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Hail amendment
Dear Editor: A coincident happened some seventy five years ago on the day of April fool and same thing happened whe ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(729)    Comment
Border Protection
by NancyM. Iverson
Dear Editor: Today I am so frustrated, angry, disappointed, feeling of great sorrow that it took the death ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(741)    Comment
Natural Born Citizenship
by Jeff Lichter
Dear Editor: ALL VOTING AMERICANS SHOULD AT LEAST KNOW THESE FACTS Article II, Section I of the US Constituti ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(770)    Comment
Writing Freelance Earning Training
by M Yakub Chowdhury
Dear Sir I am an internet freelance worker and internet freelance trainer in Bangladesh. I have made a lot of ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(882)    Comment
friendly political statement
by Keith Bernsdorff
Sixpence sing a song for sixpence, a story must be told; a dance for all the little bears, 'ere they g ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(888)    Comment
Deemed Universities
by P.M.Mathew
Dear Editor 44 deemed to be Universities in India are facing uncertainty on their status in t ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(876)    Comment
Proposed On line charging
by frank bover
Dear Editor: I am writing with an enquiry about what will happen when you go over to charging for reading your o ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(906)    Comment
Smoking discriminaton
by Traci Wilhelm
Dear Editor: I was watching news 8 this morning and caught part of an announcement that a particular company is go ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(1134)    Comment
Massretirement in Kerala
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: The Thuglakian Kerala model of retirement age unification has made on this March 21,000 employees ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(872)    Comment
Discontinueing Saturday Mail
by Norm Pangracs
Dear Editor: The recent announcement by the United States Postal Service to discontinue Saturday deliver ... .....more
MAR-31-2010  Viewd(898)    Comment
Labor Unions
by Thom Thompson
Dear Editor: I understand why so many who write in your magazine dislike unions. They should. Unions may hav ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(810)    Comment
Ex-HMAS Adelaide
by Michael Baldock
Dear Editor: There are three concerning points over the scuttling of Ex-HMAS Adelaide off Avoca on the Central C ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(1072)    Comment
progress and democracy
by David Gurarie
Dear Editor: We keep asking where the scourge of suicide bombing has come from, who sow the poisonous germs? Unamb ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(798)    Comment
ObamaCare - Local Angle
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: Everyday Life: My Sad Saga of Synthroid I am someone who very sparsely uses the health care sys ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(849)    Comment
by Eddie Tucker
Dear Editor: Here is a simple and economical plan for reviving the U.S. economy. According to projections from ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(807)    Comment
Positive Attitude Is key To Success
by Mr. Liyakat Shah
Dear Editor:Positive Attitude Is key To Success Man is a social animal his basic needs of food, shelter and clo ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(1022)    Comment
by Janet Bazaz
Dear Editor: Transit Fare Hikes and Cuts It seems to me that NJT is putting the NJ residents between a rock and a ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(769)    Comment
Hannity and Beck
by Paul Bragdon
Dear Editor: I find it amazing that when Hannity and Beck get past the latest "potential radical ruination of Am ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(840)    Comment
Good Samaritans during the Poll
by Renu S.Nambiar
Dear Editor: I was posted at Royal English Pre University College as Asst. Presiding Officer on election duty. The ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(789)    Comment
ACC Pokies Policy
by Martin Cheer
Dear Editor: Every three years we endure the hysterical chicken little rantings of the problem gambling foundation ... .....more
MAR-30-2010  Viewd(841)    Comment
Waihis Martha Mine
by Michael Bott
Dear Editor: Waihi's Martha Mine has a tourist drawing power because it is odd - it is a huge gaping wound that ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(802)    Comment
Biometric Identification Card
by Brian Reid
Dear Editor The writer forgot to profile L-1 Identity Solutions Inc ID:NYSE. This company is the industry lea ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(791)    Comment
Theresa Stehly--candidate for city
by Cathy Anderson
Dear Editor: I would like to encourage you to vote for Theresa Stehly for the Sioux Falls City Council. ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(1377)    Comment
A little Left Unsaid
by Jack Chiavarini
Dear Editor: Bill Curry's diatribe on Canada's increase in correctional staff makes parallel comparisons with the ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(964)    Comment
Terror attack in Russia
by Aruna Murthy
Dear Editor: Its been sad day for the 'Russians' who were hit by terror attack by two women suicide bombers who bl ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(851)    Comment
Rush Limbaugh
by Fred Blaney
