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Terrorism & War
Martyres Daughter
by Mrds. Savita Singh
Dear Editor I am a war widow and the mother of a serving officer. I agree with the martyrs daughter that like murd ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(125)    Comment
Deteriorating State of the Nation
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Deteriorating State of the Nation - 2017 We are living at an unprecedented moment in his ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(64)    Comment
by David
Dear Editor We watched 'Broadchurch' last night and the sound was good. We Are watching 'The Replacement ' this e ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(89)    Comment
Push for Mental Health
by Samuel Ludke
Dear Editor: In this day and age, it becomes important to think of the every-man. The man who may not be like ourse ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(216)    Comment
WHY doctors need humanities
by Rahul yadav
Dear Editor: The article in 28th feb 2017 by Mr Anand Krishnan raised an important issue. Now days doctor are ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(144)    Comment
Neduvasal Hydrocarbon project
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor: I wish to draw your attention to the objection raised by the residents of this village in Pudukottai d ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(157)    Comment
chilcott report
by Arthur Strickson
Dear Editor: With all the talk of Brexit, the American President and the earth shattering news of the mix up at ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(57)    Comment
Cry my beloved country
by Paritosh Chauhan
Dear Editor: Don?t politicize the army , it will not be in the nation?s interest. We should look at our neighbors ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(52)    Comment
andrew saunders
by vivienne boucher
Dear Editor: so Mr paul saunders says he is a product of society, not my society mr saunders. there come ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(46)    Comment
Walk for Water National Campaign
by Sankalp Mohan Sharma
Dear Editor:We are all aware that water is vital for life on earth but is increasingly becoming scarce. Unsafe wate ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(154)    Comment
RBS scandal.
by Rowland Hill
Dear Editor: I still cannot believe RBS chief executive is taking home a salary of 3.8 million and many other ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(55)    Comment
Save the trees!
by Priya Bhat
Dear Editor: The forest fires in Bandipur and BRT Tiger Reserves notwithstanding, another forest fire breakin ... .....more
FEB-28-2017  Viewd(209)    Comment
Open Letter to students of DU
by Girish Padhye
Dear Editor: I am a sincere citizen and an honest taxpayer of this great country wishing to make a point here toda ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(98)    Comment
DePoliticization-Educational Campus
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: De politicization of Educational Campuses Following the student unrest in JNU in 2016, I ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(85)    Comment
Trump´s statement
by D. Paul Dalton
Dear Editor: [Title:] Trump delivers his own ?Fake News? ? in fact, it?s a bald-faced Lie. [Subtitle:] ?It?s an ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(167)    Comment
Pain caused by firearms
by Roger Stacey
Dear Editor:. While there are no humane methods of hunting, hunting with firearms can be particularly cruel. ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(119)    Comment
FHA Mortgage Delinquency Rates
by Clem Ziroli, Jr.
Dear Editor: Last week, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced a concerning increase in mortgage del ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(108)    Comment
BBC News
by Dave Williams
Dear Editor: Today's edition of the BBC News at Six provided the ultimate example of a national institution dumb ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(92)    Comment
Theresa May
by David Janes
Dear Editor: As I suspected Theresa May is using Brexit to cover for her failings as Home Secretary to reduce M ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(90)    Comment
Ludovic Kennedy´s wife
by Carolyn Russell
Dear Editor: Ludovic Kennedy was married to Moira Shearer NOT Norma as caption read under picture included in Si ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(93)    Comment
Carbon Tax Chimera?
