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Letters to the Editor Archives December - 2011

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Opinion Stephen Orr article Dec 28
by Rick Henshaw
Dear Editor: Stephen Orr's opinion article on December 28, 2011, was great. One of the few opinions written in t ... .....more
DEC-31-2011  Viewd(933)    Comment
allow senior citizens to work
by Palanki Balakrishna PhD
Dear Editor: In the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the AICTE website, as well as in their Approval Process Ha ... .....more
DEC-31-2011  Viewd(718)    Comment
Today`s radical letters to the edittor
by Arthur M. Savarick
Dear Editor: There are 2 letters in today`s paper that I take strong exception to. The first is headlined " Obama ... .....more
DEC-31-2011  Viewd(779)    Comment
melanie reid
by pamela stunt
Dear Editor: Melanie Reid Please tell her not to stop writing, she is an inspiration ... .....more
DEC-31-2011  Viewd(583)    Comment
Newt´s Hail Mary
by Betty Dobson
Dear Editor: Newt Gingrich, knowing that he is in deep trouble with women voters, used his tears as a ?Hail Mary ... .....more
DEC-31-2011  Viewd(686)    Comment
Encroachment in service lanes
by M S Syal
Dear Editor: Due the gradual laxity in building bye laws people have been encouraged to encroach on service lane ... .....more
DEC-31-2011  Viewd(1248)    Comment
Birdflu Scare
by Krishna Raju
Dear Editor: Recent headlines in the local newspapers regarding dead crows in paradip is a matter of grave conc ... .....more
DEC-31-2011  Viewd(573)    Comment
The Irony of Education System
by Bagesh Tiwari
Dear Editor: I want to just draw your attention towards the irony of Indian Education System with the help of on ... .....more
DEC-31-2011  Viewd(1088)    Comment
arrest of lady for concealed weapon
by Carl Schmidt
Dear Editor: Read the article where she saw a sign at WTC for no firearms allowed. She went to a policeman and as ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(574)    Comment
Lokpal Logjam
Dear Editor: The response of our representatives in the parliament on the issue of Lokpal Bill has left no suspi ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(1075)    Comment
Option before BJP
by Haridas Mandal
Dear Editor: BJP does not want LOKPAL bill to tinker with the Federal Structures and that the Parties in power in ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(635)    Comment
Dear Editor: :Film actors act infront of camera to make a film but our politicians act in parliament theatre in ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(697)    Comment
by john breslin
Dear Editor: Apartheid in America Today In the United States nativism has ebbed and flowed ever since the c ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(889)    Comment
Reclaiming justice from margins
by Ranjani Kamala Murthy
Dear Editor: The year 2011 has seen economic recession in developed countries and up-heavels in some of the Midd ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(739)    Comment
The bigest Discrimination ever
by Capt.Sanjeev.S(16 gaurds)
Dear Editor: I would like to Highlight the discrimination which is Present in the Indian Army and has taken an u ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(801)    Comment
Late Results
by Tuba Hassan
Dear Editor: The issue on which I am focusing on is the late results. The result system in Pakistan is worst . What ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(632)    Comment
Refusal to Accept Aadhar forms
by Radhika K
Dear Editor: The 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar Post office , Bangalore was at its pathetic best today. The family o ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(629)    Comment
In opposition of Uranium Mining
by Merle Rutledge JR
Dear Editor: Public Officials in support of Uranium Mining must go Money over life is important dependi ... .....more
DEC-30-2011  Viewd(853)    Comment
Kim Jong-il mourning
by Dean Altizer
Dear Editor: The spectacle of the supposed North Korean masses' ritualistic mourning of the Dear Leader recalls n ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(728)    Comment
by Rajatesh Gudibande
Dear Editor: It is very disheartening and shocking to see way the way Lokpal drama has been unfolded. What we can ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(794)    Comment
POOR SERVICE BY Western Digital
by CS Ramnath
Dear Editor: I always wondered what was International replacement warranty, until I had go through the trauma o ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(747)    Comment
Jokepal and Lokpal
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: The draft Lokpal or Hazare's Jan Lokpal Bill-which will come to existence, is like asking: will p ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(621)    Comment
Imminent anarchism in Pakistan
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Reports from Pakistan is not much pleasing for India as Pakistan government is seriously contemplat ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(656)    Comment
PSC decision unfortunate.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: As put by the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy a few members of the Kerala PSC are playing party politi ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(550)    Comment
by Nitin Bawle
