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Terrorism & War
by Everett Houghtalen
Dear Editor: This whole matter of the sequester is directly on the heads of the members of Congress. A Congress ... .....more
FEB-28-2013  Viewd(1087)    Comment
Gun Control - Rant of The Day
by Patricia Houghtalen
Dear Editor: I find it hard to believe that you would print such an inane letter as the letter of the day from M ... .....more
FEB-28-2013  Viewd(752)    Comment
Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
by Mohammad Ashraf
Dear Editor: Resignation of a beacon of light. I want to express my surprise and dismay in seeing Pope Benedi ... .....more
FEB-28-2013  Viewd(614)    Comment
there´s always a choice
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: As we evolve as a society there are people with little or no self worth. They go wherever th ... .....more
FEB-28-2013  Viewd(544)    Comment
John Kerry´s comments
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: What was John Kerry thinking telling a group of young Germans that Americans have the right to be s ... .....more
FEB-28-2013  Viewd(563)    Comment
Rs.2.3L Crore Needed
by Aman Singh
Dear Editor: Please refer to your news article titled ?Rs. 2.3Lakh Crore needed to weather climate change? publis ... .....more
FEB-28-2013  Viewd(471)    Comment
Lack lustre Indian budget
by T A Ramkumar
Dear Editor: No concrete proposals to revive the economy The Union Budget presented by the Finance Minister ... .....more
FEB-28-2013  Viewd(714)    Comment
Clamp Down on Social Media
by Aman Singh
Dear Editor: Please refer to your news article titled ?Clamp down on Social Media, demand MPs? published in the ... .....more
FEB-28-2013  Viewd(513)    Comment
Specifying power rating of solar
by R Rajaram
Dear Editor: The news item about installing solar power in Madurai Kamaraj University in the Hindu of 28 Feb 2013. ... .....more
FEB-28-2013  Viewd(460)    Comment
Malcolm McBratney Obituary
by Richard McConnell
Dear Editor: I was shocked to see the Times obituary page for Saturday the 23rd of February 2013, which appear ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(601)    Comment
by Samyak
Dear Editor: CRIME: We all Know what this evil word mean? But the question is how far will we go with it? Can we ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(529)    Comment
Chained CPI hurts future generation
by Marge Nowicki
Dear Editor: Social Security does not add to the deficit. There has been an annual surplus every year since the e ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(594)    Comment
Request for Support
by Mehtab Qureshi
Dear Editor: Saharo Welfare Organisation is a Registered NGO in Pakistan, Colliborating Partner of Pakistan Medi ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(514)    Comment
Intelligence Bulge
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Intelligence Bulge or Muddle or Mess ? Realities 'Intelligence Bulge' is awesome even in Ind ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(860)    Comment
Casino Debate
by Don Shepherdson
Dear Editor: Having a strong mayor at this time with the casino as the main topic again is certainly an asset. W ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(528)    Comment
Suggestion to better bangalore
by vidyasagar Lanka
Dear Editor: As we know the bangalore polulation grows exponentially due to people move from different places t ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(542)    Comment
deleting sections in the newspaper
by P. Gengler
Dear Editor: Why have you deleted so many interesting sections in your newspaper. The business section is not ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(550)    Comment
by colonel nirmal mahajan
Charity At Its Best (Colonel Nirmal Mahajan, Retd) We all feel that moral and ethical values in human beings/soc ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(609)    Comment
Dear Editor: Direct cash transfer scheme of the government is probably the best scheme in recent times. However ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(470)    Comment
Obama healthcare/corporate greed?
by Kimberly Antis
Dear Editor: Could someone explain what is happening when 5 LPN's who have been dependable in their outstanding ca ... .....more
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(640)    Comment
Grandstanding at the Confromation
by lois eisenberg
FEB-27-2013  Viewd(479)    Comment
Ciminalize Denigration of Religion
by Jim Black
Dear Editor: In coming talks with the Western countries, the 57-nation Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(591)    Comment
Corruption on rise
by Shishir kumar
Dear Editor: Through the columns of your esteemed daily i wish to share my views on the topic 'Corruption in Ind ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(6513)    Comment
Cheval encore
by Iain Davidson
Dear Editor: Here in France, when our supermarket ran out of steak, we were offered Zebra steaks - "horse in pyj ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(581)    Comment
by Alahari sujana devi
Dear Editor: I first of all want to congratulate the whole team of ISRO for their successful launch of PSLV C20 ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(666)    Comment
India Budget 2013
by Dharmveer Shah
Dear Editor: This is to address the burning issues of India, may it be its economy or other sectors. Government ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(558)    Comment
article Empower
by G. Vignesh
Dear Editor: People who live a more troublesome life must know how to mend it. The article in the " empower " supp ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(476)    Comment
drafting woman
by Don Judd
Dear Editor: Regarding allowing women to be drafted. This would be the saddest and most disturbing thing this coun ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(615)    Comment
rail budget
by mayank
Dear Editor: the decision of introducing 67 express trains and 26 passenger trains in the uni ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(524)    Comment
Gagging orders
by Kevin Wallace
Dear Editor: I agree with those who consider Gagging Orders to be morally wrong but I do wonder what makes those w ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(565)    Comment
No Cross Border Tourism
by Ajay Srinivasan
Dear Editor: On the heels of Chennai being touted as the Best Metro in India, comes an appalling decision from the ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(517)    Comment
The ignored portion of the railway in northeast.
