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EU Referendum
by John Simpson
Dear Editor: I write in support of Mr Boris Johnson's recent comments on the EU as being a continuation of the ... .....more
MAY-31-2016  Viewd(186)    Comment
Unaffordable Ramadan
by Hadiqa Siddique
Dear Editor: It is so sad to state that Pakistan being the Islamic state is disobeying almost all the laws o ... .....more
MAY-31-2016  Viewd(267)    Comment
No picnic
by Charles Cuff
Dear Editor: Our Borough Council has thoughtfully placed picnic benches on a small green overlooking a river. ... .....more
MAY-31-2016  Viewd(524)    Comment
Wild animals
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Sharks,crocodiles,and elephants,kill and injure humans,while elephants also destroy crops,vegetatio ... .....more
MAY-31-2016  Viewd(350)    Comment
real vacation
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: A vacation is a chance to relax and recharge your batteries. Some people don't understand ... .....more
MAY-31-2016  Viewd(282)    Comment
The Migrant Invasion
by G.Draper O.B.E
Dear Editor: We are told 370,000 immigrants entered Britain last year. In fact nobody knows the real number, the i ... .....more
MAY-31-2016  Viewd(464)    Comment
the blair clone
by colin allardyce
Dear Editor: I am being asked to put my trust in a man who gets more like Blair every time he make a statement. M ... .....more
MAY-31-2016  Viewd(180)    Comment
Times of India editorial 30-5-2016
by V.S. Mehta
Dear Editor: Factually editorial is not correct for the following reasons: 1. On the eve of atomic bombing on ... .....more
MAY-31-2016  Viewd(206)    Comment
midsummer Night´s dream
by Rachel Marks
Dear Editor: I just saw the last part of Midsummer Night's dream on the BBC. It was a nightmare. ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(209)    Comment
Changi Prison
by Paul Honor
Dear Sirs, Re: Amazing veteran who tricked the Japanese helps BGT winner Telegraph, Monday 30th May. I think y ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(223)    Comment
The Referendum
by J A Harbinson
Dear Editor: If we vote to remain in the EU we will witness one of the most shameful retreats in our long and prou ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(188)    Comment
Clashes of university
by Fayza waheed
The editor Dawn Karachi,pakistan Dear sir, I want to provide light to the dark side of this educational world t ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(243)    Comment
Persistent inflation in ramadan
by Fayza waheed
The editor, Dear Sir, I crave to raise the issue through your newspaper, As ramadan are coming with it the price ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(192)    Comment
Mineral water : GST
by Muniba Siddique
Dear Editor Govt decide to charge GST on Mineral water display price and there is no uniform water price available ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(236)    Comment
About CET and NEET in Karnataka
by Sreelatha N P
Dear Editor: It seems no body is concerned about the students who wrote Medical/Dental entrance this year. First i ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(152)    Comment
by Roger Seifert
Dear Editor: I am puzzled. I am a well-educated man and a lifelong socialist. I am totally opposed to the EU and w ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(159)    Comment
Dallas Police Partnership with FBC
by Midge Douglas
Dear Editor: I use to write and have letters printed a lot to the DMN, but it has gotten so liberal they won't pri ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(354)    Comment
Donald Trump
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Donald Trump,Republican candidate for US President,is a lightweight compared to the ruthless hard ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(270)    Comment
Memorial Day and Remembering
by Reed Markham
Dear Editor: For many people, Memorial Day is just another holiday to go to the beach or visit amusement parks. ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(209)    Comment
by l sharma
Dear Editor: The latest order of the supreme court that cows be allowed to be slaughtered in Kashmir is a plunge ... .....more
MAY-30-2016  Viewd(248)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: We're fortunate to live in a democracy,with a set of freedoms,and an independent judiciary. Historica ... .....more
MAY-29-2016  Viewd(148)    Comment
by Julio M. Bedetti
Dear Editor: I will say, sometimes the Media misses the point when reports are made, sometime I will state tha ... .....more
MAY-29-2016  Viewd(305)    Comment
The Donald´s Scary Slogan!
by Louis A DeRosa
Dear Editor: OK The Donald, so you want to make America great again! When? What time period? What era? What d ... .....more
MAY-29-2016  Viewd(281)    Comment
Why Pakistani commentator
by Raghunandanan
Dear Editor: We have lot of Indian commentator and why ther is need for Rammez Raja for the IPL . When people l ... .....more
MAY-29-2016  Viewd(297)    Comment
Labels Stick!
