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Punishment for juveniles too
by Jubel D'Cruz
Dear Editor: The juvenile rapist in the Delhi 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case should?ve received th ... .....more
MAY-24-2017  Viewd(3)    Comment
The Manchester Tragedy
by Bob Cook
Dear Editor: Politicians of all hues have described the Manchester tragedy as an act of cowardice. That is compl ... .....more
MAY-24-2017  Viewd(6)    Comment
Intermarry and be damned
by Adi Engineer
Dear Editor:To, The Editor Times of India ? Mumbai In a piece titled ?Intermarry and be damned? in the Sunday T ... .....more
MAY-24-2017  Viewd(3)    Comment
Pensioner bashing
by Brian Horrocks
Dear Editor: I am 81 years old and ,up to the age of 75 I did all my own gardening,DIY and other home maintenan ... .....more
MAY-24-2017  Viewd(4)    Comment
Terrorism masquerading as religion
by Terry Maywood
Dear Editor: Terror in the name of religion is not new. The IRA, Provisional IRA and the UVF & UDA (para military ... .....more
MAY-24-2017  Viewd(25)    Comment
Skin Cancer in All Children: May 16
by Sandra Read, MD
Dear Editor: Thank you for your article May 16: ?It?s School, No Sunscreen Allowed, p A11.? Promoting children?s s ... .....more
MAY-23-2017  Viewd(21)    Comment
Mothers Day Letter
by Elham Mahmood
Dear Editor: Writer, Elham Mahmood Age, 12 Last week Mother's Day was celebrated in America and many other count ... .....more
MAY-23-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
ransome ware
by peter cartwright
Dear Editor: Despite half the NHS computers being shut down over the weekend there was nothing in the media abou ... .....more
MAY-23-2017  Viewd(5)    Comment
Terrorism in the UK
by Annie Easton
Dear Editor: We were told, only a few days ago, that Theresa May is signing up Britain for five more years of t ... .....more
MAY-23-2017  Viewd(43)    Comment
Delay in news issues
by Sagar Dutta
Dear Editor: Sir, I'm a resident of Durgapur, West Bengal. I would like to draw your attention to a fact that the ... .....more
MAY-23-2017  Viewd(4)    Comment
GST Nightmares
by Rakesh Sibal
Dear Editor: Before the proposed rates of GST for various items were announced,, we , the manufacturers of ele ... .....more
MAY-23-2017  Viewd(6)    Comment
China´s High Stakes - OBOR
by G B Reddy
Dear Editor: China ? High Stakes Geopolitics of ?On ... .....more
MAY-23-2017  Viewd(9)    Comment
Putting saffron laws on the people
by Jubel D'Cruz
Dear Editor: Dear Sir, By wanting to pass the law of the Bhagavad Gita being read in schools, the Prime ... .....more
MAY-23-2017  Viewd(11)    Comment
America?s Best City for Students
by Ari Glass
Dear Editor: Boston is an innovative city with great universities. Although it?s one of the most historic cities ... .....more
MAY-23-2017  Viewd(30)    Comment
Funding Social Care
by Robin Barker
Dear Editor: Funding Social Care. A Fifty/Fifty contract I would like to propose an arrangement which would b ... .....more
MAY-22-2017  Viewd(15)    Comment
Care costs
by Robert TIBBETT
Dear Editor: Whats new?My late and very elderly mother was being charged from her pension by her ' heartless ' LA ... .....more
MAY-22-2017  Viewd(11)    Comment
space law
by James Muldoon
Dear Editor: Adam Mann?s article on space law made a brief reference to a scholar?s comparison of ?space to the hi ... .....more
MAY-22-2017  Viewd(17)    Comment
by The Revd Donald Stevenson
Dear Editor: That a vicar's daughter should turn out to be a Christian socialist can be no surprise to anyone. For ... .....more
MAY-22-2017  Viewd(9)    Comment
Cover Photo 5/22/17
by Rieny van Vliet
Dear Editor: Was it a deliberate editorial choice to print today's cover photo of President Trump, Melania, Kin ... .....more
MAY-22-2017  Viewd(15)    Comment
Housing Equity
by Geoff Tomlinson
Dear Editor: There is something wrong with government statistics which suggest that average incomes are behind i ... .....more
MAY-22-2017  Viewd(16)    Comment
beseeching Visas for Jobs
by Naren
Dear Editor Government should take some enchanting and permanent measures particularly it shouldn't be palliat ... .....more
MAY-22-2017  Viewd(18)    Comment
by S.Venkatesan
Dear Sir The inadequacy of punishment to rape offenders , even under the modified act, is grossly exposed with ... .....more
MAY-22-2017  Viewd(21)    Comment
by Rod Matthews
Dear Editor: Modern slavery is nowhere near as brutal as historical slavery. ... .....more
MAY-22-2017  Viewd(10)    Comment
Nuclear Options for India
by Vimal Kapur
Dear Editor: Recent article by Swaminathan,takes into account only cost per unit.How naive?Why Germany decided to ... .....more
MAY-21-2017  Viewd(20)    Comment
Trump Perpetuates War on Terror
by Robert V. Simpson
Dear Editor: How to perpetuate the War on Terror: Do what the current President just did. Sit in a room of dict ... .....more
MAY-21-2017  Viewd(51)    Comment
Judgement : Rarest of the rare
by Avisruti Sarkar
