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LA Dodgers curse
by Jack Ricketts
Dear Editor: The Boston Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino. The Chicago Cubs have the curse of the Billy Goat ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(310)    Comment
Election 2016
by Stephen Melinger
Dear Editor: What subject will the 2016 election turn on. There is an absence of a central theme such as the econ ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(241)    Comment
Whatīs the rush on wage hike?
by Paul Milberg, M.D.
Dear Editor: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions," it has been said. Circumspection by our state lawm ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(408)    Comment
needing to matter
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Sometimes when people give up it's because they feel like they don't matter. If you just ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(206)    Comment
GEORG WILL OpEd of March 27
by William Hipps
Dear Editor:Let me begin by saying I am an avid reader of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, although this is my ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(298)    Comment
The Media
by Dana . Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: We live in the age of ?The Media.? Information on the media that permeates our very souls is every ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(260)    Comment
by John Titor II
Dear Editor: Man at his best will sacrifice his very life to save another human being. Man will fight in defens ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(287)    Comment
The arts
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: The arts are basically enjoyable and clever nonsense,and not useful creativity. ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(164)    Comment
On Sandersīs supporters
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is in regards to the column "?Bernie or Bust? Is Bonkers" by Charles M. Blow (NYT, MARCH 31, 2 ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(295)    Comment
Bad Railway management
by Kiran Ishaq
Dear Editor: I am writing to make a formal ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(312)    Comment
Amulya Gopalakrishnan: Havells
by Sunil Gupta
Dear Editor:I was both amazed and appalled to see Ms Gopalakrishnan's defence of the Havell's ad being pulled. As ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(261)    Comment
Lint and Tradition
Dear Editor:I have done some thinking and research on Holy Week and Ash Wednesday. Finding Jesus fasted for 40 days ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(246)    Comment
Light It Up Blue is a Turn-Off
by Whiting Wicker, Ph.D.
Dear Editor: Lighting it up blue for autism ? whether wearing a blue ribbon ? putting a blue light in your yard ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(239)    Comment
Testing in Primary Schools
by Bridgette Lawrence
Dear Editor: I write to you in despair at the seeming lack of action by any of the teaching or, indeed, head teach ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(296)    Comment
Steel industry crisis
by Tom Jones
Dear Editor: The solution to the steel industries problems is simple. Divert some of the aid money currently paid t ... .....more
MAR-31-2016  Viewd(166)    Comment
Inconsiderate parking
by Jeff Wormsley
Dear Editor: It saddens me every time l go to the shops that the disabled parking bays are filled with cars that s ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(972)    Comment
by Tom Jones
Dear Editor: Would it be fair to say that David Cameron appears to be suffering from the Stockholm syndrome in ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(151)    Comment
by Jackie Lane
Dear Editor: Gus O'Donnell states that if we had successful negatiotions following Brexit, other countries who w ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(292)    Comment
Steel industry crisis
by Tom Jones
Dear Editor: Will the Prime Minister exercise the skills so recently honed in Brussels over the tax on sanita ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(148)    Comment
other peopleīs issues
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: People can give you many many reasons of why you will fail at pursuing a dream. They may ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(303)    Comment
The Boat Ride to No Return
by Anthony David Butcher
Dear Editor, Shailaja?s article on 21st is a good illustration that India?s best export is her traditional knowl ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(157)    Comment
Exhorting Parsis to Multiply
by A V Treasurer
Dear Editor: I liked Bachi Karkaria's article on Parsis in Erratica of Sunday Times of India on 27th March, 2016. ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(202)    Comment
Democracy in USA
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Democracy is Messy even in USA Democracy is certainly messy even in USA consider ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(252)    Comment
online electoral card
by Ilango
Dear Editor: It was informed that people can correct the address or any other matter related to electoral card o ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(132)    Comment
To omplement clean india in varanas
by k.shanthi
Dear Editor: I am Shanthi from Chennai, I had been to Varanasi last week. Being PM's constituancy, the roads are ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(259)    Comment
Why only February be a small month?
