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Food Stamps
by Tyler
Dear Editor: The government should reform food stamps to spend money in the best way possible and allow more ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(551)    Comment
Minimum Wage Increase
by Don Schoenen
Dear Editor: When is the last time you received or know of anyone who received a 39.3% increase? (Exclude ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(428)    Comment
Sterling affair
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: EMBARRASSED BY AN ALPHABET SNOOP I am going to say something that is unpopula ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(487)    Comment
Advertisements targeting children
by Tanmay Aggarwal
Dear Editor: Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper Hindustan Times , I would like to share my views on ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(438)    Comment
small business
by Irene Cornwell
Dear Editor: There arte moments when it is easy to trace the source for discouragement. For example, so ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(492)    Comment
The Kejriwal Story
by Yash Malhotra
Dear Editor: Do you think one man can change the world? Having already troubled many people with this question, ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(479)    Comment
Legalized Marijuana?
by Caren Carter, Esquire
Dear Editor: This month I watched the Iowa Senate approve file 2360-12. It is Iowa?s first step to allow use of ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(531)    Comment
Jonathan Kay´s Article on April 28
by Dr. Kevser Taymaz
Dear Editor: Letter to the Editor Dear Jonathan Kay, Your article in April 28 edition of National Post tit ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(605)    Comment
Crime in schools
by Tessa Hill Mrs
Dear Editor: Could there be a connection between violence in schools,and the computer games such as Dark Souls 2. ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(529)    Comment
citizen of India deprived of right
by Meghana
Dear Editor: I, Meghana studying btech third year recently got the voter id. But I was unable to vote b ... .....more
APR-30-2014  Viewd(365)    Comment
Donald Sterling
by Harold Cohen
Dear Editor: If it is possible for Donald Sterling to resurrect his image at all, one way that might work is for ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(427)    Comment
by Simon Brown
Dear Editor: Has anybody made a serious estimate of the number of single or return tickets that will be bought fro ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(367)    Comment
Gun Control
by Rev. Thomas E. Sagendorf
Dear Editor: Indiana?s Governor Mike Pence has sold his soul to the National Rifle Association. So have Governor ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(634)    Comment
At&t U-Verse advertising concerns
by Leonard G Jinkerson
Dear Editor: At&t U-Verse is false advertising it's bundle packages. They do not keep to advertised price. Cons ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(405)    Comment
Desperation of Defeat of Congress
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Desperation of Defeat Writ large on Congress Party Face The spurt of s ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(480)    Comment
by frank boswall
Dear Editor: may I through the medium of "letters" offer some assistance to directors/producers of "dark dysphoni ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(381)    Comment
lets be fair and not forget
by philip debeauvernet
Dear Editor: alot has been made of what cliven bundy and the owner of the l.a.clippers have said!why does everyone ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(404)    Comment
Weapons in schools
by Sally Moss
Dear Editor: Following the shocking murder of Ann Maguire by one of her pupils yesterday, one can only feel horror ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(389)    Comment
Felling of Trees
by I Mukherjee
To The Editor The Times of India Dear Sir, Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I would like to br ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(654)    Comment
by Mohammad Ashraf, Winnippeg
Dear Editor: Ukrainian Crises and the West. Rising tension between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian's go ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(555)    Comment
Warning against Black Henna!
by Wendy Hardcastle
Dear Editor: It was recently brought to my attention that, as a Henna artist, I not only owe it to my clients b ... .....more
APR-29-2014  Viewd(543)    Comment
2 states sex scenes
by r k sastry .. hyderabad
Dear Editor: I had an opportunity to see the movie 2 states and the movie has a good meesage but surprised to se ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(522)    Comment
by Dilip Reddy Morsu
Dear Editor: I see all the politicians promising that they will void previous loans or give power for free or give ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(444)    Comment
John Kerry and RT
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: WORD WAR IS ONE ALPHABET LETTER AWAY FROM WORLD WAR John Kerry's characterizat ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(487)    Comment
by saba shaheen
Dear Editor: We have been independent for nearly six decades. Now in spite of being blessed with a mass of vast ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(366)    Comment
EU ban on Alphonso mangoes
by Noel Oliver
Dear Editor: In today's Times of India was the report: EU bans Indian Alphonso mangoes, four vegetables from May ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(349)    Comment
by eernie irvan
Dear Editor: the republicans are jerks, they only pick those who can not win an election. jeb bush and cris cris ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(383)    Comment
Adani Rags to Riches Story
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Gautam Adani Rags to Riches Story Adani name is making big news in media due to proximit ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(14040)    Comment
The Israelis and Palestinians: lost
by Maher Othman (Mr.)