by Martin Lloyd-Penny
Dear Editor: They say that labels stick. When we label the millions of Brits living in Spain who inhabit ?Britis ... .....more
MAY-29-2016  Viewd(200)    Comment
by Chaitanya narmata
Dear Editor: I regret to tell you this ,but now a days I often find small kids begging at traffic signals in ... .....more
MAY-29-2016  Viewd(271)    Comment
Bangalore´s birth place in shambles
by PK Vijayan
Dear Editor: This is with reference to the above article on page 2 in your edition of 28th May. You have tried to ... .....more
MAY-29-2016  Viewd(479)    Comment
NEET - a different view
by Deepak
Dear Editor: A government should promote all sectors of the society. I believe the present government is more pr ... .....more
MAY-28-2016  Viewd(213)    Comment
Donald Reump
by Don Andrews
Dear Editor: June 23rd is the big day that the United Kingdom will vote to decide to stay in the open-migrant-bord ... .....more
MAY-28-2016  Viewd(163)    Comment
Millennium city to a Gram
by Amreesh Kher
Dear Editor: I am writing this as a citizen of the millennium city and a honest tax payer of India .The city of Gu ... .....more
MAY-28-2016  Viewd(157)    Comment
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Sometimes when people are exposed to bad behavior on a regular basis they don't know w ... .....more
MAY-28-2016  Viewd(246)    Comment
Rio and Zika
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: It's pointless cancelling the Rio Olympic Games over the Zika virus,unless all current plane,ship,an ... .....more
MAY-28-2016  Viewd(222)    Comment
Vote 23rd June 2016
by Margaret Twidale
Dear Editor: I am very concerned that this VOTE has turned into a free-for-all SCARE. Both sides are out-doing e ... .....more
MAY-28-2016  Viewd(180)    Comment
Naivety, Appeasement, or Secularism
by sanjay kumar sinha
Dear Editor:?I, Mamata Banerjee, swear by name of God and Allah..? . TOI reported this piece as the beginning of oa ... .....more
MAY-28-2016  Viewd(268)    Comment
KCET Ranks
by Sreenivas M Kandhade
Dear Editor: The recent KCET results have brought to light a problem we've all been ignoring for a long time in th ... .....more
MAY-28-2016  Viewd(179)    Comment
Metro Services
by Balaji Rao T R
Dear Editor: The purple line of BMRCL thrown open to traffic on 29 April 2016, has benefitted many bangaloreans ... .....more
MAY-28-2016  Viewd(199)    Comment
Only Brexit can save the NHS
by Lt Col Denis Allen
Dear Editor: The threat to our NHS is real and well documented. I refer to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment ... .....more
MAY-27-2016  Viewd(166)    Comment
Trade with the EU after Brexit
by Lt Col Denis Allen
Dear Editor: Assuming that the British people vote for Brexit, and assuming that the two years for renegotiation ... .....more
MAY-27-2016  Viewd(133)    Comment
EU Referendum
by David Benwell
Dear Editor: Government is naturally stressing importance of existing trade agreements within failing experiment E ... .....more
MAY-27-2016  Viewd(211)    Comment
make a list
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Do you notice unusual behavior around you and you start to get a little paranoid? write d ... .....more
MAY-27-2016  Viewd(262)    Comment
two ways to save water
by sanjiv leena kumar
Dear Editor: The no. of flushing cistern in toilets in India must be more than 10 crores. When we use the flus ... .....more
MAY-27-2016  Viewd(380)    Comment
Characteristics of Pakistan Culture
by sualeha khan
Dear Editor:Culture may be defined as an integral whole which affects human ideals,actions and modes of living."cul ... .....more
MAY-27-2016  Viewd(509)    Comment
Vote leave
by Jean allum
Dear Editor: The only reason I have ever been given for remaining in the EU is financial. Is this not like sell ... .....more
MAY-26-2016  Viewd(127)    Comment
TRUMP- Barrier to peace
by Hadiqa Siddique
Dear Editor: Donald Trump, the biggest puppet of extremism, speaking openly against the muslims won the Repub ... .....more
MAY-26-2016  Viewd(276)    Comment
write a song
by raymond lawson
Dear Editor: Write down your life experiences then read them and rewrite them as poetry. Then add a mel ... .....more
MAY-26-2016  Viewd(204)    Comment
by Paul Brincau
Dear Editor: David Cameron went to Europe to bring back some major concessions. Before he goes e states "I d ... .....more
MAY-26-2016  Viewd(138)    Comment
Full page advertisements in the paper
by D Gouri
Dear Editor: I am an ardent reader of The Hindu since 45 years. Your paper has started new trend of publishing f ... .....more
MAY-26-2016  Viewd(201)    Comment
by Susanna Fox
Dear Editor: Until exam boards appoint qualified examiners schools will continue to question the grades awarded. ... .....more
MAY-26-2016  Viewd(308)    Comment
(A)Suvidha Special Trains
by Harsha K
Dear Editor: I am writing this assuming that Railway authorities will certainly look into "suvidha speacial " tr ... .....more
MAY-26-2016  Viewd(233)    Comment
European referendum.
by Francis James
Dear Editor: Like so many, who are still in two minds which way to go. There is one thing that might be worth thi ... .....more
MAY-26-2016  Viewd(295)    Comment
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