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Solution to VA´s Budget Woes
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: Everyday Life: "Courting" Virginia's Budget Woes Virginia is for "S"s. While campaigning, ... .....more
FEB-28-2010  Viewd(802)    Comment
Mitch McConnell Report Card: F-
by Dana L. Stern
Dear Editor:Senator Mitch McConnell is a true professional politician. He has been in the Senate for over twenty ye ... .....more
FEB-28-2010  Viewd(1182)    Comment
Forward Messages
by Sara Khan
Dear Editor:Nowadays, it has become a trend to send messages via mobile phones with the instruction "Forward this ... .....more
FEB-28-2010  Viewd(895)    Comment
The lowest rival for Azhikode
by K James Williams
Dear Editor: I was wondering why Vellappally Natesan, the SNDP Yogam General Secretary is sitting idle keeping his ... .....more
FEB-28-2010  Viewd(1034)    Comment
Villa Park Traffic
by Peter Styles
Dear Editor: I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find out who was responsible for the fiasco last Wednesday e ... .....more
FEB-28-2010  Viewd(953)    Comment
Sunday shopping trip from hell!
by Glenn Bartel
Dear Editor: Copy of letter sent to IKEA today. To whom it may concern, I would like to pass on my thanks for ... .....more
FEB-28-2010  Viewd(1071)    Comment
Olympic fervor
by Barrie Street
Dear Editor: Our athletes have generated national pride and patriotic fervour most likely never before experienc ... .....more
FEB-28-2010  Viewd(1326)    Comment
PCI, Credit Card & Economics
by Chandra Nath
Dear Editor: Some thing very strange and economically irrational is happening with this credit card security. The ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(1597)    Comment
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(1080)    Comment
Healthcare Cost
by Gary Geil, MD
Dear Editor, I respectfully request that you print my open letter to Congress below. Dear Members of Congress ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(973)    Comment
Chanel 9 Shame on you
by Strahan Featherston
Dear Editor: I am appalled by Channel 9's criticism of the Olympic skier from Ghana Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong. I a ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(1453)    Comment
Canada´s Proud
by Robert Powers
Dear Editor: To VANOC, The City of Vancouver, and the People of British Columbia Simply Superb!! Best Winter ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(1124)    Comment
Supreme Court Decisions
by Mahmood Ajmal, UK
Dear Editor: The honourable Supreme court has finally announced its decision on the all time infamous NRO. W ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(863)    Comment
Own the Podium
by Timothy Whitehead
Dear Editor: I am very confused! As of this date (Saturday March 27th) Canada has won more Gold medals than any o ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(1208)    Comment
Sheldon Epps 2/27/10
by Christina Hamlett
Dear Editor: When someone is at the helm of a ship that runs aground, it's somewhat of a weak argument to suggest ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(907)    Comment
Homeless in Central Point
by J. Mollett
Dear Editor: It's a shame the people who live around the Central Point church which was providing some warmth an ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(764)    Comment
The USSR imploded will America?
by Dana L. Stern
Dear Editor:The USSR imploded will America? These days I worry about the future of my children and their children. ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(1026)    Comment
Lesser of two evils
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: Winston Churchill once said that democracy was the worst possible form of government, except for al ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(919)    Comment
deaths of John & Joan Stirland
Dear Editor: In the Thursday edition of your paper dated February 25, 2010,your crime correspondent stated that an ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(1941)    Comment
Summit in Name Only.
