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Letters to the Editor Archives February - 2015

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Decaying childhood
by Rohan
Dear Editor: Feel very sad for children of todays generation. They are indulging in drug abuse, alcohol, eve tea ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(331)    Comment
Abdication of the Queen
by Tony Ferney
Dear Editor: It is common knowledge that Queen Elizabeth II is extremely well informed about ? a whole lot of th ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(342)    Comment
Veterans Affairs Incompetence.
by Jeff Robinson
Dear Editor: I just heard that the new Minister of Veterans Affairs, Erin O'Toole has decided that amputees now ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(457)    Comment
by Alastair Davidson
Dear Editor: was Nemtsov Putin's troublesome priest? ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(316)    Comment
Random Thoughts
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: The Obama administration had decided that the ?sovereign citizen? group is more of a threat than IS ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(516)    Comment
Serious epidemic of swine flu
by Shuchi Patra
Dear Editor: I want you to highlight the very serious nature of swine flu and the people dying of it everyday ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(355)    Comment
Tax check offs
by Ken Harp Eddyville KY
Dear Editor: If you read the papers and watch T.V. News you hqve been informed, both sides of politics take y ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(413)    Comment
Furor over Land Acqusition
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Furor over Land Acquisition Act - Need ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(383)    Comment
UKIP Conference gatecrashed
by J McAteer
Dear Editor: In your coverage of the UKIP conference you write that the dancers who crashed the conference were we ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(294)    Comment
Jihadi John
by J McAteer
Dear Editor: Forget his contact with our security services; am I alone in wondering if Jihadi John was radicalised ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(290)    Comment
future of Dentists and Dentistry
by neelesh pandey
Dear Editor:हैलो सर, मेरा नाम ड ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(326)    Comment
Linking Electoral Rolls to AADHAAR
by BC Mohanta
Dear Editor: The initiative by EC to link Electoral Rolls to AADHAAR is welcome decision and will help in reducing ... .....more
FEB-28-2015  Viewd(325)    Comment
India hit by Overgreed epidemic
by Dr.K.J.Wilson
Dear Editor: It is surprising to note that majority of the news coming in Indian media nowadays are on corruption, ... .....more
FEB-27-2015  Viewd(490)    Comment
Budget 2015-16
Dear Editor: Sir / Madam, First of all sorry for late suggestions. I feel better late than never, hence the fol ... .....more
FEB-27-2015  Viewd(352)    Comment
AP reorganazation
Dear Editor: The KamalaNathan Committee working on AP reorganization is going at a snail's pace. Out of 60000 empl ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(299)    Comment
Violence Against Children
by Brittany Shaw
Dear Editor, As a current student obtaining my Masters in Social Work I have a deep appreciation for this article, ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(658)    Comment
SCRJ not doing their jobs
by Tanya Triplett
Dear Editor: Why is there an administrater at South Central Regional Jail? People who are employed with the Regi ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(493)    Comment
highlight the issue of drug use
by Raghav Aggarwal
Sir I am a student of Apeejay School, Pitampura and through the column of your newspaper I would like bring out th ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(847)    Comment
Do The Right Thing
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: The Republicans in congress are always running scared and caving to the Democrats because they are af ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(565)    Comment
Parliamentīs Stand on gender-aborti
by Anita Hill
Dear Editor: Bryony Gordon is right to find it abhorrent that some people think that some foetuses don't deserve ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(457)    Comment
Rahul Gandi
by t s subrahmaniam
Dear Editor: It is strange that Sri. Rahul Gandhi should have timed his leave with the Land acquisition bill,Rai ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(311)    Comment
RSS Chief stirs a Hornets Nest
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: RSS Chief Stirs a Hornets Nest ? Need for Introspection Mohan Bhagwat, the Rashtriya Swayamsew ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(281)    Comment
The Speaking Tree - Feb 26, 2015
by Nessie Dmello
Dear Editor: Religion in India has always been instigated upon and not as a matter of principle of whom we want to ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(431)    Comment
Land refularisation in Telangana
by M.V.Subba Rao
