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Senator Obama
by Eric Andersen
Dear Editor: I am so relieved to see that Senator Obama recently squelched media-hungry Reverend Wright. It was ... .....more
APR-30-2008  Viewd(1097)    Comment
Canada Poste Letter-Carriers
by Charlotte Beler
Dear Editor: First of all, I want to say 'Thank You' for the service of Canada Post, through rain and snow, on s ... .....more
APR-29-2008  Viewd(1318)    Comment
looking for old friend
by Marlene Eckert (morris)
Dear Editor:I live in Dayton Ohio am looking for an old friend from Dayton named Cindy Spiller .She moved away many ... .....more
APR-29-2008  Viewd(1291)    Comment
Saddened by Sen. Obama
by Linwood K. Christian, jr.
Dear Editor: Since this whole mess has started with Rev. Wright and Sen. Obama, I have been turned off. Turned of ... .....more
APR-29-2008  Viewd(1003)    Comment
Rev. J. Wright Jr's Rants
by Candido Marquez
Dear Editor: Pastor Wright has probably sunk Sen. Obama's opportunity to become this nations president as surely a ... .....more
APR-29-2008  Viewd(1072)    Comment
Everglades allotment
by Marcia Weil
Dear Editor: I must have read this incorrectly. 50 million dollars alloted to Everglades restoration. Didn't ... .....more
APR-29-2008  Viewd(1016)    Comment
by subhendu choudhury
Dear Editor: I wish u congratulations for achieving the 4th positions for most read news paper. but day are not fa ... .....more
APR-29-2008  Viewd(1329)    Comment
Swift boating
by Wendy Belgarbo Dart
Dear Editor: Dear fellow Citizens, As an upper Middle Western, rural woman I am outraged, disappointed, concern ... .....more
APR-29-2008  Viewd(1012)    Comment
National Raffle (Condensed version)
by Don Schwartz
Dear Editor: I would like to propose a National Raffle. Raffle machines would be in Post Offices of city's with m ... .....more
APR-28-2008  Viewd(1207)    Comment
Constitutional rights
by Tania M. Benkovitz
Dear Editor:In the "In Our Opinion", column on April 28, 2008, "Court right on lethal injection", I would like to k ... .....more
APR-28-2008  Viewd(1215)    Comment
who is reverend wright?
by greg hall
Dear Editor:OK I keep hearing it is wrong to combine government and the church, our children can't pray in school, ... .....more
APR-28-2008  Viewd(1202)    Comment
LPG price rise
by Santhosh.G
Dear Editor: the price rise of LPG has made many people opt against the LPG vehicles which could have othe ... .....more
APR-28-2008  Viewd(1184)    Comment
towing cars
by Jeanne Leix
Dear Editor: Sunday April 27th 2008 my daughters car was parked on Paulina street near Wrigley field and woke up t ... .....more
APR-28-2008  Viewd(1184)    Comment
christian license plates
by greg hall
Dear Editor: I have been keeping up with the new license plate story. and how it is not a political correct stateme ... .....more
APR-28-2008  Viewd(1045)    Comment
Take Care of Our Veterans
by peter cerminaro
Dear Editor: This Nation is on the verge of making the same mistake they did during the Viet Nam War. Our present a ... .....more
APR-28-2008  Viewd(1132)    Comment
Dear Editor: Could you please introduce the issue of sharing the resources of the world in your newspaper. The p ... .....more
APR-27-2008  Viewd(1052)    Comment
Political Stats?
by Amy Solly
Dear Editor:Some Interesting Military/Presidential Info Military losses, 1980 through 2006( http://www.fas.org/s ... .....more
APR-27-2008  Viewd(1236)    Comment
Har time Bhajji Singh
by Dayanand Kudari
Har time Bhajji Singh Some people are prone to some things. If you think of arrogance in cricket you would thin ... .....more
APR-27-2008  Viewd(1151)    Comment
Road Warrior 4/28 Issue
by David Hill
Dear Editor: Re. Road Warrior Charlene Begley, I hope her kids have a stay-at-home dad. That a parent travels so mu ... .....more
APR-26-2008  Viewd(1153)    Comment
Dear Editor: Why do I keep reading about the shortage of Teachers in Greensboro? After sending my children to colla ... .....more
APR-26-2008  Viewd(1281)    Comment
political correctness
by greg hall
Dear Editor:what is political correctness, a term to minimize offensiveness. ok so where does it end. you can't so ... .....more
APR-26-2008  Viewd(1142)    Comment
weight loss of police officers
by Lorraine Smith, R.N.
Dear Editor: It is very disturbing to learn (after reading Thursday's 4/24 article on police weight loss contest ... .....more
APR-26-2008  Viewd(1234)    Comment
choosing a President
by Phyllis J. Stripling
Dear Editor: As the analysis of the Democratic Party nomination campaign drags on does anyone find it surprising ... .....more
APR-26-2008  Viewd(1153)    Comment
outraged as an american
by greg hall
Dear Editor:you know I wonder what goes through the minds of politicians. I am not a college grad but I do know tha ... .....more
APR-26-2008  Viewd(999)    Comment
Veterans Deserve Our Best Care
by Peter Cerminaro
Dear Editor: I am writing this letter to you because I am disgusted with the treatment of our veterans . I served ... .....more
APR-25-2008  Viewd(1039)    Comment
Currumbin Dawn Service
by C Walker
Dear Editor: I was privileged to attend the Dawn Service at Elephant Rock at Currumbin on Anzac Morning. This was a ... .....more
APR-25-2008  Viewd(1247)    Comment
Shutting Down City Bars
by Kristi Smoyer
Dear Editor: I wanted to write in regards to the City of Allentown, and PA State Liquor Control Board, trying to s ... .....more
APR-24-2008  Viewd(1420)    Comment
A Stubborn Pope
by Rev. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M.
