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Terrorism & War
Response to Gareth Cook column,5/30
by Max Gittler
Dear Editor: Re: Gareth Cook 5/30/2011 It doesn't make sense. Was life in Germany more tenuous in the 1940's ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(702)    Comment
Controversy - PM In Lok Pal Bill
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: The controversy over inclusion of the Prime Minister, Members of Judiciary and ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(835)    Comment
IA the National Carrier
by Deepa Arora
Dear Editor: Buying a ticket with the ageing (man-machine & administration) airlines is a sure-shot ticket to ?nir ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(715)    Comment
Keep It up Begalurueans!
by Arvind dixit
Dear Editor: I witnessed a sight on the road this evening in Bengaluru that every good citizen of any metropolis, ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(695)    Comment
Where is 2G money?
Dear Editor: CAG has assessed the loss as 1.76 lakh crores. Some politicians of the ruling disposition have disp ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(711)    Comment
US Immigration Mishappening
by Gaurav Arora
Dear Editor: I am an NRI, lived in US for 7 years. Completed my Masters from NY and then worked for around 4 years. ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(703)    Comment
your memorial day front page.
by wanda paxton
Dear Editor: Your Memorial Day front page with photos of Wisconsin's 117+ war dead is so soberi ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(875)    Comment
Is Education only for the rich?
by Samreen Essa
Dear Editor:Education has to do with demand and supply. Every person wants education. Pakistani educating structure ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(1034)    Comment
by aroona anum khan
Dear Editor: Daily Times, With the immense increase in the number of vehicles, the driving has become an awful ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(4468)    Comment
open page article 30-5-2011
by Nitin acharya
Two eminent Scientists expressed their views on the life of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. First , Dr P ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(2470)    Comment
A pivotal moment in India´s history
by Jay Marathe
Dear Editor: I am a proud overseas citizen of India on a year-long journey of discovery across this incredible l ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(793)    Comment
Tears of John Boehner
by lois eisenberg
Dear Editor: John Boehner has an abundance of tears when he hears Taps being played and when he is praised for b ... .....more
MAY-31-2011  Viewd(1188)    Comment
Landguard Fort Felixstowe
by Mollie Skipper
Dear Editor: I wonder how many readers are wondering where to go in their free time. Have they thought about cros ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(1820)    Comment
punishment to kanimoshi.
by Nandini, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Dear Editor: ours is a country full of hypocrites. The other day I saw discussion on TimesNow channel, moneyed and ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(960)    Comment
Middle Class: An Endangered Species
by john j pino
Dear Editor: Politicians and legislators often speak loudly about the large American middle class as being the ?Ba ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(908)    Comment
Arnold Schwartzeneggar
by Michael Lawrence
Dear Editor: Maybe it is time for Mr. Schwartzeneggar to have a new moniker. I suggest " The Spermanator" ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(803)    Comment
Obama Social Security Fraud
by Jim Black
Dear Editor: Something is going on ?behind the scenes.? I say this because the MSM is not reporting on it, not ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(890)    Comment
Dear Editor: A Presidential bid by former Alaskan Republican--Tea Party Governor Sara Palin (who shril ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(712)    Comment
An Evening of Sufi Music
by Colonel Nirmal Mahajan, EME, Veteran
Dear editor: We are the flute, our music is all Thine; We are the mountains echoing only Thee For the past f ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(1158)    Comment
Pupil free days
by Anne Hall
Dear Editor: Is it just me or do other parents and grandparents get irate when they receive information of an upc ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(1111)    Comment
Rethinking the basic laws of Nature
by Khalid Masood
Dear Editor: The only truth about the physical Universe is that it is not physical ! The smartest thing of the Uni ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(1343)    Comment
Steps to Make Kolkata Problem Free
by Souvik Sinha
Dear Editor: Kolkata Municipal Corporation is getting all ready to arrange for a Toll Free Number where normal c ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(1038)    Comment
Proposed Steps To Fight Kolkata Air
by Souvik Sinha
Dear Editor: Some of the steps should be taken 1.Everyone should be made aware of the air pollution and its con ... .....more
MAY-30-2011  Viewd(1059)    Comment
by Carol Stoufer
Dear Editor: Thank you Jonathan Franzen for an essay expressing my most personal beliefs. I lost my soul-mate ... .....more
MAY-29-2011  Viewd(738)    Comment
Letter to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
by Hassan Kassem Niyi
Dear Editor: LETTER TO GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN BY HASSAN KASSEM NIYI Congrates mr president, now that you are bac ... .....more
