate and K Hitchcock
Dear Editor: Of all the photos you could have published on the front page of your newspaper today 1 January 2010 ... .....more
DEC-31-2009  Viewd(937)    Comment
DEC-31-2009  Viewd(907)    Comment
Glenn Beck Lies
by Paul Bragdon
Dear Editor: I cannot believe that in the 21st century America still believes in conspiracies. But, apparently ... .....more
DEC-31-2009  Viewd(1389)    Comment
Airline Travel Safety
by Rosemarie Dios
Dear Editor: I advise having bomb sniffing dogs on board on all flights. Nothing would give me more comfort than a ... .....more
DEC-31-2009  Viewd(1453)    Comment
Stephen Harper Non-Government
by Paul Bragdon
Dear Editor: Stephen Harper has to go. He has shown disrespect for the citizens who unwisely voted him in to g ... .....more
DEC-31-2009  Viewd(1164)    Comment
Expenses Row
by Julian Greenleaves
Dear Editor: Some of us thought it was great: A pillar of State, But now twitchy and sinister. Seems that in th ... .....more
DEC-31-2009  Viewd(865)    Comment
Telengana Agitation
by M.C.das
Dear Editor: This is the time when we have to think and act objectively basing on facts and figures. It is unfor ... .....more
DEC-31-2009  Viewd(1028)    Comment
Chinese ´human rights´
by J. Verniers
Dear Editor: Chinese human ´rights´: a British citizen killed?. Just after dissident Liu Xiaobo was sent to priso ... .....more
DEC-30-2009  Viewd(1557)    Comment
The Gaza Freedom March
by Elizabth Van Dyke
Dear Editor: Why have you not been featuring the fact that more than 1,300 peace loving people from 42 differ ... .....more
DEC-30-2009  Viewd(901)    Comment
TV´s for Nursing Homes
by Michael E. Mangia
Dear Editor: Friends for Seniors There are few things in these times to bring to our ... .....more
DEC-30-2009  Viewd(977)    Comment
proroguing parliament
by John Heaman
Dear Editor: So Stephen Harper has prorogued parliament for a second time. All hail his royal highness King Ste ... .....more
DEC-30-2009  Viewd(886)    Comment
Politics & News
by William D. Croft
Dear Editor: Corrupt state officials of Georgia are destroying the freedom, liberty and justice of its citizens. ... .....more
DEC-30-2009  Viewd(925)    Comment
Our Appreciation
by James Alexander
Dear Editor: I do believe that many of us in our fine community know how truly blessed we are to have the outstan ... .....more
DEC-30-2009  Viewd(1290)    Comment
Ravi Mohan Passes away
by SKK Krishnan. Vice Admiral (Retd)
Dear Editor: In Ravi Mohan we lost an eminent profressional and a very nice human being. I met him a few years back ... .....more
DEC-30-2009  Viewd(1295)    Comment
Airport Chaos - Al Quieda Won!
by Raymond D. Grant
Dear Editor: As President Obama said, the latest terrorist attack is due to a systemic failure in the intelligence ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(902)    Comment
Population control
by James L. Packard
Dear Editor; There is a growing dichotomy between maintaining democracy and unlimited population growth. S ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(960)    Comment
Attention toward Climate Change
by R.Sri Bharadwaj
Dear Editor: We are facing a global problem on climate change.I request you to publish at least a weekly paper "Th ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(1081)    Comment
Health Care (No Time to Relax)
by Roberta Sergant
Dear Editor: Stress is an embedded part of our American society. Pressures pile up and we look for a quick fix ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(776)    Comment
Gadkari- Another feather in Nagpur
by bodhisattwa shendre
Dear Editor: It is good to see wide & smooth roads in Nagpur. One can thoroughly enjoy driving a car in Nagpur. Yo ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(838)    Comment
Israel plans almost 700 new homes
by Ian Silverman
Dear Editor: In Ethan Bronner's article dated Dec. 29,2009, he attempts a historical context section that explain ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(881)    Comment
Road accidents
by Manoj R Kumar
Dear Editor: While Hero Honda, celebrates 25 years of its motorbike production, its also a matter of great conce ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(6488)    Comment
karunakaran´s contributions
by urmileshkumar,mba
Dear Editor: Donot forget karunakaran,s contributions WhiIe inthe70?', there was a growing revolutionary movement ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(1162)    Comment
Flight Security
by B. Hilton
Dear Editor: New regulation: Can't leave seat during last hour of a flight? Really! If someone is intent on c ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(832)    Comment
New grading system for Baltimore Co
by Sherwood D. Kohn
To the Editor For years, education has been unduly influenced by a group of sterile stuffed shirts who want noth ... .....more
DEC-29-2009  Viewd(993)    Comment
New Terrorism safeguards proposed
by John-Arthur Daley
Dear Editor: It has been recently reported that International airlines will now not permit passengers to access to ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(1446)    Comment
Airport Security
by Eve Heaver
Dear Editor: It is so sad to have to witness the tight security at all major airports in the western countries tod ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(829)    Comment
Bandar Bush & $1 trillion withdrawl
by L. DeRosa
Dear Editor: The Saudis, and Prince Bandar it has been researched, had at one time, around $860 Billion dollars inv ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(783)    Comment
Cheney told us so! SO WHAT!