Dear Editor: In your editorial of Monday 28 April 'the Israelis and Palestinians: lost opportunities you state t ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(389)    Comment
Open Drainage On Old madras Road
by Prasad
Dear Editor: Iam surprised to see a open drainage cover near Indiranagar Bus Depot next to Byle anjaneya Temple ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(613)    Comment
awareness for 10std students
by Saurabh Deoghare
Dear Editor: I request you to put up a article in your esteemed newspaper for students who just appeared for boa ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(393)    Comment
Wildlife Conservation
by Topashish Bhattacharjee
Dear Editor: When we talk about wildlife what comes to our mind, is it Tiger? Most of us will say yes. I know Ti ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(5240)    Comment
Tom Gola
by James P. Hughes
Dear Editor: I have E-mailed several requests to have Sports Illustrated honor Tom Gola of LaSalle University ... .....more
APR-28-2014  Viewd(471)    Comment
Prescribed Evolution
by Sandor Szabados
Dear Editor: Prescribed Evolution: Science Confirms The Urantia Book The original life plasm of an evolutio ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(712)    Comment
Calhoun County Recyclerama
by Ann Klauder
Dear Editor: Regarding the Recyclerama held on Saturday, April 26, at KCC, in Battle Creek, I would like to su ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(720)    Comment
Cemetery Thief
by Vincent Giordano
Dear Editor: I would just like to ask what kind of person would go and steal from graves? Do these people thin ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(365)    Comment
Donald sterling
by Lillian H. Jones
Dear Editor: Hasn't anyone been paying attention? Despite his efforts to present himself and his wife as major ph ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(421)    Comment
For the Rusian Conflict
by Paul York
Dear Editor: There is an old Russian Proverb saying, " Fool-me-once; shame-on-me; Fool-me-twice; shame on-you ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(445)    Comment
A C Grayling, Opinion, Sat 26/04/14
by Keith Hawkins
Dear Editor: What an ivory tower AC Grayling must be living in! 'Classics' did not stop mainstream society being p ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(407)    Comment
To Mr. Donald Sterling:
by Leslie Neil Hart
Dear Editor: Help me get this to Mr. Sterling Dear Mr. Sterling, here is a formula to get out of the mess you fi ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(411)    Comment
The Word
by Leo J. Seney
Dear Editor: All Democrats and most Republicans in every branch of government have abandoned the Constitution in f ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(487)    Comment
NYU students send eviction notices
by Alice Notis
Dear Editor: I recently read with horror, the story regarding the eviction notices of NYU students. I was also ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(405)    Comment
Post Democratic Britain?
by Christopher Shepheard
Dear Editor: So the small majority of professed Christians makes Britain a post-Christian country! It surely fo ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(458)    Comment
by Charles Stringer
Dear Editor: In the review by Robbie Millen of Jerry White's book' Zeppelins over London' he highlights the a ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(421)    Comment
Irresponsible coverage of News
by Tarang Pande
Dear Editor: This is with reference to your coverage of Army operation against Kashmiri militants on 26 April 14 ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(483)    Comment
RGs False Pre Poll Promises
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: Rahul Ghandy?s False Pre Poll Promises Galore!! Politics in today?s India thrives on blatant ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(518)    Comment
If you give a mouse a motorcycle
by A Viswa Kiran
Dear Editor: If you give a mouse a motorcycle, Don?t be too surprised, If he sta ... .....more
APR-27-2014  Viewd(384)    Comment
Maligning Service Officers
by Col WS Thakur (Retd)
Dear Editor: It is very wrong for these politicians including Gen VK Singh to malign a serving soldier whom the ... .....more
APR-26-2014  Viewd(400)    Comment
Don Beyer´s Campaign Ad(s)
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: The Beyer Effect I haven't seen Don Beyer's first campaign commercial released April 24th, bu ... .....more
APR-26-2014  Viewd(395)    Comment
Christian Country
by Robert Hammersley
Dear Editor: Professor Brian Everitt(letters 25 April) reminds us that Clement Attlee 'believed in Christian princ ... .....more
APR-26-2014  Viewd(376)    Comment
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