Dear Editor, Here I wish to draw your attention in the nation's uprising applaud of the judgement of the Nirbha ... .....more
MAY-21-2017  Viewd(11)    Comment
Winter fuel allowance
by Michael Edward Moore Potterne Devizes Wiltshire
Dear Editor: I am sure you would have received many comments regarding Theresa Mays decision to allow Scotland to ... .....more
MAY-21-2017  Viewd(13)    Comment
English, the common language
by Trevor Brough
Dear Editor: Whilst waiting in the Tourist Information Office in a French city my wife and I overheard a conversat ... .....more
MAY-21-2017  Viewd(9)    Comment
Hats off to Ken Clarke
by Ruth Boyd
Dear Editor: It was with a huge upsurge of the spirits that I listened to Ken Clarke's common sense opinions abo ... .....more
MAY-21-2017  Viewd(18)    Comment
Attack on Pensioners
by John Howard
Dear Editor: I have been a Conservative voter for over 50 years and have paid tax and NI for the whole of my worki ... .....more
MAY-21-2017  Viewd(18)    Comment
Corporation Tax
by Duncan Pring
Dear Editor: Much debate in the election build up has centred on the issue of corporation tax. The current gover ... .....more
MAY-21-2017  Viewd(16)    Comment
Saudi Minster speech
by Soraya Jones
Dear Editor: The Saudi minister of foreign affairs speech might have impressed Donald trump and his entourages but ... .....more
MAY-20-2017  Viewd(16)    Comment
Breakfast Cereals
by John Turner
Dear Editor: As a Type 1 diabetic and father of two young children, I take an interest in the sugar content of mos ... .....more
MAY-20-2017  Viewd(23)    Comment
Fuss about Fizz
by Trevor Rowe
Dear Editor: All this fuss about naming British "Champagne"! Why not call it Uks Fizz? Yours, Trevor Rowe ... .....more
MAY-20-2017  Viewd(11)    Comment
The Grey Vote
by Alan Chaplin F,I.A.
Dear Editor: I believe Mrs May is guilty of taking the grey vote for granted. Is there not some elderly high ... .....more
MAY-20-2017  Viewd(8)    Comment
Mrs May
by Mrs Jan McKechnie
Dear Editor: As a forever conservative I am wondering if Mrs May is trying to lose the forthcoming election? ... .....more
MAY-20-2017  Viewd(13)    Comment
scholarship not distributed in AR.P
Dear Editor: I would like to have your kind concern on Matter of national portal scholarship which is still not ... .....more
MAY-20-2017  Viewd(31)    Comment
Appearance of the Newspaper
by Venugopalan Menon
Dear Editor: With a half page dangling in front and few cm of another page protruding out, the Paper looks aw ... .....more
MAY-20-2017  Viewd(46)    Comment
National Police Week
by Reed B Markham
Dear Editor: The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. observed: "No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanit ... .....more
MAY-19-2017  Viewd(28)    Comment
Winter fuel allowance
by Christine O'Shea
Dear Editor: We are now all being grouped as 'ordinary' by political parties, working people, pensioners how cond ... .....more
MAY-19-2017  Viewd(23)    Comment
by Anthea Chambers
Dear Editor: I am sending you to a link to an old prophesy written in 1871. It was recited over a candlelit dinner ... .....more
MAY-19-2017  Viewd(20)    Comment
Punch points
by Tom Lopez
Dear Editor: May 19, 2017 Punch Points "We will keep our promise to the American people to repeal Obamacare"/P ... .....more
MAY-19-2017  Viewd(26)    Comment
Strong Stable and uncaring Conserv
by Mr S Cuttiford
Dear Editor:My name is Steve and I am an average 65 years old home owner. I have been married for 42 years. My wi ... .....more
MAY-19-2017  Viewd(15)    Comment
\Small businesses need support
by Philip Denee
Dear Editor: As a life long Tory voter running three small businesses I am somewhat dismayed by the Tory manifesto ... .....more
MAY-19-2017  Viewd(21)    Comment
winter fuel allowances
by stuart adamson
Dear Editor: I am 72. Last year I had my right to winter fuel allowance withdrawn as I live in France. France in c ... .....more
MAY-19-2017  Viewd(14)    Comment
Einsien vs hindu time theory
by sadanand
Dear Editor: 1 einstien theory of relativity says time is relative with speed of object while moving through spac ... .....more
MAY-19-2017  Viewd(22)    Comment
Pakistan humiliated once again
by Asif Nawaz
Dear Editor: Pakistan has been once again exposed and humiliated on a global forum as the International Court of J ... .....more
MAY-18-2017  Viewd(32)    Comment
Mobile phone driving penalties
by Christopher Brandon
Dear Editor: Dear Editor: I had the misfortune to join the M25 at Junction 12 after 4 pm, travelling (or not) clo ... .....more
MAY-18-2017  Viewd(18)    Comment
City of Culture UK
by Margaret G. Young
Dear Editor: Why Paisley has all it needs for U.K. City of Culture 2017. Further to previous letters 7th & 10t ... .....more
MAY-18-2017  Viewd(21)    Comment
Tapes held by Trump
by elliot raphaelson
Dear Editor: Your editorial on 5/17 suggested that Trump release all tapes regarding meetings between Trump and Co ... .....more
MAY-18-2017  Viewd(33)    Comment
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