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Letters to the Editor Archives April - 2009

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Tyranny of the Judiciary
by Francis J. Donovan
Dear Editor: I would like to see a movement to curb the power of judges to override the laws of congress and stat ... .....more
APR-30-2009  Viewd(1102)    Comment
Public wildlife refuge
by tom buffamonte
Dear Editor: Just explain this sign to me. There is a bike/walking path on a Alton gloor. In the back end of the p ... .....more
APR-30-2009  Viewd(1031)    Comment
Omar Khadr/ Canadian Terrorist
by S Barnes
Dear Editor: Omar Khadr, the 15 year old Canadian terrorist who killed the young American medic in Afghanistan w ... .....more
APR-30-2009  Viewd(1015)    Comment
Identity Crisis of Pakistan
by kiran sami
Dear Editor: I am writing this letter in response to Dawn article Do We Know Our Identity? by Aqib Malik. The resp ... .....more
APR-30-2009  Viewd(1061)    Comment
by Thiruselvam.K
Dear Editor: It is an irony, that the UNITED NATIONS which has lost its respect in Sri Lanka chooses to give a sec ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(998)    Comment
No Water in Prominent Society
by Anonimous
Dear Editor: Gurgaon being called the Millenium city, still one of the largest and oldest societies ( Kendriya Vih ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(1162)    Comment
Canadian Needs Help Finding Friend
by Marlene Johnsen
Dear Editor: Good day.....My name is Marlene Johnsen (nee Keleher) and I come from Saint John, New Brunswick, Cana ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(1291)    Comment
Civic conditions in cantonement
by Padma
Dear Editor: If at all swine flu were to start in India, it would start in the cantonment limits of secunderabad ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(1144)    Comment
Conscience Protections
by Kelly Minasian
Dear New York Times Editor: Currently the Obama administration is trying to rescind conscience protections for h ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(873)    Comment
Helping Hamas
by Jay Tyne
Dear Editor: President Obama is quietly asking Congress to approve $120M in aid to the Palestinians, even if Ham ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(995)    Comment
Arlen Specter
by Barry Patterson
Dear Editor: I am a registered Democrat and lifelong independent voter. I don't care whether Arlen Specter is a Re ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(919)    Comment
Kirkleeīs Schools Changes/Proposals
by Mark Knight
Dear Editor: I am writing to inform you of the plight of the local residents of Gomersal, Birkenshaw and Birstal ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(1022)    Comment
Tamil Plight: Shame on India !!!
by Harish Thanthri
Dear Editor: More than 3 lakhs rendered homeless, living in unbearable conditions. A human catastrophe right i ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(981)    Comment
election 2009
by ankit kumar
Dear Editor:: We , the people of India ,find the lack of governance, corruption, poverty ,transparency or dirty po ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(988)    Comment
Dear Editor: On 12th March, I ordered one 8GB MP 4 player with built in speaker advertised by INDMART, 338, shop n ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(5423)    Comment
Water pollution
by M V Bhaskar
Dear Editor I would like to bring to your notice a news article published in Live Mint about a new invention to ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(1481)    Comment
shoe hurling at Prime Minister.
by Ankit kumar.
Dear Editor:Hurling of chappel or shoes at senior leaders and prime ministerial candidates, not only shows the tren ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(962)    Comment
Drug Abuse by students
by Anshu
Dear Editor:Today, students are dying not by accidents, diseases or drugs in metropolitan cities, but by physical t ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(1100)    Comment
Indian Election..Clean choice?
by Pijush Kanti Mukherjee
Dear Editor: One more time the Indians will be fooling themselves by saying"Dot hai toh hot hai". Do our elec ... .....more
APR-29-2009  Viewd(957)    Comment
Thank you, Maori Party on Sri Lanka
by Saliya C A
Dear Editor: This is written in appreciation of The Maori Party's decision to block the motion expressing concern ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(838)    Comment
Coldest US Winter in Over 60 Yrs.
by Bob Wehab and David Dailey
Dear Editor: Financially, we are facing the longest "cold, cold" winter in the last sixty years. Since November ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(1040)    Comment
Inappropriate Actions by the CDPH
by D. A. Dailey
Dear Editor: The California Department of Public Health should receive an "Inspector General" examination of the ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(1298)    Comment
Dear Editor: If really Modi thinks that he is ready to go to Jail, no one is stopping him to do so. But before tha ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(1406)    Comment
Prime Ministerial Eligibility
by Aparna Maheshwari
Dear Editor: I am sending a letter outlining PRIME MINISTERIAL ELIGIBILITY 1. Education limits the horizon o ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(969)    Comment
energy lost??
