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Dear Editor: It was shocking to see cricketers born in 1991 playing for their UNDER 23 teams in the ACC EMERGING ... .....more
MAR-30-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
Assault on Westminster
by David Johnston QPM
Dear Editor: The Home Secretary says she is prepared to pass new legislation. The problem is not a lack of ... .....more
MAR-30-2017  Viewd(5)    Comment
Brexit negotiations
by Brian E N Parker
Dear Editor: If it becomes necessary to negotiate a payment on leaving the European Union the appropriate source s ... .....more
MAR-30-2017  Viewd(7)    Comment
Congress goes overhaul of education
by Gayatri Shukla
Dear Editor: This is in response to the above mentioned topic you published on 30.3.17. How can the politician ... .....more
MAR-30-2017  Viewd(9)    Comment
by Sudeshna Das
Dear Editor: We humans are a typical kind, aren?t we? We have a different line in our heads but do the exact oppos ... .....more
MAR-30-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
Policemen violating rules
by Krishna
Dear Editor: We found 3 policemen Tripleseat, without helmet & wrong side on a motorcycle near ghatkopar flyover ... .....more
MAR-30-2017  Viewd(7)    Comment
Wisconsin State Lawmakers
by Jerome McCollom
Dear Editor: Wisconsin Republican state lawmakers have just passed a bill that would ban local governments, be it ... .....more
MAR-30-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
Founded on Christian principles?
by Jerome McCollom
Dear Editor: A recent letter stated that our country was founded on Christian principles. This is a myth. The v ... .....more
MAR-30-2017  Viewd(12)    Comment
Stick to Principles
by Hemant Dixit
Dear Editor: Dear Sir, This has reference to editorial ?Sidestepping Debate? (TOI 24th March 17) has rightly high ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
by Edward Richards
Dear Editor: Rather than pay the EU 60 Bllion to get out I think that we should ask for all our money back. Failin ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(4)    Comment
Computers in our world
by Samuel Ludke
Dear Editor: Are we becoming robotic? This is a question that we must ask. As cell phones and other electronics ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(11)    Comment
bear cubs
by hazel silcock
Dear Editor: Sir, Can I just say how moved I was to see the delightful photo of the 2 bear cubs in Alaska ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(4)    Comment
Is this a record?
by Jeremy Dearling
Dear Editor: While rummaging in the attic I found a flat, round, 12" disc of plastic with a small hole in the ce ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(4)    Comment
First Sign Of Spring
by Kevin Field
Dear Editor: the first sign of spring here in Lincoln is not Peacoxk Butterflies nor Cuckoos, it is of course t ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(5)    Comment
How to save environment ?
by Aryan Jakhar
Dear Editor: My name is Aryan Jakhar and I am a resident of Jaipur. I wanted to drawn the attention of the public ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(12)    Comment
by Nigel Griffiths
Dear Editor: After watching for 6 minutes I decided to employ coitus interruptus. yours sincerely Nigel Griffi ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
Problesms if commuting
by Chandrima Das
Dear Editor: I like to draw your attention on the following problem that we face in our day to dau life. There is ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(11)    Comment
by Winston Huth-Wallis
Dear Editor: Now that Article 50 has been served, the constant carping and negativity from discredited politicians ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Currently there are UN nuclear disarmament talks with most countries present,and arguably democrac ... .....more
MAR-29-2017  Viewd(9)    Comment
RSC´s production of Julius Caesar
by Chris A Lewis
Dear Editor: I cannot believe that your reviewer Dominic Cavendish saw the same production as my wife and I did ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(7)    Comment
The Duke of Edinburgh´s taxi
by Tim Morton
Dear Editor: I was interested to read that a Daimler owned by Edward VI is displayed at the Sandringham Museum. I ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(5)    Comment
Stone throwers -Kashmir
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor: The Supreme Court is totally wrong in its decision that security forces should not shoot at the peo ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(10)    Comment
by Paul Wood
Dear Editor: there is a cardinal rule for the operation of oil- and gas-fields - to optimise their production-rate ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(7)    Comment
Article 50
by William Nicol-Gent
Dear Editor: Seated amongst the Livery in Guildhall last Mid Summers Day at the Election of Sherrifs my eye lit ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(5)    Comment
Secure messaging
by Robert Clements
Dear Editor: If people or companies want to have secure encrypted communications they can have with one proviso. T ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(5)    Comment