Dear Editor: The ongoing debate in both The Houses of PARLIAMENT on the LOK pal issue reeks to me of a Machiave ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(588)    Comment
Ultra Orthodox Jews in Israel
by R. Barry Burnstein
Dear Editor: re coverage of the insults a very young orthodox girl had to endure. I am disgusted and I think thes ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(661)    Comment
IBPS Useless Scorecard (Bank PO )
by Mukesh
Dear Editor: There are many PO aspirants who have cleared the IBPS PO exam but whose graduation-marks is below 50p ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(1381)    Comment
50th Church Anniversary
by Mary Louise Martin
Dear Editor: The Holy Metropolitan MB Church will celebrate our 50th Church Anniversary Celebration. Sunday Jan ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(662)    Comment
Equal Rights for Animals
by Lai Ying Ying
Dear Editor: (Firstly I apologize beforehand if my language sound too strong or accusing at some points due to m ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(674)    Comment
Levy deductions by Mobile companies
by Pankaj Kore
Dear Editor: Even after the adoption of rigorous regulatory norms to govern telecommunication services by TRAI, f ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(516)    Comment
Did not receive passport
by Vishnu Vardhan Lokula
Dear Editor: We applied for passport for my Son - who is 2 years old. Below are the details: File Reference N ... .....more
DEC-29-2011  Viewd(1096)    Comment
embargo of Iran Central Bank
by A. Shobair
Dear Editor: The most recent act of congress places penalties on any foreign entity that deals with Iran Central b ... .....more
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(547)    Comment
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(690)    Comment
Merry Christmas
by Valerie Vitale
Dear Editor: I was highly offended on Christmas Day when I opened my newspaper and there was no Merry Christmas ... .....more
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(805)    Comment
Year 2011... Youth way,,,
by Navdeep Garg
Dear Editor: I would like to express how i'll remember this year... Finally.. it ends... 2011 Just like o ... .....more
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(616)    Comment
Can´t they be more courteous?
by Mala Thiagarajan
Dear Editor: This being the Music Season, I normally ring up to various Sabhas to find out the availability of tic ... .....more
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(574)    Comment
Bhagawad Gita
by Dr CM Pradyumna
Dear Editor: Sir, The recent news about the proposed ban on Bhagawad Geetha in Russia is a very unfortunate mov ... .....more
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(977)    Comment
by Anuj Singh
Dear Editor: There is huge similarity between the BIG BOSS house and the life which we all are living. Every bo ... .....more
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(706)    Comment
Anna Hazare
by Vinod Beri
Dear Editor: I don't know why Anna Hazare becomes defensive when he is questioned on a specific political party or ... .....more
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(613)    Comment
TOI is not reporting impartially
by Akhil Munjal
Dear Editor: Recently a image came to my notice on facebook. TOI headline: "Anna Hazare above parliament, can pr ... .....more
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(804)    Comment
jean Quan
by Catherine Brady
Dear Editor: Quan is a disgrace to the City of Oakland. Quan?s election was a total fluke. She received only 24% ... .....more
DEC-28-2011  Viewd(863)    Comment
Traffic sense
by Rajeshprabu Radhakrishnan
Dear Editor: I use to take a car-drive to commute office. I have been experiencing peculiar issues workaday on t ... .....more
DEC-27-2011  Viewd(700)    Comment
Deny Permit for Keystone XL Pipeline
by Edward Radillo
Dear Editor: Giving Canadian owned oil companies, Trans Canada or Enbridge the ability to transport Tar Sands oil ... .....more
DEC-27-2011  Viewd(628)    Comment
Alternative Energy Sources
by Jimmy Thacker
Dear Editor: Dennis Wade's letter, "A different magnitude of risk", implies the people living in Floyd Co. are " ... .....more
DEC-27-2011  Viewd(640)    Comment
the economy
by mike morell
Dear Editor: Bushanomics is the 2012 republican snake oil medicine for the nation: 3.3 trillion added to the Debt ... .....more
DEC-27-2011  Viewd(502)    Comment
Voter ID Laws
by Monty Snow
Dear Editor: Aside from their being coordinated jousts at an ethereal windmill of voter fraud, voter ID laws by ... .....more
DEC-27-2011  Viewd(598)    Comment
Texting and Driving
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: There is a concern floating around, which is more dangerous, a hands- free cell phone conversation ... .....more
DEC-27-2011  Viewd(670)    Comment
population control
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: What if everyone in the world decided not to have children for one year? ... .....more
DEC-27-2011  Viewd(551)    Comment
Nurses demands dignity and respect
by Samira amin/ Imran Khan
Dear Editor: Nurses are facing many problems in their profession but the leading problem is Harassment either phys ... .....more
DEC-27-2011  Viewd(635)    Comment
anna hazare and corruption
by v.sidharthan
Dear Editor: Anna hazare the man who build his reputation by fighting corruption, the man who ... .....more
DEC-27-2011  Viewd(745)    Comment
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