by Joy Hansel
Dear Editor: I am a retired Registered Nurse and recently cancelled my membership to a renowned nursing organiza ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(1086)    Comment
by Yamna Ishtiaq From University of Karachi
Dear Dear Sir / Madam, I would like to take your intention about ban on Pillion Riding through your News Paper t ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(920)    Comment
Roof Insulation Project
by Peter Breeden
Dear Editor: What went wrong here is not the fault of Peter Garrett. It is the fault of both major political parti ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(1033)    Comment
prospective paliamentary candidate
by R Woodason
Dear Editor: I see that Harriet Harman's husband is to represent Labour in Erdington Birmingham. A case of more ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(789)    Comment
Back to Holbeck in the 1950s
by John A Young
Dear Editor: My wife and I were both born in Holbeck in the mid 1940s and read with pleasure the letter sent by D ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(842)    Comment
by Anildev
Dear Editor: By birth I am a Hindu. My father, Osmania University educated, was a known lawyer in Ga ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(997)    Comment
Dubai Assassination by Mosad? Get Real
by Sam Liron
Dear Editor: The News reporting agencies and the main Media, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal a ... .....more
FEB-27-2010  Viewd(788)    Comment
Hockey Prayer for Canada
by Michelle Evans
Dear Editor: This is a Hockey Prayer i came up with for the Gold Game...... Our Father,who art in Canada Hocke ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(1147)    Comment
Indian Union Budget
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: ?History repeats first as a tragedy and then as a comedy?: is a good adage. This comedic episode re ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(780)    Comment
Toyota crash that prisoned Koua Lee
by Iain Macfarlane
Dear Editor: in 1970 I bought a Toyota Crown -the only decision being the colour(chosen by my wife). The first ni ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(2612)    Comment
Media Coverage By British Journalists
by John Martin
To the Guardian Editor: Records were set at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics; one in particular was set by the Britis ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(1034)    Comment
Nuclear Hypocracy
by Noel Payne
Dear Editor: Australian political parties should stop their gross hypocrisy and develop a nuclear power industry i ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(910)    Comment
Government is Imminent Threat to US
by susan prince
Dear Editor: According to CNN poll of 2/28/10, a majority of Americans think the federal government poses a threa ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(811)    Comment
Population of Chicago
by David F. Prindable
Dear Editor: In Allen R. Sanderson's piece in the February 26, 2010, edition of the Tribune, his otherwise insight ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(859)    Comment
Toyota rcall
by George Plyler (Washington Post ID Lyman55)
Dear Editor: I doubt there has ever been a Toyota accident caused by a stuck accelerator pedal. There might have b ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(1584)    Comment
Toyota Defense
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: An observation, and a question. First, there is the man in Minnesota who has been sitting in jail b ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(1305)    Comment
Public Option for Health care
by Curtis Bray
Dear Editor: Stop Making Back Room Deals with the CEO's of the Healthcare Industry! Give the People the Public Opt ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(836)    Comment
A common man wonders!
by Chaitanya J Rathi
Dear Editor: ?Where are you Chaitanya?? ?I?m on FC Road. Why? What?s up?? ?There?s been a bomb blast at German Ba ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(1053)    Comment
UGC: Do not hike retirement age.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: A reasonable man could not fully agree with arguments in favour of implementing of UGC pay packa ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(1703)    Comment
Inertia in Washington D.C.
by Lynne Tarkett
Dear Editor: In the last presidential election, voters overwhelmingly chose an intelligent, well-informed and thou ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(830)    Comment
Funding for Historic Preservation
by Beth Woolley
Dear Editor:I was shocked when today I received an email informing me that President Obama?s recently released bud ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(788)    Comment
by Judith McNamara
Dear Editor: One of my ancestors, John Lowe, was transported to Australia and his ship, York 1, docked in Feb 1 ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(1015)    Comment
May and Might
by David Arscott
Dear Editor: Dear God, even the Guardian has lost the distinction between 'may' and 'might'. Ref p 3 today's ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(947)    Comment
Cuts to Public Services.
by Paul Cronk
Dear Editor: The Country's County Councils consider sweeping cuts to Public Services whilst worrying over how to f ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(876)    Comment
The earth makes methane from CO2
by Chris Landau
Dear Editor: Let the Earth recycle carbon dioxide back into natural gas. We can recycle carbon dioxide back in ... .....more
FEB-26-2010  Viewd(1101)    Comment
Toyota- the Congressional TV Show
by Allan stahl
Dear Editor: I have been reading the stories about Mr. Toyoda"s repetitive apologies. If the senate wished to re ... .....more
FEB-25-2010  Viewd(813)    Comment
Thane SPCA - Hell for animals
by Atul Haldankar
Dear Editor: Being an animal lover I paid a visit to Thane SPCA regarding adoption of a dog rescued by one of my ... .....more
FEB-25-2010  Viewd(1272)    Comment
Compliment for TitusvilleResi
by Gaynelle "Gaye" Jordan
Dear Editor: Residing in a small town is wonderful in many ways but I am particularly impressed by the leve ... .....more
FEB-25-2010  Viewd(1052)    Comment
Qatar Nationality for M.F. Husain.
by Shaik Shoeb
Dear Editor: The conferment of Qatar Nationality on India's most famed and accomplished artist, M.F. Husain is a v ... .....more
FEB-25-2010  Viewd(1065)    Comment
by L.V.Sahana
Dear Editor: I am L.V.Sahana of class 6 from a reputed school in Chennai.This evening (25.02.2010) ... .....more
FEB-25-2010  Viewd(1508)    Comment
Princess Margaret Bridge
by John James
Dear Editor: The NB DOT has awarded yet another contract to Quebec. Brunway put their bid in as a NB company, but ... .....more
FEB-25-2010  Viewd(1370)    Comment
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