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Letters to the Editor Archives February - 2008

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Change Bangladesh
by M Ghosh
Dear Editor: The recent Change Bangladesh initiative to make the government more transparent, less corrupt and mor ... .....more
FEB-29-2008  Viewd(1240)    Comment
November elections
by Jack Collins
Dear Editor:I am confused right now,both the democrat candidates sound the same,their economic policies are not tha ... .....more
FEB-28-2008  Viewd(1380)    Comment
Name Change Of the ICWAI.
by Ram
Dear Editor: Kindly publish fully or as amended the extract of the online petition in your esteemed daily as a let ... .....more
FEB-25-2008  Viewd(1601)    Comment
Are we ready for Obama
by Brenda Hutchinson
Dear Editor:In the democratic camp Obama looks like a likely candidate,but are we ready for him. Are we, as a coun ... .....more
FEB-24-2008  Viewd(1405)    Comment
Indian Premier League
by Prasanna V
Dear Editor: The Indian Premier League has indeed proved to be a real money spinner.Crores of money spent on buyin ... .....more
FEB-21-2008  Viewd(1389)    Comment
About Voting Rights
by Noor Muhammad
Dear Editor: The citizens of Pakistan were fortunate enough to be be able to elect the leaders of their choice. The ... .....more
FEB-21-2008  Viewd(1250)    Comment
India must cut Bangladesh to size
by Suraj Prasad
Dear Editor: During Partition Bengal had 45% Hindus and 55% Muslims but only 27% of land given to West Bengal (whic ... .....more
FEB-21-2008  Viewd(1437)    Comment
Gun Control
by Alan Johnson
Dear Editor:After Virginia Tech I really thought some measures will be taken to make sure that there would be some ... .....more
FEB-20-2008  Viewd(1284)    Comment
by Philip Benwell
The Australian Monarchist League Inc. Suite 3303, 70 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000, AUSTRALIA Phone: 61-2 9232 4 ... .....more
FEB-13-2008  Viewd(2093)    Comment
Media Bias
by Amy Cobb
Dear Editor: Whatever happened to "We, The People"? Are conservatives no longer considered by the general public, ... .....more
FEB-10-2008  Viewd(2151)    Comment
Vote for Huckabee
by Jon Ritterbush
Dear Editor: On February 12th, Virginians can vote for a consistent, authentic conservative in former Governor M ... .....more
FEB-08-2008  Viewd(1420)    Comment
Scam letters
by Ian Jones
Dear Editor: In many parts of the world, if you asked someone to make a list of top ten things one knows about Nig ... .....more
FEB-05-2008  Viewd(1562)    Comment
by Philip Benwell
The Australian Monarchist League Inc. Suite 3303, 70 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000, AUSTRALIA Phone: 61-2 9232 4 ... .....more
FEB-05-2008  Viewd(1471)    Comment
Crisis in Kenya
by George Oteno
Dear Editor: Peace after Too's assassination is going to be difficult to achieve if the two opposing parties do no ... .....more
FEB-01-2008  Viewd(1551)    Comment
Misleading Palm Oil Ads
by J.Wong
Dear Editor: The recent ruling by United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority against Malaysian Palm Oil's ec ... .....more
FEB-01-2008  Viewd(1532)    Comment
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