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Letters to the Editor Archives May - 2008

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How Banks make people suffer
by Phani Shekhar Vanka
Dear Editor:I have been maintaining my credit card well until I have received a solicitation call to avail a loan a ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1505)    Comment
Making a living online from home.
by Paul Kruger
Dear Editor: We know Social Security can't provide a living. May people who did not have sufficient income in ea ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1136)    Comment
DNC US election 2008
Dear Editor: The process that brought the dispute of the election count for Democrats in Florida and Michigan is ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1277)    Comment
DNC todays meeting
by ekens azubuike
Dear Editor: There should be no compromise for people whom intent to violet the law, DNC should respect party law ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1419)    Comment
IndianFantasyLeague-A flaw or fraud
by Dr. D. R. Maurya
The recent boom on web game- Indian Fantasy league is suffering from a serious favouritism or a bug. Take th ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1216)    Comment
Dear Editor:through your esteemed newspaper I would like to draw the attention of the readers to the excessive pres ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(4027)    Comment
Incorrect news
by Shyamal
Dear editor It is usual to see blunders in the news published in your newspaper 'The Times of India', because your ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1111)    Comment
You have a choice Mr.CM
by Guru Prasad
Dear Editor,Dear Shri.Yedyurappa, Kudos to your performance. From being a 2 seat party to being voted to rule as t ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1175)    Comment
Arushi Murder
by Vachali K Ramachandran
Dear Editor, I feel deeply anguished by the vilification of the character of a little girl called Arushi who was b ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1326)    Comment
non credit of SBICARD payment made
by sunil kumar das
Dear Editor: I am holder of SBICARD . The bill for jan 08 paid in feb o8 was wrongly credit card co in another ac ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1410)    Comment
Cover Story May Issue
by Vivian Mehta
Dear Editor: It is extremely heartening to know that Indians like Ashok Reddy have the ideas that can actually mak ... .....more
MAY-31-2008  Viewd(1132)    Comment
Gas Consumption
by Walter Lehr
Dear Editor: Would someone care to calculate the extra gas consumed at the many speed bumps appearing in ou ... .....more
MAY-30-2008  Viewd(1209)    Comment
Ratliff Ranch Golf LInks
by Larry J Johnson, AIA
Dear Editor: It is my opinion that the Ratliff Ranch Golf Links course should have sufficient time required to esta ... .....more
MAY-30-2008  Viewd(1152)    Comment
by Clive Maher
Dear Editor: With all the fuss about soaring petrol prices,thank goodness that prices have come down since the r ... .....more
MAY-30-2008  Viewd(1366)    Comment
Complaint Canada Border Services:
by Sven Van de Ven
Dear Editor: Attached please fins a letter I sent the Stockwell Day Minister for Public Safety regarding my exper ... .....more
MAY-30-2008  Viewd(1719)    Comment
by Shahid Hussein Qaboolpuria
Dear Editor: Nawaz Sharif, PML(N)Chief is confrontationalist. Asif Zardari should sideline him quietly after gat ... .....more
MAY-30-2008  Viewd(1235)    Comment
by James Forbes
Dear Editor:Subject: FIX THE FUEL It is interesting to watch our politicians wrestling unsuccessfully ... .....more
MAY-30-2008  Viewd(1161)    Comment
China Tragedy
by Chuck Failing
Dear Editor: As a poet and highly sensitive human being, It is my responsibility to report on the tragedy of the Ch ... .....more
MAY-30-2008  Viewd(1265)    Comment
national water polo team
by Gerry Rabe
Dear Editor: There are tons of children who are into water polo. You never give us info on water polo. The U.S. Na ... .....more
MAY-29-2008  Viewd(1259)    Comment
MAY-29-2008  Viewd(1338)    Comment
Gujjar Agitation in Delhi
by PKG Nair
Dear Editor : Because of the Gujjar Agitation, it is came to my mind that today Hindus have become the minority wi ... .....more
MAY-29-2008  Viewd(1236)    Comment
How Safe Are Vaccines
by Christine Scott
Dear Editor:Dear Editor I am writing in response to the article about the safety of vaccines. " Civilizati ... .....more
MAY-29-2008  Viewd(965)    Comment
Plight of Indian Judiciary System
by Narendran R
Dear Editor: Iam a Software Engineer residing at Mysore who had experienced only the fairer and ideal part of the ... .....more
MAY-28-2008  Viewd(1247)    Comment
Cess on Income Tax
by Usha Sinha
Dear Editor: To day there is a news that Government Of India may impose Cess on Income tax to give relief to pet ... .....more
MAY-28-2008  Viewd(1284)    Comment
Bill Henson
by James McDougall
Dear Editor:To what extent is an artist responsible for what we think of his work? If this newspaper publishes phot ... .....more
MAY-27-2008  Viewd(1243)    Comment
Ben Ray Lujan for Congress
by Beverly Garcia
Dear Editor: Ben Ray Lujan is my choice for congress because he is smart, honest, sincere, and a hard worker who ... .....more
MAY-27-2008  Viewd(1683)    Comment
Beware socialism
by Dean H. Cross
Dear Editor: The U.S. is the sole superpower on the globe. We feed and clothe much of the world's poor. We spill ... .....more
MAY-27-2008  Viewd(1029)    Comment
Meeting Sir Frank Williams
by Donald Lugers
Dear Editor: Hello, I met Sir Frank Williams at a gas station in Canada in 2004, and wrote a short story about it. ... .....more
MAY-27-2008  Viewd(1119)    Comment
Link Dot Net
by Khurram Shahzad
Dear Editor: I would like to share the problems faced by me in getting a DSL Broad Band Internet Connection from ... .....more
MAY-27-2008  Viewd(1255)    Comment
Arrest and Sue the Bradford Case
by Lena Lafaelle
Dear Editor: When is man, women and children realize that when a police officer says stop, freeze, you do just t ... .....more
MAY-27-2008  Viewd(1236)    Comment
by Lee N. Jennings
Dear Editor: In the dialog on the briefing page between George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Ed Gillespie and the unnamed ... .....more
MAY-26-2008  Viewd(1272)    Comment
Honor and Remembrance
by David J Austin
Dear Editor: my father was one of 18 left in his company (80+ men died, for those of you unfamiliar with military ... .....more
MAY-26-2008  Viewd(1137)    Comment
Fourth Class!!