MAY-29-2011  Viewd(693)    Comment
Deficit and Medicare
by Richard C. Clough
Dear Editor: Everyone is picking on Medicare to balance the budget and eliminate the deficit. Since Medicare is ... .....more
MAY-29-2011  Viewd(689)    Comment
Memorial Day
by Howard Edmonson
Dear Editor: On this Memorial Day I would like to add my voice to that of the News Media deploring the feeble and ... .....more
MAY-29-2011  Viewd(673)    Comment
Orchestra plan sees cutbacks, outreach
by William Larson
Dear Editor: Re: ?Orchestra plan sees cutback, outreach?, Sunday, May 29, 2011 We were returning home and I wa ... .....more
MAY-29-2011  Viewd(819)    Comment
Libraries and Collection Agencies
by Karen Ann DeLuca
Dear Editor: (Un)Likeably Limiting Library Losses Statewide, library systems ... .....more
MAY-29-2011  Viewd(1435)    Comment
Looking beyond maternity
by Ranjani K.Murthy
Dear Editor: Today is International Day for Action on Women's Health (www.cafra.org/spip.php?article459) Wit ... .....more
MAY-29-2011  Viewd(1222)    Comment
by Tuba Hassan
Dear Editor: I want to express my views on the movies which are not for children yet their is no action taken abou ... .....more
MAY-29-2011  Viewd(760)    Comment
Career of students at stake
by Priya
Dear Editor: As the results of IITs and IIMs are out, the students rejoiced when their dreams were achieved. But ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(705)    Comment
Incredible India
by Brig (Retd) G B Reddy
Dear Editor: INCORRIGIBLE INDIA Incorrigible India is, perhaps, more appropriate tha ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(972)    Comment
President Election 2012
by Earnest Francis Johnson
Dear Editor: When I heard that govt. Mitch Daniels was not going to run for President of the United States in 2012 ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(773)    Comment
craigslist unfair policies
by Arthur Tandy
Dear Editor: Craigslist will remove any post just because of an anonymous complaint,without investigating the matt ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(1169)    Comment
the big clat goof up
by kushal bharadwaj
Dear Editor: The CLAT results which were to be declared on 28 th of may has ended up being the biggest joke of the ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(826)    Comment
wrongful insult to football club
by rahul menon
DEAR EDITOR: I am a regular reader of your esteemed news paper, but feel undone because of the ignorance on the pa ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(828)    Comment
Headley´s testimony
by Vivek.M.A.
Dear Editor: Headley has yet again put the Pakistan Government in state of dilemma exposing the ISI's link behin ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(684)    Comment
Life after death
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: World renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking says there is no heaven because the human brain is a like ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(938)    Comment
Editorial drawing board toles cartoons
by Oliver Skinker
Dear Editor: I'm so tried of opening the Editorial Page to see the Toles Cartoons and the Drawing Board always ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(846)    Comment
All is good that appears green !
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: Indian Union Muslim League emerged as a stronger political party in Kerala, after the last electi ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(789)    Comment
Absence of Malayalees in film award
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: It is highly appraisable that Malayalam films won six national awards including for best feature fi ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(698)    Comment
Mani´s bent mustache
by K A Solaman
Dear Editor: K M Mani with 9 members for his party in the Kerala Assembly need 4 ministers. It is then reasonabl ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(655)    Comment
Economic cuts for the English population
by keith d ford
Dear Editor: whilst i agree with the austere measures taken by the government i find it rather frustrating that ov ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(842)    Comment
Marks or Just values?
by Ranjani Kamala Murthy. Independent Researcher and activist
Dear Editor: As news came to me of a girl committing suicide because she failed (www.inewsone.com/2011/05/27/gir ... .....more
MAY-28-2011  Viewd(899)    Comment
Delay in 10th Std. CBSE results
by Ravi
Dear Editor: The CBSE results for 10th standard have been delayed badly. Moreover, there seems to be no date specif ... .....more
MAY-27-2011  Viewd(1042)    Comment
cutting the first page into half
by Mahendra Nath
Dear Editor, I don't know why you resort to this very inconvenient method of saving the newsprint; it would ... .....more
MAY-27-2011  Viewd(652)    Comment
Irresponsible Attitude of UGC
by S.Singh
Dear Editor: UGC (University Grants Commission) is the body which holds NET-JRF test for Arts subjects. Last yea ... .....more
MAY-27-2011  Viewd(912)    Comment
Government misuse of the SERP
by Derrick Prance
Dear Editor: As big a scandal as MPs expenses, the freezing of the SERP,reported by the Telegraph to earn the Gov ... .....more
MAY-27-2011  Viewd(714)    Comment
AZ Department of Insurance
by John Nienstedt
Dear Editor: Open letter to the Arizona Department of Insurance What are you people thinking, permitting Genwor ... .....more
MAY-27-2011  Viewd(923)    Comment
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