Dear Editor: The Govt. of Telangana issued G.O. 49 to regularise the land recently. The so called land grabbers a ... .....more
FEB-26-2015  Viewd(322)    Comment
Rip off interest rates
by Jeremy Mcleod-Mackenzie
Dear Editor: Pay day loans have been castigated by parliament for their interest rates but a company that we ha ... .....more
FEB-25-2015  Viewd(346)    Comment
Some more facts about Vaccines
by Fred Feipel
Dear Editor: I would like to see the media in the United States present a more balanced assessment of the re ... .....more
FEB-25-2015  Viewd(399)    Comment
The evil of nuisance calls
by Christopher Shepheard
Dear Editor: My mother-in-law is 87 and in an increasingly frail state since her son died last year. She has be ... .....more
FEB-25-2015  Viewd(470)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: British training troops being sent to Ukraine risks escalation with Russia. ... .....more
FEB-25-2015  Viewd(649)    Comment
Stand Up for the Pals
by P O'Neill
Dear Editor: It appears that Preston council are proposing to fly a Republic of Ireland tricolour flag to commemor ... .....more
FEB-25-2015  Viewd(419)    Comment
Argentinian Malvinas Banknote
by Mr John B R Sheldon
Dear Editor: The new 50 Peso Argentinian banknote depicting the Falkland Islands conceals an inconvenient histor ... .....more
FEB-25-2015  Viewd(354)    Comment
Diesel Prices in Leicestershire
by Lee Henfrey
Dear Editor, I have noticed over the past few weeks that the price per litre for Diesel in Leicestershire appea ... .....more
FEB-25-2015  Viewd(476)    Comment
Secrecy and Information theft
Dear Editor: With regard to latest unfortunate act of stolen papers from Ministry many editorial explaining the le ... .....more
FEB-25-2015  Viewd(383)    Comment
Dear Editor: RSS Chief?s Bhagat Statement on Mother Teressa is very painful and it is evident that the BJP & RSS h ... .....more
FEB-25-2015  Viewd(393)    Comment
by S sharpe
Dear Editor: Please stop reporting the three girls who have voluntarily left Britain to, apparently, join ISIL as ... .....more
FEB-24-2015  Viewd(316)    Comment
by dr muthu venkatraman
Dear Editor: in yesterday s hindu- there was a news , people agitatating before collectorate for excluding some h ... .....more
FEB-24-2015  Viewd(377)    Comment
Cpl Cirillo
by Cindy Lee Loucks
Dear Editor: Cpl Nathan Cirillo it was a beautiful day at National War Memorial there was no warning on that ... .....more
FEB-24-2015  Viewd(423)    Comment
real downers
by Diana Broun
Dear Editor: real downers? how about legal highs? ... .....more
FEB-24-2015  Viewd(286)    Comment
this and that
Dear Editor: I am sick and tired of people abusing the ride. They use to go to restaurants, movies, and shows. ... .....more
FEB-24-2015  Viewd(461)    Comment
Land Acquisition Ordinance
Dear Editor: Sir, This refers to the new Land Acquisition Ordinance. There has been a great hue and cry over ... .....more
FEB-24-2015  Viewd(322)    Comment
NGOs - Threat to National Security
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: NGOs/ CSOs/PVOs (referred as NGOs) ? Thr ... .....more
FEB-24-2015  Viewd(559)    Comment
Power tariff-- Coal block auction
by JRD .Rajakumar
Dear Editor: Coal block auction to reduce power tariff. The recent auction of coal blocks is not only supposed ... .....more
FEB-24-2015  Viewd(426)    Comment
The Lunar Planetary conjunction
by Tony Ireland
Dear Editor: The splendid photo of the Lunar Planetary conjunction in Mondays Telegraph was taken on FRIDAY eveni ... .....more
FEB-23-2015  Viewd(438)    Comment
UK Pensioners living in Europe
by Alan Sameul SKINNER
Dear Editor: David Cameron today stated that universal benefiits for Pensioners will be protected if the Tories win ... .....more
FEB-23-2015  Viewd(373)    Comment
Foreign Affairs
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: I find the disastrous state of foreign affairs in eastern Europe and the mid-east something that can? ... .....more
FEB-23-2015  Viewd(581)    Comment
by Angie Formoy
Dear Editor: we did own a small company, because we were sub contractors involved in the construction industry we w ... .....more
FEB-23-2015  Viewd(376)    Comment
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
TO THE EDITOR: I am writing in regard to the piece ?New Violence in Ukraine as Rebels Pledge to Pull Back? (NYT, ... .....more
FEB-23-2015  Viewd(802)    Comment
Officerīs high handedness
by M. Pushpa
Dear Editor: I had gone to the Passport Office at Bellandur in Bangalore. As was required I had made an Annexure ... .....more
FEB-23-2015  Viewd(368)    Comment
SSC Board 2015-
by Theresa Stevens
Dear Editor: This year 2015 SSC Boards begins on 5th March just a day before Holi which is verydangerous to ... .....more
FEB-23-2015  Viewd(468)    Comment
Holy Bible
by R Porter
Dear Editor: On tonights channel 4 programme celebrity countdown, Bill Bailey played a guitar made out of the Ho ... .....more
FEB-22-2015  Viewd(367)    Comment
Killing a TIGER
Dear Editor: It is indeed with great anger and concern I write this letter.Yet another tiger ... .....more
FEB-22-2015  Viewd(590)    Comment
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