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Letters to the Editor Archives April - 2016

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Paid Protestors at Trump Rally´s
by Dana L. Stern Sr.
Dear Editor: Currently paid protesters are going to where ever Donald Trump goes to speak on the campaign trail. ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(271)    Comment
by Mike Wall
Dear Editor: Reversal For centuries linguists have been trying to make our language more efficient. More rec ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(169)    Comment
by R N Taylor
Dear Editor:Has Snooker replaced Billiards as the thinking mans game. I am tempted to take it up, when I grow up! ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(197)    Comment
AgustaWestland VVIP Scam
by NaveenChandan.S.G
Dear Editor: The AgustaWestland scam has all of a sudden created a ruckus.The ruling NDA government should have ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(339)    Comment
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: We should eat more vegetables, but we would rather have the junk food, why? sugar gets to ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(396)    Comment
by Pamela Child
Dear Editor: I have recently come across the following views of our greatest statesman on the subject of the EU. ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(234)    Comment
Too Late For America To Repent?
by Susan Rakes
Dear Editor: I was just recalling to mind the wonderful anthem to our beloved nation, "America the Beautiful". ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(384)    Comment
by Fayyaz Ali
Dear Editor: Although Pakistan is rich in resources but it is facing a lot of problems since indep ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(270)    Comment
Low education in Pakistan
by Fayyaz Ali
Dear Editor: Pakistan is a country which at the present scenario is facing a lot of problems which include ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(276)    Comment
Bhagat Singh Was Not A Terrorist
by Principal (Dr.) S.S. Minhas, Former President, Delhi Sikh Public Schools
Dear Editor: Bhagat Singh Was Not A Terrorist The controversial book, ?Bharat Ka Swatantrata Sangharsh?, authored ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(304)    Comment
SC Judgement on Pre-Medical NEET ex
Dear Editor: The Supreme Court ruling to conduct NEET from this year itself has come as a huge shock for all tho ... .....more
APR-30-2016  Viewd(164)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: If Christian terrorists were blowing up and shooting dead innocent Muslims globally,my guess is that ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(288)    Comment
by Gavin King
Dear Editor: I write belatedly about the Hillsborough tragedy. In 1970 at Ibrox stadium in Glasgow, 66 footba ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(197)    Comment
Referendum on E.U.
by Mr David Goodall
Dear Editor: I am grateful to Barrack Obama and Sir John Major for ending my indecision on ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(209)    Comment
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Little daily doses of encouragement can do so much good and keep people working harder an ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(259)    Comment
Labour party
by Nick Brooke
Dear Editor: Sir, The leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, has said that he and his party have a zero ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(211)    Comment
antisemitism and sensitivity
by KImberley M Griffin
Dear Editor: Who should be more sensitive and who should be less sensitive in these exchanges on antisemitism? ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(312)    Comment
Democratic triumphalism
by Gennady Shkliarevsky
Dear Editor: This is in response to the op-ed "Wrath of the Conned" by Paul Krugman (NYT, APRIL 29, 2016). O ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(318)    Comment
Misleading title of news article,
by Dr. K. K. Jain
Dear Editor: " Well sealing boon for state farmers, doubles their incomes" (ToI-02/09/15)- A news article from ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(245)    Comment
Regarding Constituting of Task Forc
Dear Editor: CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME The recent move of our Hon?ble Chief Minister to constitute Task Force with t ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(201)    Comment
Corruption in Post Offices
by Rajeev Gupta
Dear Editor: Middle class people have most of their investments in Post Offices. For the past one year in the name ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(295)    Comment
The Bankrupting of a Dream
by John W. Bridwell, Jr.