by Donald P Johnson
Dear Editor: The February 25 review and outlook roundly criticizes a carbon tax, and most other economic incenti ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(137)    Comment
by Margaret J. Baker
Dear Editor: With all due respect to those happy dual-career couples out there, I found that your article ?A ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(166)    Comment
VAT on private education
by Lady Nourse
Dear Editor: Surely further taxation of the private sector, might only lead to many many more parents unable to me ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(73)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: The amusing thing is that many Muslims take the Koran and Hadith literally. ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(70)    Comment
Demonetisation issue for NRIs
by Dr. Raj K Jain, UK
Dear Editor: I would like to raise the problem faced by NRIs with overseas passports due to de-monetisation. It ... .....more
FEB-27-2017  Viewd(210)    Comment
Political funding ?a necessity for
by sanjay kumar sinha
Dear Editor:In absence of political funding there will be no healthy democracy allowing law makers to function with ... .....more
FEB-26-2017  Viewd(91)    Comment
Friday, February 24, 2017 ?Civil se
by Dr Roger Fitzwater
Dear Editor, Friday, February 24, 2017 ?Civil servants hide lack of facts with jargon? Given that hardly any ... .....more
FEB-26-2017  Viewd(74)    Comment
Deouty Giovernor Bank of England
by John Alexander
Dear Editor: The out-going Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Dame Minouche Shafik, is quoted as saying ?we h ... .....more
FEB-26-2017  Viewd(62)    Comment
Bridge and chess columns
by R.Shankar
Dear Editor: I was pleasantly surprised to see a bridge column in your sunday magazine dt 26th Feb.There used to b ... .....more
FEB-26-2017  Viewd(131)    Comment
IPL- Money or Mud
by Priya Bhat
Dear Editor: The Indian Premier League or IPL which was once a medium to bring together all global players toget ... .....more
FEB-26-2017  Viewd(165)    Comment
Inevitable Fall of Congress Party
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Inevitable Fall of the Congress Party Immediately after the results of 2014 Lok Sa ... .....more
FEB-25-2017  Viewd(64)    Comment
Women empowerment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: To counter Ranjani Srinivasan's idealistic view of women,they don't bring us into the world withou ... .....more
FEB-25-2017  Viewd(90)    Comment
Debt created by Mr. Vijay Mallya
by Iyer Adiseshan Subramanian
Dear Editor: As we all know that Indian business magnet Mr. Vijay Mallya has left the country leaving huge debt ... .....more
FEB-25-2017  Viewd(76)    Comment
Dear Editor: I am a resident of Chennai, presently staying with my daughter in San Diego. Between June 2016 a ... .....more
FEB-25-2017  Viewd(2233)    Comment
All Falling Faiths
by Marshall H. Tanick
Dear Editor: Federal Court Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson's lamentation about the societal "wreckage" wrought by t ... .....more
FEB-25-2017  Viewd(108)    Comment
News conference at White House
by Philip Herschenfeld
Dear Editor: Your cowardly behavior in now walking out of the news conference in which NYT and CNN were banned i ... .....more
FEB-25-2017  Viewd(222)    Comment
india defeat in pine
by kannan
Dear Editor: dismal performance by the indian team against aussies in spite of having a strong batting line up al ... .....more
FEB-25-2017  Viewd(105)    Comment
India Awakening to Women Empowermen
by Ranjani Srinivasan
Dear Editor: She is a dreamer. She dreams of fairy tale and she dreams of happily ever after. She is all about smi ... .....more
FEB-25-2017  Viewd(69)    Comment
by Dileep V. SAthe
Dear Editor: See NASA's recent discoivery of a star (smaller than our Sun) having 7 earth-sized planets. They are ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(199)    Comment
Did Priebus Obstruct Justice
by ann fessler
Dear Editor: The first Article of Impeachment against Richard Nixon had to do with Obstruction of Justice. Richar ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(173)    Comment
Peggy Noonan
by Molo Ludan
Dear Editor: Great job by Peggy Noonan in calling Dean Acheson a ?first-rate second-rate? planner - an earnest b ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(129)    Comment
Spicer´s briefing February 24
by Dan Hankin
Dear Editor: If the WSJ believes in freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it should loudly object to the e ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(77)    Comment
BBC drama poor audibility
by (Mrs) Sally Hadley
Dear Editor: The letter by Geoff Pringle in today's Telegraph ('Not so loud speakers') makes a good general point ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(88)    Comment
Trumps Deportation Surge 02/23/2017
by roger yolo
Dear Editor: What are you thinking or do you, in saying "... only capture law-abiding immigrants whose only crim ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(222)    Comment
Giving to charity
by Julian Sutton
Dear Editor: as a pensioner who has worked hard for his money I am puzzled who to donate moneyto There are many ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(69)    Comment
Surge Pricing in different names
by Kailash
Dear Editor: This is regarding the peak time charges deducted by the cabs in bangalore. While we have had the Go ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(153)    Comment
7th century people
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: At this stage in history,the 7th century people are causing the whole human race a problem. ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(67)    Comment
Walk for Water National Campaign
by Sankalp Mohan Sharma
Dear Editor: Sub : Proposal for Partnership with ?Walk For Water?, a Social Awareness Campaign for Conservation ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(59)    Comment
Dead End RTI
by Ajay Kumar
Dear Editor: Upon its implementation in October 2005, RTI Act, 2005 was perceived with fanfare to bring transparen ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(69)    Comment
Pakistan - Terror State Bill?
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Pakistan as Terror State - Private Members Bill The Independent MP from Karnataka, Rajee ... .....more
FEB-24-2017  Viewd(120)    Comment
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