by Ruhul Alam
Dear Editor, I would like to bring to light the status of the railway lines in the north cachar hil ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(553)    Comment
Academy Awards
by Dana Watkins
Dear Editor: A note to the Academy-- McFarlane's hot; His jokes were not. They weren't benign; He crossed the ... .....more
FEB-26-2013  Viewd(655)    Comment
by B.J.Murphy
Dear Editor: We are told that we live in a democracy. How is it possible that a senator can steal forty tho ... .....more
FEB-25-2013  Viewd(510)    Comment
whats with guys these days?
by Rosa D Saunders
Dear Editor: Apropos of nothing, what's with guys these days? Too many of them look like schlubs. Dark, ratty ho ... .....more
FEB-25-2013  Viewd(569)    Comment
Domestic Terrorism-Indian Mujahidin
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Domestic or Home Grown Terrorism - The Indian Mujahidin ... .....more
FEB-25-2013  Viewd(876)    Comment
by Preeti Chaudhry
Dear Editor: A long debate is going on in the country for more than two months about the punishment to be given to ... .....more
FEB-25-2013  Viewd(875)    Comment
Reports Liberal vs Concervative
by Marcel Chartrand
Dear Editor: Can we have un-bias reporting in your newspaper. You give a full column report of Mike Duffy repaying ... .....more
FEB-25-2013  Viewd(468)    Comment
Kingschase Landlords Greed?
by Mrs L Taylor
Dear Editor: I fear for Kingswood, Kings Chase area as the local shops are in danger of being forced ou ... .....more
FEB-25-2013  Viewd(491)    Comment
Gaya need more trains
by Mohammad Rashid
Dear Editor: I would like to draw the attention towards an ancient city in Bihar none another than GAYA. Since la ... .....more
FEB-25-2013  Viewd(678)    Comment
by G Shankar
Dear Editor: I had sent a DD-740028 of corporation bank for Rs.4498 on August 2012, for a Datawind tablet and til ... .....more
FEB-25-2013  Viewd(530)    Comment
by Thomas James Harbison
Dear Editor: Our Country has made great progress against discrimination over the years, in the work force, in scho ... .....more
FEB-24-2013  Viewd(680)    Comment
State of PSKs (Passport Seva Kendra
by Hina
Dear Editor: Passport Seva Kendra, Herald House, New Delhi. 22.02.2013 A Tale of harassment, idiocy and ma ... .....more
FEB-24-2013  Viewd(25710)    Comment
FelixBaumgartner record soon beaten
Dear Editor: ?Lieutenant Colonel Michel Fournier ex French Air Force paratrooper is going to be the next Challeng ... .....more
FEB-24-2013  Viewd(534)    Comment
Chandler Businesses
by Pokornys Chandler, AZ
Dear Editor: We have lived in northeast Chandler for the past 35 years. In that time we have seen Michael's Cr ... .....more
FEB-24-2013  Viewd(586)    Comment
The horsemeat scare
by John Ratcliffe
Dear Editor: you may be interested in publishing an essay that I have written regarding the horsemeat scare th ... .....more
FEB-24-2013  Viewd(1339)    Comment
Discontinuance of Newspaper Service
by Mary P
Dear Editor: I am disappointed in the decision to discontinue newspaper service to the Breckenridge hotel I frequ ... .....more
FEB-24-2013  Viewd(574)    Comment
Govt ultimatum on Adhar Card
by Supriya Verma
Dear Editor: ADHAR CARD AND GOVERNMENT APATHY Apropos Delhi CM's press co ... .....more
FEB-24-2013  Viewd(728)    Comment
Immigration Amnesty and Gun Control
by Jeff Schoep
Dear Editor: The proposed immigration amnesty talks are an all-out assault on America?s Constitutional freedoms. ... .....more
FEB-24-2013  Viewd(677)    Comment
Sequester Cuts
by Mark Flanery
Dear Editor: While I hope that the "sequester" doesn't happen, I'm extremely disappointed that I've seen no menti ... .....more
FEB-23-2013  Viewd(983)    Comment
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