by Subbiah Sridhar
Dear Editor: It is said for one complete revolution around Sun, Earth takes 365 days and approx. 6 hours. Henc ... .....more
MAR-30-2016  Viewd(218)    Comment
The Lewandowski episode
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is in response to the article "Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump's Campaign Manager, Is Charged ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(260)    Comment
South Wales steel closure
by Charlesteideman
Dear Editor: I cannot understand why the Welsh steel industry can be held to ransom by the Indians. Surely the Bri ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(200)    Comment
The limousine liberals
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: Here is another response to David Brook's op-ed "The Sexual Politics of 2016" (NYT, MARCH 29, 2016) ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(222)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Brig (Retd) G B Reddy's assessment of the apparent retreat of global democracy is brilliant (28/3/1 ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(165)    Comment
Dear Editor: Responding to Naina Lal Kidwai's article, the government has been rightly emphasising on behavioural ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(213)    Comment
Exposure of the elites
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is my response to "The Sexual Politics of 2016" by David Brooks (NYT, MARCH 29, 2016). **** ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(239)    Comment
Christians Need to Get Out and Vote
by Susan Rakes
Dear Editor: Christians need to make sure they get out and vote for the best candidate out there. While many ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(292)    Comment
by Tom Jones
Dear Editor: The PM and his cabinet colleagues should stop belittling our great country by making statements to ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(269)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: It looks like anything is hackable,and probably always will be. ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(120)    Comment
Bharat mata ki jai
by Dr. K.S Balasubramanian
Dear Editor: This is with regard to your publication of the views of Prof. Irfan Habit in the Hindu. As usual the ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(199)    Comment
Country loosing money thru Post office
by Malini R
Dear Editor: I write this letter from Mysore. Today, none of the post office including the head office is accep ... .....more
MAR-29-2016  Viewd(141)    Comment
Open Abuse of Law
by Heemadri
Dear Editor:Dear Sir, Janak puri district centre in west delhi is bang opposite Janak puri police station. There a ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(660)    Comment
Occupation of the centre meredian
by Kumudakar Chitturi
Dear Editor: It is heartening to see a constable taking photos of the cars neatly parked on the side of the road w ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(379)    Comment
Is it really rusted?
by Alan P. Suits
Dear Editor: Why does the New York Times continue to use the demeaning cliche term "The Rust Belt" in its news a ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(236)    Comment
music all day
by raymond lawso
Dear Editor: Did you ever notice how things are calmer when music is playing? What if you had soft mus ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(197)    Comment
Trade policy
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is in response to the piece by Paul Krugman "Trade, Labor, and Politics" (NYT, MARCH 28, 2016) ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(272)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Why do men commit more crimes than women? ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(146)    Comment
Gender equality
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Gender equality may be unnatural. ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(173)    Comment
Republican problems
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is in regards to the op-ed piece "Republican Self-Destruction" by Charles M. Blow (NYT, MARCH ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(342)    Comment
Democracy in Rereat
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Democracy in Retreat Democracy is in retreat from the ?hub? of origins ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(277)    Comment
Air Cadet Gliding
by Verdun Luck, Captain BA (Retired)
Dear Editor: Air Marshal Coville?s letter (27th March) cannot go unchallenged. The grounding of the air cadet ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(172)    Comment
Smith and the Sculptor
by P G Vaidhyanathan
Dear Editor: Steve Smith is a man, not ordinarily given to praising an opponent, especially when his team had su ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(323)    Comment
Today - Radio 4 - 28.3.2016
by Barbara Lucas
Dear Editor: John Humphreys interviewed a Christian Bishop about the Taliban actions in Pakistan on Easter Sund ... .....more
MAR-28-2016  Viewd(223)    Comment
Slanted coverage of Democratic Primary
by Maggie Bagon
Dear Editor: I am writing regarding your coverage of the Democratic candidates. Of course you are not alone as mo ... .....more
MAR-27-2016  Viewd(263)    Comment
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