Gaikwad and the aura of entitlement
by Chayan Roy
Dear Editor: Mr Raghu Dayal's article ( The Times of India, Ranchi Publication, 28th March ) on the subject has ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
Deletion of sec44AD(2) of IT act
Dear Editor: As per Income Tax act, following is reproduced for reference. TAX ON PRESU ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
BT Service
by Dave Olds
Dear Editor: My elderly parents, who live in a large Hertfordshire village, today (28/03/17) signed up to BT In ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(18)    Comment
Mr. mills said,
by Arthur Strang
Dear Editor: Such an uplifting opinion (3/27/2017) about the oil fracking business: its incredible rising produ ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(40)    Comment
Dear Editor: FMGE is by far the most difficult exam faced by any foreign medico, reason? They are made to be so jus ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(27)    Comment
Caste Praxis
by Ajay Kumar
Dear Editor: The caste structure and traditions have been so rigid that once during British regime; government o ... .....more
MAR-28-2017  Viewd(13)    Comment
Trump and Ryan: Affordable Care Act
by Anh Le
Dear Editor: Donald Trump's and Paul Ryan's efforts to eliminate President Obama's legislative legacy, the Affor ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(22)    Comment
ACA Financing
by Jeannie Reed
Dear Editors: If it is correct, somebody please explain to America exactly how the GOP can cause the A ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(20)    Comment
Technology page in daily news sheet
by Syed qassem hasan
Dear Editor: I wish there must be a page dedicated especially towards Technology (Mobiles, tablets, various rese ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(19)    Comment
by Sandra Green
Dear Editor: On Friday afternoon I placed flowers below the Metropolitan Police flag which was flying at half-m ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(12)    Comment
Scottish Independence
by Jackie Webber
Dear Editor, To let Scotland become independent would be a positive option for England. We could transfer all b ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
Slaughter house
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor I appreciate UP chief minister's decision to shut down unlicensed slaughter house .This is very necess ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(15)    Comment
Reservation Policy
by Dr.Shakti Prathaban
Dear Editor: After so many years have passed ,in India there is no need for any kind of reservation either for edu ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(14)    Comment
by lee knohl
Dear Editor: IT?S TIME FOR ONE MORE MARCH Okay, we have to admit?electing Trump has done one good thing: it h ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(23)    Comment
Wind power
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Wind power is being installed,but what if climate change alters wind strengths and windy areas? ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(14)    Comment
The middle children of history
by Rita Williams
Dear Editor: We are witnesses to the most conflicted generation of young adults in relevant times. We are not o ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(18)    Comment
Implantation of RFID chips
by Eddie Luan M Sangma
Dear Editor: May I know that whether the Govt of India is planning to be implemented the implantation of RFID ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(14)    Comment
Bridge of March 26 - a wrong guide
by Dr Parijat De
Dear Editor: Mr. Bob Jones was wrong when he wrote in the last para that the declarer might have succeeded by allo ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(13)    Comment
Absurd laws in India
by Jubel D'Cruz
Dear Editor: The BJP Rajya Sabha member, Mr Subramanyan Swamy is a joker in the Indian parliament. He is mo ... .....more
MAR-27-2017  Viewd(14)    Comment
Step down Donald
by Allan Ira Bass
Dear Editor: Trump is way in over his head. He should appoint himself director of infrastructure improvements, ass ... .....more
MAR-26-2017  Viewd(65)    Comment
trump on health care defeat
by Ed Stone
Dear Editor : At the end of the White House bullpen sits the so-called closer who had repeatedly bragged that he w ... .....more
MAR-26-2017  Viewd(33)    Comment
Sanctuary Cities
by Laszlo Repay
Dear Editor: I wish to offer my gratitude to West coast sanctuary cities for drawing illegal felons, making my com ... .....more
MAR-26-2017  Viewd(25)    Comment
Your Latin Crossword puzzlei
by John Hazel
Dear Editor: Once again I find I have to quibble with your esteemed crossword maker. In the crossword puzzle of ye ... .....more
MAR-26-2017  Viewd(10)    Comment
Media Coverage of London attack.
by Richard Bamford, Preston.
Dear Editor: I ask if the blanket media coverage of the appalling attack on Westminster Bridge serves the Natio ... .....more
MAR-26-2017  Viewd(48)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Hitler gave eugenics a bad name,but science is now approaching the capability of eliminating genet ... .....more
MAR-26-2017  Viewd(19)    Comment
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