by L. DeRosa
Dear Editor:Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember a big out cry from the left, at the Bush administration w ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(845)    Comment
Cheney ,Terrorist banker dad ties
by L. DeRosa
Dear Editor:I have heard that Dick Cheney has direct or indirect ties to the banker, who's son just tried to blow u ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(1262)    Comment
Do not fume over NIA
by K A Solaman
Sir, It is incomprehensible for one regarding the fuming of Kodyeri, the Kerala Home Minister, against the Centr ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(796)    Comment
Telangan mess up
by Bhartendu
Dear Editor: Flip flop a big damage to Govt.?s credibility Govt.?s flip flop on Telangana issue has done i ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(818)    Comment
by urmileshkumar,mba
Dear Editor: Being a politically neutral sideline spectator, I feel the whole unnithan episode is a mastermind of ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(827)    Comment
Control Dangerous Pollution
by Gonguluri Vijaya Laxmi
Dear Editor: With reference to article published in Vaartha Telugu daily dated 28th December 2009 at first page ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(1136)    Comment
Better Airport Security
by Charles Levine
Dear Editor: In "More Questions on Why Terror Suspect Was Not Stopped," published online in the New York Times on ... .....more
DEC-28-2009  Viewd(1386)    Comment
Dear Editor The saying, ?You can buy anything for money.? seems to be verified in the sale of Utah to Energy Solut ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(906)    Comment
What am I missing?
by David Cushing
Dear editor: A Nigerian lives in London. He is so associated with terrorists that his father goes to the America ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(718)    Comment
Thanks to McAllen Fire /Policemen
by The Family of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rock
Dear Editor, We have never felt more compelled to write a letter of commendation to a group of individuals then ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(1097)    Comment
President Obama
by Glena Stanley
Dear Editor: I wish all US citizens, including members of the opposition would stop and realize how fortunate they ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(940)    Comment
Judges & criminal law experience
by Glena Stanley
Dear Editor: I was unaware that judges are not appointed but can apply to become a judge. Is there a background che ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(910)    Comment
Orphan Discrimination
by Shruthi
Dear Editor: There was a nasty surprise waiting for innocent kids from the Ashrama in Lumbini Gardens Bangalore ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(1256)    Comment
Obama as USA President
by Gayle Gregory
Dear Editor: I am just wondering WHY? Obama wanted to be the President of the United States since he has such di ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(1051)    Comment
Thank you Sun Newspaper
by Hilary and Bill Jordon-White
Dear Editor: We were delighted to receive an early morning 'phone call on Christmas Day from our son who is soldi ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(1099)    Comment
Nero(Tiwari) fiddles while Andhra burns.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Nero's reputation is such that the people believe the worst of him ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(1059)    Comment
Ruchika´s case
by Brig Gurdial Singh (retd)
Dear Editor: I think the withdrawal of medals and honours is not going to have any moral and financial impact on t ... .....more
DEC-27-2009  Viewd(1042)    Comment
solar energy--mojave power failure
by Ellen Eubanks
Dear Editor: Instead of building solar arrays over desert ecosystems, it makes sense to build over the thousands o ... .....more
DEC-26-2009  Viewd(1044)    Comment
Chaityabhumi Event
by S. Shendre, Mumbai.
Dear Editor:Criticism on Chaityabhoomi event unwelcome This refers to the article ?Shivaji Park locals hunker do ... .....more
DEC-26-2009  Viewd(1409)    Comment
A gallant Yorkie - Christmas Day
by Elizabeth C. Saady
Dear Editor: I want the owners of a gallant Yorkie to know that I passed your brave little companion on my way t ... .....more
DEC-26-2009  Viewd(1417)    Comment
Church sexual abuse of minors
by Nick. O'Keeffew
Dear Editor: The recent arrest of Bishop Raymond Lahey on charges of possession and importation of child pornogr ... .....more
DEC-25-2009  Viewd(1173)    Comment
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