Dear Editor: Kathleen Parker's editorial "A Stubborn Pope" misses the mark by a mile. She seems to believe th ... .....more
APR-30-2008  Viewd(1327)    Comment
by Bea Pierce
Dear Editor: The opportunity of seeing many swans at Lake Eola Park will be wonderful. But will there be signs st ... .....more
APR-23-2008  Viewd(1220)    Comment
White Knights support geography
by Rod Shearing President RGSSA
Dear Editor: Advertiser Newspaper Ltd Adelaide, Sir, I am writing in response to your recent editorial (the A ... .....more
APR-23-2008  Viewd(1304)    Comment
alarm system
by Phil Schrier
Dear Editor: found article on site about using your car keys as an alarm and it does not cost you anything. Put y ... .....more
APR-22-2008  Viewd(1231)    Comment
Appeal from AIEEE candidates
by Nishant Satish Dixit
Dear Editor: I,Nishant S. Dixit, appearing for AIEEE examination this year was alloted the center as Bhopal thou ... .....more
APR-22-2008  Viewd(1261)    Comment
Time cover page depicting Iwo Jima
by Denise and James Nice
Dear Editor: So you "photo-shopped" the most time honored and recognized picture of World War II...and stuck in a t ... .....more
APR-21-2008  Viewd(988)    Comment
Serious Car Accident on Highway
by Colleen Hood
Dear Editor: My daugher and her two friends were involved in a serious car accident on April 4th on the highway wh ... .....more
APR-28-2008  Viewd(1817)    Comment
Gas Prices - So Who To Blame?
by David Greth
So who is to blame for the high gas prices? I've finally figured it out and it was right there in front of us all ... .....more
APR-27-2008  Viewd(1057)    Comment
Presidential Race
by David Ward
Dear Editor: While the Sunday morning pundits like to describe the choice between Clinton and Obama as little more ... .....more
APR-27-2008  Viewd(980)    Comment
living in car
by Andrea
Dear Editor: The picture of the man and his mother living in a car on the front page, was that supposed to make us ... .....more
APR-20-2008  Viewd(1216)    Comment
Open letter to Congress
by Jeff Stepper
Dear Editor: I am writing because I believe that it is time for Congress to act and to start impeachment pro ... .....more
APR-20-2008  Viewd(1189)    Comment
Article on Prince William County
by Ivan Gluckman
Dear Editor: In 40 years of reading the Post, I cannot remember a more one-sided and biased article than the one t ... .....more
APR-27-2008  Viewd(1188)    Comment
Darfur is more than a resource war
by Lydia Spitalny
Dear Editor: No where in the article, "No Accord at Paris climate meeting as more talks planned," did the writer ... .....more
APR-27-2008  Viewd(1000)    Comment
by Neeraj
APR-20-2008  Viewd(2061)    Comment
by Neeraj
Dear Editor: Clearing the conscience VIth Pay Commission has come as a shock to the expectations of Border ... .....more
APR-20-2008  Viewd(2931)    Comment
The Pope and The Dalai Lama
by Austin D. Barney ll
Dear Editor:In the wake of the understandable excitement of the Pope's visit to the US and the worlds recoiling at ... .....more
APR-20-2008  Viewd(1018)    Comment
middle class tax relief
by James Lodi
Dear Editor:Don't you think 40 hours of taxed work is enough? I would vote for anyone who could eliminate ALL taxes ... .....more
APR-20-2008  Viewd(1582)    Comment
Pennsylvania Primary
by Norm Shupe
Dear Editor: As a life-long Democrat, I'm not really crazy about either of the candidates from which Pennsylvan ... .....more
APR-19-2008  Viewd(996)    Comment
April 21, 2008 Cover
by Harvey Pickover
Dear Editor: Time magazine should be ashamed of themselves for publishing such insulting trash as depicted on the ... .....more
APR-19-2008  Viewd(952)    Comment
Paid to Be Derelict in Their Duty
by Patrick Murphy
Dear Editor: We are watching primaries where Senators are demonstrating dereliction of duty. They make promises ... .....more
APR-18-2008  Viewd(912)    Comment
Time's Anti-Marine Issue
by Don Noble
Dear Editor: You should be ashamed of yourselves for your so-called "Environmental" Issue. Instead of trashing the ... .....more
APR-18-2008  Viewd(1164)    Comment
by Ray Jubb
Dear Editor: I read with amusement the article in regard to the 11th homicide on the Streets of Wilmington. What I ... .....more
APR-18-2008  Viewd(1013)    Comment
School Board Solution
by Linda Taylor
Dear Editor:I ama a senior Citzen.reading about all the cuts the school board are making.Why don't they just hire a ... .....more
APR-18-2008  Viewd(1302)    Comment
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