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Proposition 14
by Grace M Alvarez
Dear Editor: To quote from the Union Democrat, Sonora, CA April 30, 2010 editorial: ??.not a single Democrat was ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(988)    Comment
Baby Itīs Slick Outside
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: Sarah Palin should go down to New Orleans and put her finger in the "oil dike" to see if she can s ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(1111)    Comment
India not seeking revenge for 26/11
by Alok
Dear Editor: Media reports that the Thimpu talks between India and Pak have been better than expected and that the ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(841)    Comment
Newport News School Board Election
by Patricia Harvey
Dear Editor: As a retired Newport News Public School teacher, I can confidently recommend Dr. Angela Herring as ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(857)    Comment
Baltimore County Animal Shelter
by Jane and El In Reisterstown
Dear Editor:Animal Control is perceived as people who come in, take animals away from unsuspecting, innocent pe ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(1450)    Comment
Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach
by Ed Davis
Dear Editor: I have recently resigned as a volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific (AOP). I volunteered for almost ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(774)    Comment
Street Cars
by Barbara N. Beach
Dear Editor: The photo of the trolleys in last Saturday's Post was great. You may have noticed that they were a ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(801)    Comment
Illinois Budget and Insurance
by Mrs, Dorothy Hart
Dear Editor: I would like to applaud the letter in today's paper by Ms. Shaffer. She has hit the nail on the hea ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(947)    Comment
cricket and Tamil language
by Captain Sivaraj
Dear Editor: Dear sir, I am not surprised at the controversy surrounding cricket whether it is IPL or something ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(1530)    Comment
Menace of Corruption
by Kuwar Kunal Singh
Dear Editor: I have gone through the article of your esteemed newspaper. After going through it, I have found that ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(1805)    Comment
Economic crisis began with Carter
by Chris J. Landry
Dear Editor: The current economic crisis began during the Carter Administration when a liberal socialist banking ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(936)    Comment
Harlequin ladybirds invasion of UK
Dear Editor: Your recent correspondence on how to rid us of this pernicious pest is a simple answer with a jam jar ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(807)    Comment
Fuel Prices
by Mark Lenertz
Dear Editor: A funny thing happened on my drive home from Texas. I drove though the states of Texas, Oklahoma and ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(899)    Comment
UK Election - an appeal to Hope
by Philip C. Hills
Dear Editor:                              I am very concerned at the way this election has taken a very nasty ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(847)    Comment
low flr buses drivers untrained
by Rashmi Goel
Dear Editor: I just want to bring to your notice about the incidents taking place in low-floor buses. Many a times ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(724)    Comment
Eclipse in State Congress.
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Poised by the prospect of next rule in the state, Congress leaders in Kerala now make excessi ... .....more
APR-30-2010  Viewd(815)    Comment
Illegal residents
by Rev. Federico Higuera
Dear Editor: Illegal Residents: Is it a Criminal Issue or a Human Rights Issue? For many the issue i ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(932)    Comment
Family Memories
by susann visalli
Dear Editor: My family owned and operated the Wynn-Ann Restaurant for over 50 years. Both sets of my grandparents ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(1434)    Comment
MMA important as Ontarios Porblems?
by Jakub Plewa
Dear Editor: Should Ontario really welcome mixed martial arts, especially during this time of economic crisis? My a ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(904)    Comment
Financial Reform
by Gina Viola Peake
Dear Editor: I am the owner of a small business in the state of California, TS Temps LLC (DBA Trade Show Temps). ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(1129)    Comment
Consumer Country
by Vanessa Durbin
Dear Editor: The process of our countries consumption is crazy. We watch television to fill out boredom but in the ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(800)    Comment
Whitman Poizner Campaign
by Geoffrey Zamboni
Dear Editor: Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman's ads are simply taking cheap shots at each other. With all due res ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(785)    Comment
by haridas mandal
Dear Editor: what almost all of us know that armed forces personnel are entitled to CSD facilities . Armed forces ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(2105)    Comment
Load Shedding in Karachi
by Kanwal Shaikh
Dear Editor: Karachi is the big city of Pakistan but being a big city,it is suffering from many problems like lake ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(6732)    Comment
Lesbian teacher
by Irene Cornwell
Dear Editor: Regarding the banning from the classroom of a lesbian teacher. . . Talk about disha ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(905)    Comment
Views about Chandni Chowk
by Raunak Goyal
Dear Editor: After reading your news on chandni chowk on april 29,2010 I want to say that the people who blame on ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(956)    Comment
India clutching at straws
by Alok Asthana
Dear Editor: The clear national jubilation at the 'thaw' in India-Pak relations at Thimpu is a good example of why ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(819)    Comment
LDF- the house of ruin
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Sir, The LDF in Kerala has become a house of ruin. It is to lose one more of its allies with Keral ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(748)    Comment
Ideology of Pakistan
by Nida Saeed.