Dear Editor: I don't care what either of the political extremes say, but Obamacare always was and will be a disa ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(355)    Comment
NEET is not so neat for many
by Dr. Ganesh P Shanbhag
Dear Editor: The ongoing madness with regards to NEET is proving to be a nightmare for many state syllabus stude ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(296)    Comment
Why are the doctors striking
by Robert MacLachlan
Dear Editor: I recently stopped and talked to a group of doctors standing outside our local hospital with their ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(265)    Comment
Erratic Power Supply
by Srinivasan
Dear Editor: I am an Octogenarian and residing in the below mentioned apartments consisting of 24 flats besides ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(349)    Comment
Green Corridor
by Dr. Arpit Jain
Dear Editor: With reference to "Dying youth gifts life to 4 across 3 cities" news published on Coverage. I want ... .....more
APR-29-2016  Viewd(320)    Comment
Elon Musk Projects Mars Landing 201
by John Titor II
Dear Editor: I believe that a Mars landing by 2018 is more than doable for Elon Musk?s company Space-X. However ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(551)    Comment
Ms.Shah Commons Apology
by Alan Breslaw
Dear Editor: Listening to Ms. Shah's apology for her anti -semetic slurs was bad enough. She also informed The H ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(157)    Comment
Religious Leaders Slam Women´s prot
by Ali Humble
Dear Editor:A law giving women protection from violence and abuse in Pakistan has been criticised by a religious bo ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(226)    Comment
Load Shedding And Street Lights
by Maryam Zuberi
Dear Editor, Daily DAWN, Dear Sir, I am using your esteemed paper to reach appropriate authorities who must l ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(228)    Comment
by Ali Wijdan Khan
Dear Editor: Almost 300 people per year die on road accidents on different occasion in Pakist ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(171)    Comment
by Arbab Khan
Dear Editor: I want to draw the attention of Baluchistan government to provide better education system and all fa ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(206)    Comment
International Interference
by Muhammad azhar razzaq
Dear Editor: India is typically termed as a conventional enemy to Pakistan. As mentioned before the ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(221)    Comment
Arsenic in rice
by Kaynat khanum
Dear editor, Arsenic is a natural occurring element. Arsenic contamination of groundwater is a problem that affe ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(225)    Comment
it´s about nuance
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: You learn to do something and work at technique and do everything right, so what could ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(220)    Comment
Municipal Court Makes History
by Michel Ponce
Dear Editor: The Dayton Municipal Court made history several months ago when it appointed Shontelle Scott the firs ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(248)    Comment
Panama Leaks:
by Syeda Fariha Wajid Ali Shah
Dear Editor: After the Panama papers has leaked it created too much panic in the whole world. In the first week o ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(303)    Comment
Living Hell
by Gerald Corper
Dear Editor: I have never known peace within myself about remarks continuing to have been made against Jews. I h ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(204)    Comment
The failure of the Judiciary and ..
by Subrahmanian S H
Dear Editor: Apropos "Buck stops at bench" (IE Apr 27), wonder when we can haul up politicians who obstruct the ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(223)    Comment
Waste Of Water
by Muhammad Ahmad Taj
Dear Editor: I am a resident of Nazimabad No;4,Block B, where many people who do not get normal water supply f ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(350)    Comment
Water Crises In Karachi
by Muhammad azhar razzaq
Dear Editor: After facing the electricity crisis, Karachiites are to suffer the water crisi ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(208)    Comment
President Obama and the EU
by Charles Heyman
Dear Editor: The President of the United States probably does have a right to make comments on the future poli ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(292)    Comment
by J G Williams
Dear Editor: It is amazing, that no one has cottoned on to the Tory Goverment,s future for the NHS. For a very lo ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(240)    Comment
mass communication
by M Adnan khan
Dear Traffic congestion.. OVER the past few years karachi"s traffic problem has multiplied because of the in ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(346)    Comment
Beauty of Pakistan
by Ali abbass
Dear Editor:BEAUTY OF PAKISTAN: Today my article is about beauty of Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the most the most ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(177)    Comment
Education in Pakistan
by Ali abbass
Dear Editor:Education in Pakistan: Today my article is about education in Pakistan. Pakistan the 6th most populous ... .....more
APR-28-2016  Viewd(294)    Comment
Mockery of Justice
by t s subrahmaniam
Dear Editor: We , all voted to power the BJB combined NDA Govt to power who obtained absolute majority.I now reg ... .....more
APR-27-2016  Viewd(224)    Comment
Softball Umpires stories
by Dick Mawhinney
Dear Editor: I am a retired softball umpire. I am collecting stories from retired and active umpires for a book. We ... .....more
APR-27-2016  Viewd(427)    Comment
Truth and Justice
by Brian Parker
Dear Editor: On the day following the end of the Hillsborough Inquest I expected the findings to dominate m ... .....more
APR-27-2016  Viewd(179)    Comment
Educational Counselling System
by Ashfaque Ahmed
Dear Editor: Educational Counseling System. This system helps the students in educational leve ... .....more
APR-27-2016  Viewd(748)    Comment
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