by Ravinder Jain
Dear Editor:I traveled recently on the Bangalore-Mumbai route on the newly AC 3 Tier coach with additional berth on ... .....more
MAY-26-2008  Viewd(1382)    Comment
Opinion to Publish Consumer comp.
by Akash
Dear Editor: I am a citizen of India and as a citizen i want u to publish consumer complaints. i have a 3 relianc ... .....more
MAY-25-2008  Viewd(1226)    Comment
Crime in the community
by Sherri Eades
Dear Editor: This is a letter of awareness for all parents in the community with children over the age of 16. M ... .....more
MAY-24-2008  Viewd(2594)    Comment
blogs of the stars
by robin yadav
Dear Editor some stars have gone too far in criticizing others(journo's and all) because they think with politicia ... .....more
MAY-24-2008  Viewd(1124)    Comment
Healthcare Costs
by Jim Vaughn
Dear Editor: We need an affordable health care plan that covers everyone and to that end I ask Why are we paying f ... .....more
MAY-24-2008  Viewd(1333)    Comment
Energy Prices
by Bruce Allan Elliott
Dear Editor: Isn't it amazing that between the oil embargo of the 70s and the ransom we are currently paying at ... .....more
MAY-23-2008  Viewd(1412)    Comment
The Leadership of Saxby Chambliss
by Terri B. Clay
Dear Editor: As citizens of the state of Georgia, we should commend and support Senator Saxby Chambliss' leaders ... .....more
MAY-23-2008  Viewd(1145)    Comment
Saxby Chambliss - 2008 Farm Bill
by Fred Elrod
Dear Editor: Kudos to U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R) of GA, for his long-term leadership role in agriculture ... .....more
MAY-23-2008  Viewd(1557)    Comment
President's Veto of Farm Bill
by Jose L Fernandez
Dear Editor: It is very disappointing to see that President Bush has vetoed this Bill that has been by the Senate ... .....more
MAY-23-2008  Viewd(1165)    Comment
Dear Editor: I'm going down rte 112 in coram to the closest place i can find to get my needs, to save gas. and to f ... .....more
MAY-23-2008  Viewd(1218)    Comment
What Is a Veteran?
by Frank Learned
What is a Veteran? Some veterans bear visible signs of their service: a missing limb, a jagged scar, or a certa ... .....more
MAY-30-2008  Viewd(1236)    Comment
The rampaging bullock
by Sharon Escritt
Dear Editor:I was distressed by the treatment of 'armed police' when faced with the decision of how to deal with a ... .....more
MAY-22-2008  Viewd(1408)    Comment
Friendships for sale
by Dayanand Kudari
Dear Editor: Friendships for sale "There are no strangers , its only friends whom we haven't met." They say the ... .....more
MAY-22-2008  Viewd(1206)    Comment
The dumbing down of America
by Susan Hughes
Dear Editor: What is going on in this country of ours? I can't believe that there are actually people out there tha ... .....more
MAY-21-2008  Viewd(1155)    Comment
Saxby Chambis Farm Bill
by Ed Sensing
Dear Editor: I urge you to support Saxby Chandlis Co-Author of The Farm bill now in Congress for vote. Please s ... .....more
MAY-21-2008  Viewd(1200)    Comment
Diplomacy is not appeasement
by Lee Gerber
Dear Editor: It amazes me how the right wing spin machine manages to invent their own history. What Chamberlai ... .....more
MAY-21-2008  Viewd(989)    Comment
Cheaper Fuel
by Glynn Eyre
Dear Editor: How about it Kevin? Dear Mr. Rudd, I understand you have previously stated that a tax cut on fu ... .....more
MAY-21-2008  Viewd(1131)    Comment
A letter I received for all of us.
by Lawrence Vran
Dear Editor: Obituary Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for ... .....more
MAY-20-2008  Viewd(1122)    Comment
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