by K.Keerthana
Dear Editor: "We waste energy" that's the saying all around the worked today but as far as India and especially t ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(962)    Comment
Young people in our schools
by Sandy Hollenbach
Dear Editor: On Saturday April 25th. I travelled to Valley Forge Pa. to see my grandson Ben Hollenbach participa ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(1102)    Comment
Lets see And Watch
by Mr. Liyakat Shah
Dear Editor: The atmosphere all over India be it a state or the Union territory is evenly charged wit ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(928)    Comment
Lou Pritchett open letter to President
by Lynn Bochner
Dear Editor: I find much in the Pritchett letter highly opinionated rather than based on facts. President Obama ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(12297)    Comment
Who is to blame for the Government
by r de Metz
Dear Editor: We deserve an explanation of why the Treasury continues to spend in spite of the huge deficit which w ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(979)    Comment
MPīs taxfree expenses
by R de Metz
Dear Editor: Why not tax MP's as self employed entrepreneurs ? 2nd Home , food ,X rated videos;bath plugs are all ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(856)    Comment
by anshu yadav.
Dear Editor: Hurling of shoes in election 2009, shows the disillusioned mind of people specially, the youth. The i ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(1071)    Comment
another day another incident
by ankit kumar
Dear Editor: The recent death of school children's in Delhi due to harsh punishment ,negligence , psychological pr ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(913)    Comment
by Andrew T. Ragan
Dear Bill Keller; This is also for Arthur Suzerger Jr. Letting the cartoon with our Statue of Liberty with a whip ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(973)    Comment
GOD WILL GET YOU-to heaven
by Ken Hood
Dear Editor: While getting ready for town I found $100 strangely in my wallet .I drove straight in , was picked up ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(1098)    Comment
Direct Vote
by Keith Foucher
Dear Editor: Let us vote directly for the CEO's of banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms and eliminate th ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(996)    Comment
Shoe Throwing at Politicians
by Pijush Kanti Mukherjee
Dear Editor: Lets not be surprised if more politicians are targeted with shoes.Its not the shoes that is being thr ... .....more
APR-28-2009  Viewd(972)    Comment
APR-27-2009  Viewd(41981)    Comment
In the Dark
by Sanjeev Naidu
Dear Editor: The blackout this morning in the CBD is surely the last straw for this inept government. The world f ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(954)    Comment
Mike Carona
by Doug Chase
Dear Editor; Hello, so let me get this right Mike Carona used his badge and power to do illegal things then is foun ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(949)    Comment
Book Review of Closing Time
by Kathryn Lustig
Dear Editor: Re Alexander Theroux's review of Closing Time by Joe Queenan (WSJ April 25-26, 2009). I have to take ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(1086)    Comment
by John Dowsett, General Manager, Butterfly Creek
Dear Editor: Just to clarify. The RNZAF Hercules was not damaged assisting with the shipment of our two crocodiles ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(1248)    Comment
votes for NDP
by charles
Dear Editor: Hello I was wondering why there has been no mention of of the letter's or notes that have cost some ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(1007)    Comment
Charges should remain
Dear Editor:Why should Richard Pratt have charges against him dropped ? If it was any other Australian they would h ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(965)    Comment
Indian Railways
by Govindarajan N.
Dear Sunshine Week Editor:It is really surprising that no daily has come out with any article about how people have ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(2021)    Comment
by mr g dring
Dear Editor:major jim faux,of a company 5 rifles, lets children look through the sight of his rifle in Al-Hartha, n ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(987)    Comment
Non Receipt of Subscription Coupon
by Rajib De
Dear Editor: I am sorry to bring to your kind notice that I have not received my subscription coupon no. 464883 ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(1209)    Comment
A nation bows down to rouge element
by Pijush Kanti Mukherjee
Dear Editor: As a sow so you reap.Pakistan has utilized all the US aid against India.Now the same dragon is breath ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(933)    Comment
hurl a shoe at pm
by ankit kumar
Dear Editor:The hurling of shoe at PM Manmohan singh and in past on many political leaders, shows the sign of frust ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(1021)    Comment
3rd world roads
by Jim Donald
Dear Editor: Following the horrific series of fatalities on our roads over the last few days I was intrigued to re ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(928)    Comment
Electronic voting needed
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Sir, At present electronic voting is restricted only in the use of EVMs. For smooth and effective vot ... .....more
APR-27-2009  Viewd(992)    Comment
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