Dear Editor: Anyone ever try to send Rush a letter or listen to one of his videos? No, you have to be a member. ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(844)    Comment
If America is to Climb Out From its Current Decline
by Mona Rampersaud-Jones
Dear Editor: Right now in the USA, if they are to survive alive, in maintaining their first world beehive, He ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(1383)    Comment
Childish Politics in America
by Paul Bragdon
Dear Editor: This letter is to Rush Limbaugh, but I knew it would never be made public if I sent it to him. It ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(780)    Comment
Health Care Wordsmanship
by Fred Morser
Dear Editor: Webster?s defines immediate as, occurring or accomplished without delay; instant: an immediate repl ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(896)    Comment
Tobacco prod sold without permit
by Ameet Patel
Dear Editor: I want everyone to read this. Especially those who smoke. What is more harmful a bottle of whisky ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(776)    Comment
stop striking
Dear Editor: IT is appalling that despite a security alert the city's administration allowed such a gross secur ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(854)    Comment
Spiteful teacher of Newmann?s college
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: The iniquitous teacher of Newmann?s college, Thodupuzha, who prepared the question paper that annoy ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(900)    Comment
RSP is dejected
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: The LDF small partner RSP is seen dejected with the latest development in Kerala. The rival groups ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(770)    Comment
Allawi and the Iraqi Birther movement
by Laith Naaman
Dear Editor: Article 65 of Iraq?s constitution stipulates that the Prime Minister must an Iraqi citizen from Iraqi ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(996)    Comment
New US Health care law
by Pearl Munak
Dear Editor: Your "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" article makes a big point of saying that the total expenditure ... .....more
MAR-29-2010  Viewd(766)    Comment
The problem with Indian Democracy
by Eashan kadam
Dear Editor: Last year we studied about Hitler's 'Nazism' ,looking at the world opinion it was evil for the world ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(805)    Comment
God Mother to the Marines
by Barbara Cairns
Dear editor: Thank you David Whiting for writing such a wonderful article about Marlene Blaue and her work for the ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(836)    Comment
Bay Area Fellowship
by Zandy Benefield
Dear Editor: How can a "church" compare it's multimillion dollar giveaway to the "ultimate gift" of God's gift t ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(1556)    Comment
Great that President visited Afghanistan
by pauline cook
Dear Editor: Great that Obama went to Afghanistan, but why did he not once he mention his thanks to the coalitio ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(770)    Comment
Immortal, yet invisable 2/7/2010
by Daneil Mack
Dear Editor: I was disturbed by the article that was written by Deborah L. Shelton. In this article she cites a ca ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(727)    Comment
Global City near dumping ground
by Crossings Republik Owners and Members Association
Dear Editor: I would request you to highlight 1 serious issue through your newspaper.There is a world class city ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(1851)    Comment
Noise Pollution by religious places
by SPBhatt
Dear Editor: I want to bring to your notice the public nuisance caused by mosques and temples who play on loudspea ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(16659)    Comment
Eliminate the income tax
by Andrew Webb
Dear Editor: Governor Christie has had the courage to insert a note of realism into state finances by taking on ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(883)    Comment
Penalty of murder
by Mary Ann Wiggins
Dear Editor: What is the penalty for murder? Recently there have been 2 stories about young boys who have los ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(1231)    Comment
Who´s fact-checking Politifact?
by Bryan Wither
Dear Editor: In the Issues and Ideas Section of the March 28th edition of the Herald, Politifact Florida rated a ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(867)    Comment
How far right is right?
by Louis DeRosa
Dear Editor: When George W. won his 1st presidency in 2000, with that HUGE landslide victory of -248 votes in Flori ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(844)    Comment
Health care - Simple Fix
by Ronald L Campbell
Dear Editor: I understand that we pay high salaries to politicians and their nominees. This policy no longer words ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(792)    Comment
Dear Editor: I write in regard to the current storm over the behaviour of the late Roman Catholic priest Father La ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(1024)    Comment
Earth Hour
by Heather Barlow
Dear Editor: After participating in Saturday night's "Earth Hour," I personally think that we should have "Earth ... .....more
MAR-28-2010  Viewd(995)    Comment
Earth Hour
by Seema Seth
Dear Editor: It is always encouraging to see initiatives like the Earth Hour -the latest one being on March 27th. ... .....more
MAR-27-2010  Viewd(807)    Comment
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