Dear Editor: The topic is an idea to be known even for a child. The grass roots are fully aware of the to ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(751)    Comment
MQM In Punjab
Dear Editor: Good to see MQM trying to make its roots in Punjab, I believe that people are irked with current po ... .....more
APR-29-2010  Viewd(735)    Comment
Teacher fired for being a lesbian
by M Rea
Dear Editor: In response to the article about the lesbian teacher being fired from Little Flower Academy. I would ... .....more
APR-28-2010  Viewd(844)    Comment
Cap and trade & CCX
by Joseph Santa Cruz
Dear Editor: I have been reading a lot on the issue of cap and trade but fail to understand why the fact that th ... .....more
APR-28-2010  Viewd(796)    Comment
Freelance Training by M Yakub Chy
by M Yakub Chowdhury
Dear Sir I am a freelance programmer and trainer in Bangladesh. I did a huge research on freelance jobs. Then ... .....more
APR-28-2010  Viewd(833)    Comment
by Don Hekob
Dear Editor: The only legacy Mr. Mongeau will leave to the citizens of Mirror Alberta will be one of sickness, noi ... .....more
APR-28-2010  Viewd(1027)    Comment
washington times hearld newspaper,
by mary sue ramsey
Dear Editor: i am writing about the amount the banks and their overdrawn fees it doesn't mater if you overdrawn by ... .....more
APR-28-2010  Viewd(1092)    Comment
Dear Editor: The article "A REALITY: CHILD ABUSE BY BURNING" is truly a obliging piece of write-up. which can at l ... .....more
APR-28-2010  Viewd(1088)    Comment
First toy Library in North Delhi
by Ritu Nagpal
Dear Editor: Greetings! Today learning makes greater sense as a lifelong process and we realize the importan ... .....more
APR-28-2010  Viewd(1107)    Comment
IIT Is A Big Mess Now
by mohit awasthi
Dear Editor: As the IIT drama got over on 11th April,still its impact is on.many of the esteemed authorities are t ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(757)    Comment
Earth Day
by Corey Flayman
Dear Editor, During today?s turbulent political climate, popular and controversial issues such as health care, i ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(888)    Comment
Guilford Zoning Change
by Howard Brown
Dear Editor: Very few Guilford residents are aware that the Planning and Zoning Commission is about to consider ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(9104)    Comment
People on Disability
by Kathryn Bell
Dear Editor: I am writing this out of concern for the disabled, the elderly, and children, basically the people w ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(1460)    Comment
TILA Saves Homes
by Dian Darby
Dear Editor: There are any number of "life events" that can put one's home in jeopardy - illness, divorce, unem ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(809)    Comment
Poda pulle CBI
by K James Williams
Dear Editor: The Gulf returned Pinarayi Vijayan is in jubilant mood and claims that he had been given a clean ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(894)    Comment
Why more bylaws
by gord schneider
Dear Editor: why is it that every new bylaw passed causes need for yet another bylaw? Bylaw Bruce now tells us t ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(846)    Comment
by Mamie Boreffi
Dear Editor: I am so concerned,because of the increase NYSEG wants. Where does this all end . We seniors. are all ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(792)    Comment
by Mamie Boreffi
Dear Editor: While shopping in walmart at Vestal ,I had something terrible happen to me. This beautiful Angel c ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(806)    Comment
Pledge of Allegiance
by Graham Smith
Dear Editor: Greg McDowell, an atheist by his own words cannot believe there is a God. This is like saying there ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(841)    Comment
Tharoor?s mission next
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Former Minister Shashi Tharoor says he has done no mistake to bring the IPL team to Kerala and ... .....more
APR-27-2010  Viewd(753)    Comment
by colonel nirmal mahajan, eme, veteran
Dear Editor: Its go, went and gone for Lalit Modi after BCCI President Shashank Manohar announced in Mumbai on Mon ... .....more
APR-26-2010  Viewd(880)    Comment
Proposition 16 - Vote No!
by Daryl Crouse
Dear Editor: I recently received an e-mail from the front group of PE&G advocating for prop 16. We already know ... .....more
APR-26-2010  Viewd(814)    Comment
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